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Ipkknd 24th june 2011 written update ((episode 15))

the episode starts with Khushi is sirring in office and looking at others that how they are eating the food(Pizza). Our desi girl is confused that how to eat such type of food. Then the office staff finishes off the food and asks her to ear but she says that she is done with the food and now they need to go as she thinks that she goes to Lavanya mam. Then she says yes we will go but before that she needs to pay the bill and Khushi gets surprise to see the bill.
Then scene shifts to Anjali doing pooja at home and she says that its last week of her fast. Then Nani says her to do less fast as she needs to take care of her health. Then maami comes there with something in her hand and says that damaadji sent her something. Then she gets happy o seeing it and says that he wants to apoligise for getting late in coming and he wants to apologise by sending it. Then Anjali eyes gets teary out of emotions to see the ring and Nani says why is she crying to which our mai the great nautanki replies that she is cring becoz damaadji sent small diamond ring. After which Nani scolds herand compares her with my dear friendva Lakshmi(best comparision ever done) and says that this goat is better then her.(I agree). Then mami leaves from there while crying and while anjali is looking at ring and gets teary eyes(Khushi ke aansoon BDW yr seriously new entry I mean when we will get to see her husband)
In next part Khushi protests against paying the money as bill costs 1000/- and she says that she didn’t invited any of them over treat and she will not pay the bill. But they force her to do this. Then lavanya comes there and asks whats happening then her chamchiyaan tells het that Khushi is not paying the bill. Then she asks if she called inventory office or not and then lavanya tells her that in this office there is no overtime in lunch time. Then she gives her money to pay the bill.
Then scene shifts to nautanki where maami is crying in front of maamaji. Where she talks in her broken english and she is doing on crying and where maamaji consoles her. (This scene should be skipped at any cost)
In next scene Lavanya is putting her frustration in her cabin. She is angry on her chamkeeli aka Khushi. Then her chamchi says that not to get frustrted as she will get dark-circles(another self-obssessed people). Then her Chamchi gives her green-tea.
The next scene shifts to the Anjal talking to her hubby pic as she is missing him. Then Nani comes there and asks her if she is missing him and she says nothing. Then Nani says that dammadji needs to reduce his work and need to give time to her but she says that she is happy and he need not to do this and she is glad that he married to her even in this condition. To which Nani says that she is heera aka diamond and where does anyone gets a such caring wife like her and she need not say such stuff in the future. Then again Nani is back to her mission to find GF of chote. Then she says that I am fear that if cote don’t get modern bahu for this house. Then she tells her to tell all the truth. But again Anjali tries to make jalebi But nani says that at any cost she will come to know who is that.

Then a worker in canteen comes to Khushi and khushi finds a good frnd in her. Then she gives her muffin cakes( I ws starving at that tym). Then she gives her advice. She tells her that lets assume that it is house of ur hubby( I agree it is house of her future hubby only). Then she tells that chamchi are like her sister-in-law. And then she tells her that lavanya is her mother in law as she don’t want her to come forward coz kyuki saas bi kabhi bahu thi. ( well I felt like it is labhi sautan kabhi boss. And ASR is her hubby (How true). Then manju( Her new friend and canteen waali) tells that she needs to get her appointment letter signed by MD. Then she tells if she gets the Appointment letter signer then this sasuraal and hubby is all yours.
Then Arnav comes there and Khushi sees him from the back she tries to get signature but as usual our heri is VIP so he is busy and Khushi the girl always in trouble is not able to get signature done. Then Arnav gets a call and he move towards his office and Khushi follows him to his office.
Then scene shifts to maami nautanki and her son comes back and he says that he will solve the problem between her and dadi(Agn u can skip this scene.
In next scene Khushi is standing behind Arnav while he is busy on the phone and what he says on the phone and he is speaking about his company and whereas khushi is just doing apoosite to the attributes of the company. He says that we don’t do any mistake and then Khushi is drop photo frame of Anjali and while saving frame the appointment papers fell down on the floor and they flew away( As I always say miss trouble has to create trouble ). Then Arnav listens to some voices and he turns back where Khushi is picking up the papers which are just below the table. Arnav walk near the table and bents down to see who is there and toboth of then in shock(shock is small word both of them gets heart-attack to see each other). Then she gets up and noth of then gets Flashbacks of there previous meetings. Finally silence breaks down and he says TUM MERE CABIN MEIN KAY KR RAHI HO. Then she says that apka cabin with full josh and says yeh to ASR ka cabin hai and immediately her expressions changes and nervousness mean GHANTI baj gae wala expression is on her face( Fianally mam wakes up). And takes name of her future hubby.

