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Ipkknd 28th june 2011 written update ((episode 17))

The episode starts with Arnav asking Khushi sarcastically if she's scared and showing her the way out as an escape. Khushi takes the papers angrily and recalls all those moments when Arnav had insulted her and signs the papers. Arnav asks her to leave and meet him at 10am the next morning. He promises to make her life hell working in his office. Lavanaya is enjoying the scene.

Scene shifts showing Payal leaving and Aakash introducing himself a bit too late. Aakash then goes to the driver and asks him to park the car outside. He starts searching for Payal and spots her in a shop trying on dupattas and is lost, giving her moony eyes.
Payal is not able to afford the dupatta she likes and leaves disappointed. Aakash buys that dupatta. Meanwhile, Khushi is timidly leaving the office when the two chicks (Lavanya's chamchis, I forgot their name) taunt her regarding the bet with ASR and make fun of her. Khushi realises that she took a foolish decision in her impulsiveness and prays to God to help her through it.Scene shifts to Bua's house where Bua is chanting prayers and Payal is cooking. Bua asks Payal what's up with her. Payal tells her she's making gawar ka halwa for Khushi as it's her first day in office. Bua brushes that off saying that Khushi is a shirker. Payal defends Khushi and says she's very labourious and must've won everyone's heart with her hardwork. Bua says that Khushi is not diligent but it's her young blood which gave her the energy she had. Seeing the work, she must've come out of her delusional world and a job isn't her cup of tea. Payal again defends Khushi saying Shashi never had to worry about anything because Khushi took care of everything much to Buaji's disapproval.On the other hand, Khushi is visibly worried as she reaches home. Payal notices Khushi's mood and asks her of she's alright. Khushi is about to pour her heart out to Payal when Buaji comes and scolds Khushi for being drenched in paint. Khushi starts explaining when Buaji assumes her own excuses for Khushi's condition. Khushi says it was her fault that the paint fell on her. Buaji asks Khushi to use her brains once in a while and then asks her to freshen up. She tells Payal to serve dinner.In Arnav's office, Lavanya expresses pleasure at the way Arnav had treated Khushi but asks him why he was giving so much importance to Khushi. Arnav gives her a 'look' and she gets the hint. She says she's sure he must be knowing what he's doing and tries to pacify him. Arnav tells Lavanya that she may be his girlfriend but in office, he's her boss and doesn't owe her any explanation since he believes in not mixing his personal and professional life.Khushi is upset and is eating. She doesn't realise when she starts eating dinner from the plate Payal has got her. Finally she notices and tells Payal she's very hungry. Payal asks her to eat but sees through her upset mood. Payal is upset as well because she knows Khushi is lying to her. Khushi hugs Payal. Payal worriedly asks Khushi what's wrong and Khushi shows Payal the contract.Nani overhears Arnav talking to Kashyap and vows to find out what she is all about. She checks his phone and calls Ms. Kashyap Manorma drags Aakash to her room and does some weird ritual. She tells him she's got photos of his prospective brides. Aakash says he's not interested but Manorma forces him anyway and starts telling him about one girl. Aakash tells her he will not think about his marriage till Arnav gets married. Manorma teases him for getting shy and leaves. Aakash , who has already fallen for Payal, thinks aloud that he's already found someone who's made a place in his heart. He just needs to know her better.Scene shifts and Nani is shocked to see a Ms. Kashyap whom she hadn't expected. Nani and Ms. Kashyap have a funny Q&A round wherein there is a clear miscommunication and a shocked Nani finally leaves. Manorma takes opportunity to clear her own doubts. Ms. Kashyap tells Manorma the actual scenario (but I don't think she understood anything. Lol!)Khushi comes to Payal and sees her worried. Payal asks Khushi why she signed the contract. Khushi confesses that she didn't think twice and had signed the papers in blinded with rage. Payal asks her how she'll work in ASR's office for two weeks where the very first day, she had seen so much. Khushi confesses she has no idea what she's going to do and didn't even know she'll end up working for him. Payal sarcastically says that she knows nothing. Khushi complains that Arnav insults her every time. She couldn't let her take away her job.Scene shifts to Arnav recalling his encounter with Khushi. Anjali comes and asks what's wrong as he looks worried. Arnav tells her nothing's wrong. Anjali tells him she won't force him but she wants to tell him something.Scene reverts back to Payal and Khushi wherein Khushi is wondering what will happen once they both get married and separated forever. Payal tells Khushi that she's stopped thinking about marriage. Khushi says Maa-Babuji will surely look for a good groom for her and they'll go back to Lucknow and everything will be normal. Payal says she'll probably never get married but Khushi says marriage is the most beautiful thing ever. Meanwhile, Anjali is telling Arnav about Nani's detective work. Arnav says he'll tell Nani about his girlfriend. Anjali says that Nani will start talking marriage because every relationship ends in marriage. Arnav says he isn't interested in marriage and Anjali asks if he isn't interested in marriage or marrying Lavanya. She starts telling him about the changes that someone he'll truly love with bring but he interrupts her saying that mushy things don't happen with normal people. Anjali says it happens with her for her husband but Arnav says he's different from her. Anjali challenges that he won't even realise when that someone special will become an integral part of his life.

Episode ends with a spilt screen of Arnav and Khushi.

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