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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 26th august  2011 [Episode 62]


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 25th august  2011 [Episode 61]

Ipkknd 26th august 2011 ((episode 62)) written update

Episode starts with Devil saying that he will give jalebi bai 1 Lakh rupees [is she child that he will give money well i dont mind them as daughter and father], NK also says that she should accept the money. Shayam further adds that he has taken decision that he will give money to her and he again and again try to convince her that she will not go there. Then he says that he is leaving[me dancing] but then suddenly his leg pains[ I guess he ws doing nautanki] and Khushi supports her[Yeah now every sister alws supports her brother, devil dont see ur sister from that eyes bad manners]. Again he talks something emotional[I ws feeling sleepy] Then he leaves from there[Finally release from torture] Back in somewhere in luckhnow city Anjali and HHBB is going back to there house and Anjali tells if Khushi dont agree with her then La and ASR will leave the house to which she adds "Aakaash betawa ki shaadi" and she imagines Akash as Brahamchari[It was quite funny]and then she agrees and tells drivers to take car back but Anjaki dont let her go back[well maamiji when it comes to Akash marriaage how come ur bulb turns on] In NK house Khushi is moving left and right and eating in stress and having multiple flashbacks.NK and Payaliya are upset to see her in so much stress. Back to RM Anjali is working in kitchen and devil is also helping her out and both of them talk about Khushi and her job. Devil is upset with her and he clearly refuse to her and Anjali thinks for the first time she will go against his wish[ Anjali go girl go and now we will have fun as there will be band baaja baarat of devil as he has to hide from both of them] Next morning ladies(HHBB, La, Anjali) are making ladoo and as usual miss disaster aka la dont know how to make ladoo and she is making modern art in language of HHBB. HB says that now nani will come and will ask her in gabbar style "kitne ladoo the" suddenly nani comes there and ask this question[I love HB and nani chemistry].La leaves from there with the excuse of hand wash[ they seems as typical saas bahu to me]. Then again nani starts comparing Khushi and La[ i love nani but sometimes repeat telecaste makes me feel sleep]. Then she leaves from there while saying that she needs to check La if she is not doing another mistake[ It reminds me of tom and jerry fights] Mami goes near to Anjali and tells that u and nai are in one team only as both of them likes Khushi. She further asks her when she is going to tell about it to nani and if she is waiting for any 'moohrat'. Anjali tells het that her heart says that Khushi will agree and mai says that Arnav will get angry with her. Then both HB and Anjali listens to tom and jerry fight voices from kitchen. Bell rings and Khushi eneters, Anjali gets happy that she is here[Dhinka chika now we will get ArHi]. Devil calls at NK's house and says that he will arrange money but before payal is able to say anything he keeps the phone Back to RM Khushi keeps some condition which are unknown to viewers but Anjali accepts that condition happily meanwhile everyone comes there and Khushi greets everyone. La refers her as chamkeeli and nani glares her. Anjali discloses purpose of Khushi being here. Nani gets happy and says that if anyone can teach her that si Khushi only and La suddenly squestions rudely if she is going to teach her Side comments Ramayan khatam ho gaye and now she is askin who is Kunti Anjali correct HB and says Sita and she tries to pacify la but she doesnt argue and says that she dont want to be like chamkeeli and moreover she has no style class etc etc and even ASR hates her. Nani asks La from when she started to take decisions and its work of nani. Theu havetu tu main main.La decides to leave the house and nani is happy and she is like that Khushi is auspicious for this house as la is leaving[ I agree].Khushi tells that she will handle Side comments East v.s west fati saree v.s chote kapde In the room la is packing clothes and she calls ASR but he ignores as he has to go for some important work. Khushi comes there and she makes her understand everything that this time both of them needs each other this time. Finally la agrees to it