Ipkknd 23rd june 2011 written update ((episode 14))

The episode starts with Khushi getting a call. It's from Shyam. (grumble, grumble) He starts off by explaining to her how he takes his tea. Khushi gets confused, and then freaks out - how did he get her number? Shyam says it was on her biodata. Khushi smiles, and then tells Shyam about her day - and how her new job is still th

anks to him.
Shyam then hears her complaining about Bua's pension, and exclaims that she should have come to him - he's a lawyer. Khushi is super happy, and accepts his help, and then hangs up because she's got lots to do.

In a conference room of sorts, La-La (my special nickname for the airhead who is ASR's gf) exclaims that the company should be happy with what they're offering. Arnav looks at her in amusement.

Back in the office, Khushi is trying to get a hold of inventory, and reaches for a file, and cuts off Sim's (or is it Sam) phonecall. She complains that Khushi knows nothing, so why is she working. She tells Khushi to go.

Back in the conference room, Arnav says that the meeting is over, and the men shouldn't have any questions because they're the best. (American accent is back. *sigh*)

Meanwhile, Khushi spots Devi Maa, and hurriedly goes to her. Before realising that no one lit a diya for her. She quickly lights a diya, and prays. A screen shot is shown of the flame extending to the smoke alarm.

Arnav and La-La are escorting the men out. One asks if everything will be done on time. Arnav whips around and tells him that his company is all about perfection - he makes sure nothing goes wrong.

Which is when the alarm starts going off. And then the indoor sprinklers turn on. Everyone starts rushing out, and Arnav gets angrier (read: sexier) by the second. La-La shoots him a worried/sympathetic glance as she quickly escorts the men out. Arnav stands in the same spot as the sprinklers continue.

Khushi in the meantime, has walked outside to get some fresh air, and spots a chai-wallah.

Back inside, the sprinklers have stopped, and Arnav is smokin' angry (and hot). La-La comes back and nervously tells him that she's made the men understand, but she has no idea how any of it happened. Arnav wipes the water from his face, and the security guard tells him that someone lit a diya on the Devi Maiya idol.
Arnav asks who that idiot was.

Khushi accepts her tea excitedly, and drinks it. She then finishes, pays the guy Rs.2 and says that she'll be coming here everyday. She walks off.

Back at the house, Bua is doing some cleaning of sorts, and Shyam is peeping through the door. Bua notices, and angrily asks who he is. Shyam explains, and opens the door.. and Bua comes angrily at him, but slips and sprains her ankle. Shyam leads her to the sofa, and makes her rest her leg on the coffee table. He tells her she needn't worry, as he's there to take care of her. He massages her foot, and pops it back into place.
Bua is amazed, and then starts questioning Shyam. Shyam explains he's a lawyer, and that he's the one who saved Khushi, and got her the job. Bua and Shyam get along really well, and both start talking about Lucknow.

Back at work, Khushi is walking through the parking lot, happy about the tea she drank, but she's hungry, and she has no money. She realises she has the prasad in her bag. She takes it out and spreads it on a white 4WD.
By this time, Arnav is walking towards his 4WD, and Khushi sees him. She freaks out, and runs to the nearest pillar. But then she decides to ask him where he lives so she knows where to give him his money. Arnav walks to his car, sees Khushi's food, and angrily swipes it off the hood. Khushi sees it and angrily strides forward towards him.

Arnav is in shock at seeing her, and Khushi tells him off for doing that. Arnav tells her not to mess with him, he's not in the mood. He almost gets in the car, but Khushi tells him not to glare at her because she isn't afraid. He slams the door, and Khushi freaks out slightly. Arnav just continues glaring. He finally gets in the car, and Khushi continues telling him off, and asks him for his address.
Arnav makes a scathing comment, and Khushi blows a fuse. She tells him there's no point in talking to such a selfish man, but she wants his address so she can throw the money in his face. Arnav sneers, and wonders who she's trapped this time in order to get money. Khushi tells him off, and says she's got a job. Arnav calls her employer an idiot, and says that they'll all find out what a mistake it was to hire Khushi.
Khushi warns him not to insult her employer, but Arnav continues. Khushi's finally had enough, and turns to walk away. But she can't - her dupatta is caught to the mirror. She turns back sheepishly, and continues telling him off while trying to tug off the dupatta. After a few minutes of watching her struggle, Arnav gets really frustrated, and comes towards Khushi... rips her dupatta and gets back into his car. A quarter of Khushi's dupatta is still attached to the mirror.
Arnav reverses away, leaving Khushi complaining about how she'll cut off Rs. 300 when she pays him back.. which makes her realise she's late for work.

