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Ipkknd 25th august 2011 ((episode 61)) written update

The girls and Bua are chilling out when there's a knock on the front door. It's Anjali... and Mami /(wearing the coolest pair of sunnies yet - I have a pair in black)/. *Okay, I need to do this for you. Only because watching this makes me laugh. I'll be posting Mami/Bua's /smackdown/.* *Bua: *Who are you NandKishore? *Mami: *No, no, not NandKishore, we're Raizada. Oh, right.. you are that ruined sari's mummy... Khushi's mummy. *Bua: *I'm no one's mummy-wummy. I am Bua. *Mami: *And I am Mami. Khushi comes in at this moment, and introduces Anjali & Mami to Bua. *Bua: *Oh right Nandkishore... and here I am thinking that they're here to sell something! *Mami: *Hello hi bye bye! Do we look like washing powder sales girls or something? Khushi asks them to come inside, and Mami insults their small house. But Anjali forces Mami inside, and Khushi silently reprimands Bua. Outside, the snake wonders why Anjali is at Khushi's house. Back inside, Mami refuses the drink Khushi offers... complaining they wouldn't have mineral water here. Khushi asks Anjali how she is, and why they're there. *Bua: *If this is about the jalebi, than I ask forgiveness for both of my nieces.. you see when [Khushi] gets angry, she makes heaps of jalebi... *Mami: *Then maybe she should learn to control her anger! Ruined sari! *Bua: *Ruined sari? Who has a ruined sari? *Mami: *(pointing to Khushi) This is ruined sari! Cheater number one! First ruined saris, then bitter sweets, and now using /our/ ingredients to make jalebi! Hello hi bye bye! *Bua: *Enough Nandkishore! I've listened to your insults long enough! Nor are our saris ruined, or our sweets bitter. And see here, we're not sitting on our butts listening to an aunts silly bickering, hmph! *Mami: *What a long tongue she has! Has she no etiquette? *Bua: *Etiquette? You have no etiquette! Coming in trying to teach /me/ etiquette... *Mami: *What did you say /bua?/ *Bua: *This only the starting /Mamiji!!/ Both Khushi & Anjali force the women to sit down again. *Mami: *Hello hi bye bye! *Bua: *Hai re Nandkishore! *Payal: *(brings in snacks) Would you like some [Mami]? *Bua: *There is no point in offering. The queen has already had my blood! *Mami: *Thank you! My taste is definitely better than yours! Anjali finally interferes, and tells them that she has a request for Khushi. She tells Khushi that this job isn't for ASR's group, but for the Raizada House. Mami is shocked, and cannot understand what Anjali wants. Anjali wants Khushi to train Lavanya into becoming a suitable daughter-in-law! *Mami: *Anjali?! Why has your brain picked up the wrong TV channel? Change it back right now, or something will go wrong. *Bua: *What is this train? Is the Raizada House a circus or something? *Mami: *Hello hi bye bye! You've picked it up! Of course RH is a circus! But the Babbar Tiger is there... my mother-in-law! And she doesn't need training at all, hmph! *Bua: *Oh right Nandkishore! So who's the joker of this circus? You? *Mami: *Repeat telecast! Didn't I tell you before, I am Mami?! *Bua: *And I am Bua! The situation getting out of hand, Khushi asks why Anjali wants her to do this job... why can't Anjali? Anjali says that Nani won't let her... but more importantly, Khushi has every quality that Nani wants in a daughter-in-law... Anjali is convinced that Khushi will help her. At RaizadaMansion, Arnav is typing away and then stops, losing himself in thought. In comes his girlfriend, asking him if he's still angry? She promises to win the entire family's heart... but Arnav doesn't need her to do that. He tells her that the only opinion he cares for is his sister's. If she is happy, then everything is good.. However, if she isn't happy, then nothing will go right. He will and can do anything for his sister's happiness... Lavanya agrees, and says that whatever is important for him is important for her. But... is there no one else who's important for him? /A series of flashbacks. Saving Khushi from the falling beams; Khushi in that red sari; Khushi's dupatta on him in the storeroom.../ Arnav opens his eyes and says that no one else is important for him. He storms off. Back at Bua's, Khushi tells Anjali that she respects her immensely, but she cannot accept the offer. *Mami: *For the first time, she has said the right thing! She is refusing herself, come on Anjali, let's go... she will only be good selling ruined saris! *Bua: *Oi! Be quiet Nandkishore! She can do it, but she doesn't /want/ to, understand? Anjali says Khushi will still receive payment, as it is a job. Khushi refuses; she wants nothing to do with a place that has /Arnav Singh Raizada/ there. *Mami: *Hello hi, saying his name direct bye bye! Anjali tries to convince Khushi to accept the job... but Khushi refuses. She won't do it. Anjali finally decides to leave... but stops. She brings up the contract. She tells Khushi that she either takes the job, or pays the 1lakh rupees she'll owe the company for not upholding the contract. Khushi is shocked. Anjali gives her a day to decide, and leaves with Mami. In the car, Mami just doesn't understand why Anjali and her train Lavanya themselves... Anjali reminds her that Nani forbid them from helping Lavanya. Both women worry over what to do. Back at Bua's, Khushi is completely shocked at what Anjali brought up. How could she do that? The snake is also there, and Khushi explains what happened. She knew Arnav was bad, but she never thought Anjali would turn out like that. The snake stops her from badmouthing Anjali in a subtle way. Payal wonders how they're going to pay the 1lakh. The snake offers a solution: he will give Khushi the money, she just has to pay them... and after that, she doesn't need to see their faces again. -||-

*Precap: *Khushi prays, wondering why it always happens to her. Anjali & her husband are cooking, and the snake is unhappy with what Anjali did.

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