She gets back inside, only to see PamSam muttering, and someone mopping. She rushes towards them, almost slipping, and asks what happened. Sam/Sim explains that someone ended up lighting a diya in front of the Devi Maiya idol, and it caused the sprinklers to go off.
Khushi is severely worried, and Pam picks up on it. She asks Khushi why she's so worried. Khushi begins telling them, but Sam thinks she's hungry. She tells Khushi they'll eat pizza. Khushi agrees, but first makes a call to the suppliers, who tell her they'll have the list ready the next day. Khushi comes back to PS (PamSam), and says she needs to tell La-La madam. But Sam wants to eat first, and she calls someone with an evil grin on her face.

At the Raizada Mansion, Arnav is telling his sister what happened, and Anjali is happy that at least someone lit a diya for Devi Maiya. Arnav isn't happy about it, and wonders why he tells her anything. Anjali says that his first word was said to her when there was no one around, so he can feel free to tell her anything.
Arnav rolls his eyes, puts his jacket on, and tells Anjali that La-La didn't send him the roses, leaving Anjali very confused as to who did. But before she can continue, they both hear a bleat... they turn, and Nani & Lakshmi are standing there. Nani looks at them curiously, and then says that she heard about the sprinklers at work, and wanted to see how Arnav is.
Arnav explains that some idiot lit a diya, and Nani tells him to think of it as God's will. She then takes Lakshmi outside, leaving the siblings in relief that she heard nothing.

Outside, Nani berates Lakshmi for bleating, saying that because of her, she still doesn't know who sent the flowers. She needs to find out...

Back at Bua's, both Shyam and Bua are enjoying themselves immensely. Bua makes a comment about her nieces when Payal comes back. She hesitatingly walks towards them, and Bua makes the introductions, and Shyam wants the file regarding the pension. Bua tells Payal to grab it, and she does. Meanwhile, Bua asks where Shyam stays, to which he replies that he lives in a hotel, but Lucknow is his home. (Bucket, stat.)
Payal hands Bua the file, and leaves. Shyam tells Bua not to worry, he'll definitely work something out. He turns to go, but Bua stops him... and offers him a room in her house. The episode ends on Shyam, not knowing what to say.


Precap: Nani asks someone if she's the person who sent Arnav flowers. The girl is shown, and it's not La-La... she asks if Arnav will be there

Ipkknd 22nd june 2011 written update ((episode 13))

Okie so we have that b for bandariya proposing job to our Jhalliphulli Khushi (and I wonder why do the offices' super bandariyas always have two idiotic sidekicks, with equally idiotic and oh-so-forgettable names around them all the time?? and if she already has them, why does she need Khushi the assisstant ??? Or am I being tooo logical...) And ofcourse the bandariya leaves and our dear Jhalliphulli is left with the two sidekicks are commenting on Khushi's clothes...One telling the other 'Look at her clothes' (E lo! atleast she is wearing clothese to look at...Look at you!! where are your clothes...) and the other one says that she is already fascinated by her shoes(ah! Shoe fetish hai??? goody good.!! and what exactly do you do in the office??? eh???) Ofcourse they degrade Khushi the jhalliphulli some more saying that she would need shades in the office ..and the other one asks Shades?? as in goggles?? (arre aur nahi toh kya...woh kya car ke window shades pehen ke aayegi, kud dimaag) And ofcourse Khushi wants to call her jiji and she is talking to her and the two sidekicks eavesdropping and making weird interpretations of her hindi.. I swear this is getting too much... manner less people eaves dropping and wondering why Khushi is using 'Hum' when she is all by herself??? and Karyalaya is a cuss word...I swear the bigada nawab needs to go for a mega staff reduction spree Arnab comes back and he and khushi miss each other ...I swear both are blind as bats ...somebody needs to give them some eye drops or something... and then the two super side kicks take Khushi on a tour to the office..and Khushi keeps staring at the rears of all the female employeeswhich makes me wonder what kind of love story are we going to see ahead more jokey jokey contd


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 24th June 2011 [Episode 15]


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 23rd June 2011 [Episode 14]


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 22nd June 2011 [Episode 13]

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 20th June 2011 [Episode 11] 


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 20th June 2011 [Episode 11]

Ipkknd 21st june 2011 written update ((episode 12))

Episode starts with Arnav wazlking and talking with some office members about a meeting to fix with delhi's best architect and stops before his car when he notices A Cake on his seat and guess that its from Lavanya : here come lavanya and they show her first entry with her red car : she comes infront of arnav , while he asks her th

e reason of coming here ,she tells him that if she brought the cake at the office then he would be angry and if he got angry then his stress would be higher and and and ...stress isn't good for skin
( it seems like she has full experience in this topic : skin Beauty ) so he asks about the cake : lavanya says that she brought his fav cake and its speciallu brought by the person who likes him ( so talking about her)
khushi lost her appointement letter so she's not able to do something : one of the mans ask her to go and meet miss lavanya kashyap at the office and she leaves .arnav is not happy and asks the reason of wasting his time to lavanya ...she gets upset and says that she can do anything but he's never happy coz he's always busy ..Arnav says that she's apart of these few who can waste his 10 minutes wihtout permission she gets happy and says that finally after a long time :she saw an half-smile on his face ( eehhe hello miss lavanya : the day arnav will have a full smile on his face , it will be for khushi)
both eat the cake : arnav says that he want the file and she says that he'll get his file on his table : both leaves ...Finally Khushi land to ASR's office and see the fashion style of these girls and is ashamed of them she's impressed by the big office.
at the office Pam & her collegue makes fun of khushi's sense of dressing and are shocked Lavanya comes there and tells them to call the doctor and make an issue coz of a small allergy becoz of what she wants to cry ( poor baaby,) The allergy comes from the cake she ate for arnav's sake : khushi give her some tips but she doesn't understand and The girl called Sim asks her to leave but khushi refuses. sonia who came for the assistant job go to lavanya's room but khushi says that she is in the line so its first her but nobody give her attentions . akash leaves for something related to the office for 7 days and dadi had a convo with him : she asks him if arnav has a girlfriend : he's almost gonna say something but anjali comes and he changes what he wanna say : akash leaves but dadi know that something is beeing hidden to her
lavanya is talking about her and arnav : the fact that she loves him and can do anything for him : she come to know that sonia is in the office so she run to find her ..she notices khushi still sitting & waiting to see her . she asks to get her out right now ...sonia is in arnav's cabin and he thinks its lavanya so he asks about the file : lavanya comes there and arnav see that there is also sonia so he asks her about her identity ..she says that she's lavanya's assisstant while arnav get mad on lavanya coz she brought the wrong file : sonia gives the right one , arnav thanks her and leaved ...Lavanya shouts on sonia coz she entered arnav's cabin and fire her at the moment
mammiji has the flower bouquet which was send by lavanya for arnav ...anjali is tensd when she see that and hide it from daddi
khushi is tired of waiting on the same place and wonder what type of office is that ? She gets up and Sim comes there : she asks her where is going ..khushi try to explains her that its important for her to talk to lavanya coz of the appointement & all
while arnav is going to his meeting ...lavanya comes , gets mad on sonia and asks her to get out ...she says that she got her new assistant so she doesn't need sonia ..she points on khushi and says that she'll be her new Assistant khushi explains about the inventary thing and the appointement but lavanya says that if she wants she will not let her get a job in the office
so she can be her assistant or nothing ? She asks Yes or Not ?
Khushi is thinking and ...

Ipkknd 20th june 2011 written update ((episode 11))

The episode starts with Khushi telling Payal to hold up, as she turns to Bua and tells her that she wants to work. Bua promptly scolds her, forbidding her to say the word "job" at all.
Bua then turns to Payal and asks her to do something for her, and sits down. Khush

i is still standing, muttering to herself. Bua notices this and asks why Khushi is standing there like a municipal well spitting out water? (Bua's metaphors make me LOL)
Suddenly, Bua has a change of heart, and tells her that whatever she does, she does for their welfare. (Really? Since when Bua ji? *raises eyebrow*)
Therefore Khushi can do whatever she wants, but first she has to explain to her parents. Khushi is stricken, as is Payal. Bua forces Khushi to call.

Shashi asks why it's necessary for Khushi to work. Khushi asks if it's possible to make kheer without sugar? She then looks at Bua, and quietens her voice. She tells Shashi that Bua's pension has stopped, and she needs to help her out. (Wait, I didn't know the girls knew about the pension stopping.. when did Bua mention it?)
Khushi understands that they're there only for 15days, but still, they need to help Bua, right? Shashi looks like he's agreeing, but Garima shakes her head in the background.

Shashi tries a different track, but Khushi cuts in, reminding Shashi of what he told them - that if they put their hands over their hearts and feel they're doing the right thing, they should. Khushi tells him it's one of those moments.
However, Khushi also comes out and admits that it's about ego as well. (Thanks Dee for the translation of swabhimaan) She tells Shashi that she needs to teach someone a lesson about money not being the most important thing in life.

Shashi ends up softening, and tells Khushi that he agrees because he has faith in his daughters. Garima shakes her head sadly in the background, and Khushi is ecstatic. She promises not to let him down, and asks about Garima.
Shashi says he'll make Garima understand, and hangs up. Garima asks Shashi why he said yes when Khushi is still very naive, and that too working in Delhi? (As much as Garima is strict, it's beautiful to see that she's just an overprotective mother.)
Shashi tells Garima that their daughters are grown up, and either now or in the future, they'll have to face society. And besides, with the punishment given to the girls, that wasn't even their fault.

Back in Bua's house, Khushi is excitedly hugging Payal, and Bua is shocked. She tells Khushi that she should work for the government, and then says they can do whatever, and leaves, cradling her neck.
Khushi and Payal start jumping up and down. Payal says that Khushi should be happy now that she has a job. Khushi stops all of a sudden, and looks Payal up and down, before Payal asks what's wrong. Khushi says nothing, and quickly leaves. Payal deduces there's something going on.

Khushi has run into the kitchen.. doing what else but making jalebis, and eating. Payal comes inside, and admonishes Khushi for eating jalebis that haven't been fried in much oil and with barely any sugar. She asks Khushi what's wrong.
Khushi starts crying and says that she's going to have to work in an office. How will she do that? (OMG Khushi, and here I am actually worried.) Payal looks at her in astonishment, and then Khushi goes on to explain that she believed Payal would get married, and then Khushi would, and then they'd talk to each other on the phone...

Future flash:
Khushi is sitting in a orange/red sari and calls Payal. She tells Payal that her "woh" has gone to work, so she and Payal can watch tv together. Payal, wearing a deep green sari, says that she's making dhal, and soon she'll be giving her mother-in-law her meds. Khushi says that Payal hasn't changed a bit, and Payal hits her head laughing.

Khushi and Payal are distraught, and Payal begins crying. Khushi complains about not knowing how to work, when she realises Payal's crying. She hugs Payal, and tells her that she's only like this on the outside.. Payal knows. Khushi gets scared, but she still does her thing. Payal tells Khushi that no matter what, she'll always stand beside her. Payal will never let Khushi fail.

At the Raizada mansion, Mami is sitting painting her nails, and Anjali is sitting with the pandit. The pandit tells her to give half this blessing to her husband, but Anjali tells him he's always out, so she gets worried.
Nani comes in with Laxmi (that goat is spoiled!!) and says that Anjali's husband goes out for work, but the way Anjali is going, it seems that Nani needs to get out as well. (Mind you, in the b/g, Mami has quickly put away her nailpolish as Nani comes in..)
Nani then turns to the pandit, and says that while he's there, he can make a horoscope for Laxmi. Anjali & Mami are super surprised. The pandit tells Nani (for what seems the thousandth time) that he can only make horoscopes for humans. How can he make one for a goat?
Nani says the goat's name is Laxmi, and proceeds to give out all the birth details. (I am trying so hard not to literally LOL right now.. can't wake up the parentals, yes?) The pandit finally relents.

& then he brings something quite interesting up. He asks Nani if he can bring a few proposals for Arnav. Mami interferes (without her trademark, how sad), and says that it's the correct thing to say. Mami is completely excited about the wedding, when Nani cuts in.
"[Arnav] is my son, not some mango that you can make pickle out of when the seasons' right."
Mami then retorts (with her trademark) that Arnav is one step ahead, and has already made the pickle. Anjali's mouth is wide open in shock/worry. She tries to quiet Mami down. Mami then realises, and says that Arnav will select his own bride. Anjali tries to pass it off as a joke, but Mami says she's serious.

The pandit chooses to leave at that moment, and Nani stands up. She says that if it was a joke, it wasn't funny. Marriage isn't a game, whether it's Arnav's, Akash's or even Dhruv's. When the wedding happens, they'll do it with a lot of thought. (Another character in the works. Interesting.)

Back at Bua's, Khushi is running around stressing. Payal is behind her telling her to slow down, not drink the tea so quickly as it's hot, asking her if she has money, and praying to Devi Maiya.
Khushi then walks quickly to the front door when she stops suddenly.
It's Bua... with a pooja thali!! (*shocked as Khushi*) Bua tells Khushi not to be so shocked, and says that the elders have said that touching a pooja thali is meant to get rid of difficulties. But obviously, they didn't realise that the meaning of difficulty was Khushi.
Bua then goes to feed Khushi some curd, but notices Khushi's eyeing the laddoo. Bua calls her chatori no.1, and feeds her the curd, and hands her the laddoo. Khushi shoves the entire thing in her mouth.
Bua then turns to Payal, but Khushi snags the laddoo. Bua is shocked, and Khushi says that Payal doesn't eat laddoos, and pops the 2nd one into her mouth. She eyes the third, but Bua says she'll eat it.
Khushi then sees the time, and pinches the last laddoo, ready to make a move. Payal then asks what job Khushi will be doing, and Khushi stops, not knowing what to say.
As it turns out, Khushi forgot to ask.

Khushi runs in and out about three times, realising she's forgetting things. Bua remarks that Khushi has no intelligence, not asking about her job or her pay, and Payal starts sobbing again. Khushi runs inside and wipes Payal's tears, and hugs her. She grabs her bag and leaves. Bua tells Payal not to worry so much, she won't last long in her job.

Back at the RM (Raizada Mansion), Mami is finishing her nails when Anjali comes and tells her that she was trying to quiet her down because she doesn't want Nani finding out about Lavanya this way. Mami gets highly affronted and complains about always being told off. She walks off with her nail polish.
Anjali then decides to make a call.. it's to Arnav. She teases Arnav about becoming a groom, and Arnav isn't too happy about it. Anjali tells him that Mami almost let loose about a certain Miss Kashyap to Nani, and Arnav hangs up. Anjali laughs, and walks off.. and it seems Nani has heard.

Nani is now sitting in her room, and turns the TV on, while feeding Laxmi. She says that she heard about a certain Kashyap, and she wonders what's going on. On the TV is the same reporter that outed ArHi's first encounter. It seems he's asking the audience about Arnav's secret love, and wants pictures/suggestions/details. Anjali has come in with a cup of tea for Nani, and complains about the media.. saying that as soon as Arnav's spotted with someone at a party, a link-up occurs.
Nani agrees, and drinks her tea. Anjali then asks what type of daughter-in-law Nani wants, and Nani replies she wants someone like who her son-in-law is. Anjali looks away wistfully.

Back to Khushi, who's at the mandir now. (& my day is complete. Uska chehra dekhliya maine, stupid chipkoo) She starts talking to Devi Maiya, and Shyam stands besides her, and notices that it's Khushi talking. He smiles, as he listens to Khushi asking Devi Maiya to help her. Once Khushi is done, she realises Shyam's standing next to her, and gets slightly worried. (Good girl. I'd be very worried in his presence.)
Shyam asks Khushi why she's so worried.. she has Devi Maiya on her side. Khushi says that it's good she has someone she knows in the office, but Shyam tells her that he doesn't work there. He talked to his friend, who got her a job there. He takes his leave, and Khushi turns back, rings the bell.. and puts her prasad in her bag, not seeing the appointment letter slip out. She walks off, remembers she forgot her shoes, puts them on and leaves. (Really? Like really? I'm disappointed with the 2steps back with Khushi.. her development isn't happening.)

Back in her room, Nani is complaining to Laxmi that she doesn't know what's going on. But then again, she's their Nani. She makes a call...

Khushi stands at the entrance of her new job, and slowly walks in - it's shown that the logo has AR written. She makes her way inside, where 3 middle-aged men are working, and Khushi introduces herself, and says it's her first day. The man looks at her apprehensively, and asks Khushi to bring out her appointment letter.
Which is when Khushi turns her bag upside-down to find it.. but she can't.

The episode ends.

 Khushi asks the man what to do as she can't find her letter. He tells her to go to the main desk and ask for Lavanya Kashyap. Lavanya Kashyap is introduced in a blue dress with red heels, driving a red rally car. Arnav isn't pleased to see her...