Precap Anjali tells Khushi ti tie rakhi to devil

Ipkknd 25th august 2011 ((episode 61)) written update

The girls and Bua are chilling out when there's a knock on the front door. It's Anjali... and Mami /(wearing the coolest pair of sunnies yet - I have a pair in black)/. *Okay, I need to do this for you. Only because watching this makes me laugh. I'll be posting Mami/Bua's /smackdown/.* *Bua: *Who are you NandKishore? *Mami: *No, no, not NandKishore, we're Raizada. Oh, right.. you are that ruined sari's mummy... Khushi's mummy. *Bua: *I'm no one's mummy-wummy. I am Bua. *Mami: *And I am Mami. Khushi comes in at this moment, and introduces Anjali & Mami to Bua. *Bua: *Oh right Nandkishore... and here I am thinking that they're here to sell something! *Mami: *Hello hi bye bye! Do we look like washing powder sales girls or something? Khushi asks them to come inside, and Mami insults their small house. But Anjali forces Mami inside, and Khushi silently reprimands Bua. Outside, the snake wonders why Anjali is at Khushi's house. Back inside, Mami refuses the drink Khushi offers... complaining they wouldn't have mineral water here. Khushi asks Anjali how she is, and why they're there. *Bua: *If this is about the jalebi, than I ask forgiveness for both of my nieces.. you see when [Khushi] gets angry, she makes heaps of jalebi... *Mami: *Then maybe she should learn to control her anger! Ruined sari! *Bua: *Ruined sari? Who has a ruined sari? *Mami: *(pointing to Khushi) This is ruined sari! Cheater number one! First ruined saris, then bitter sweets, and now using /our/ ingredients to make jalebi! Hello hi bye bye! *Bua: *Enough Nandkishore! I've listened to your insults long enough! Nor are our saris ruined, or our sweets bitter. And see here, we're not sitting on our butts listening to an aunts silly bickering, hmph! *Mami: *What a long tongue she has! Has she no etiquette? *Bua: *Etiquette? You have no etiquette! Coming in trying to teach /me/ etiquette... *Mami: *What did you say /bua?/ *Bua: *This only the starting /Mamiji!!/ Both Khushi & Anjali force the women to sit down again. *Mami: *Hello hi bye bye! *Bua: *Hai re Nandkishore! *Payal: *(brings in snacks) Would you like some [Mami]? *Bua: *There is no point in offering. The queen has already had my blood! *Mami: *Thank you! My taste is definitely better than yours! Anjali finally interferes, and tells them that she has a request for Khushi. She tells Khushi that this job isn't for ASR's group, but for the Raizada House. Mami is shocked, and cannot understand what Anjali wants. Anjali wants Khushi to train Lavanya into becoming a suitable daughter-in-law! *Mami: *Anjali?! Why has your brain picked up the wrong TV channel? Change it back right now, or something will go wrong. *Bua: *What is this train? Is the Raizada House a circus or something? *Mami: *Hello hi bye bye! You've picked it up! Of course RH is a circus! But the Babbar Tiger is there... my mother-in-law! And she doesn't need training at all, hmph! *Bua: *Oh right Nandkishore! So who's the joker of this circus? You? *Mami: *Repeat telecast! Didn't I tell you before, I am Mami?! *Bua: *And I am Bua! The situation getting out of hand, Khushi asks why Anjali wants her to do this job... why can't Anjali? Anjali says that Nani won't let her... but more importantly, Khushi has every quality that Nani wants in a daughter-in-law... Anjali is convinced that Khushi will help her. At RaizadaMansion, Arnav is typing away and then stops, losing himself in thought. In comes his girlfriend, asking him if he's still angry? She promises to win the entire family's heart... but Arnav doesn't need her to do that. He tells her that the only opinion he cares for is his sister's. If she is happy, then everything is good.. However, if she isn't happy, then nothing will go right. He will and can do anything for his sister's happiness... Lavanya agrees, and says that whatever is important for him is important for her. But... is there no one else who's important for him? /A series of flashbacks. Saving Khushi from the falling beams; Khushi in that red sari; Khushi's dupatta on him in the storeroom.../ Arnav opens his eyes and says that no one else is important for him. He storms off. Back at Bua's, Khushi tells Anjali that she respects her immensely, but she cannot accept the offer. *Mami: *For the first time, she has said the right thing! She is refusing herself, come on Anjali, let's go... she will only be good selling ruined saris! *Bua: *Oi! Be quiet Nandkishore! She can do it, but she doesn't /want/ to, understand? Anjali says Khushi will still receive payment, as it is a job. Khushi refuses; she wants nothing to do with a place that has /Arnav Singh Raizada/ there. *Mami: *Hello hi, saying his name direct bye bye! Anjali tries to convince Khushi to accept the job... but Khushi refuses. She won't do it. Anjali finally decides to leave... but stops. She brings up the contract. She tells Khushi that she either takes the job, or pays the 1lakh rupees she'll owe the company for not upholding the contract. Khushi is shocked. Anjali gives her a day to decide, and leaves with Mami. In the car, Mami just doesn't understand why Anjali and her train Lavanya themselves... Anjali reminds her that Nani forbid them from helping Lavanya. Both women worry over what to do. Back at Bua's, Khushi is completely shocked at what Anjali brought up. How could she do that? The snake is also there, and Khushi explains what happened. She knew Arnav was bad, but she never thought Anjali would turn out like that. The snake stops her from badmouthing Anjali in a subtle way. Payal wonders how they're going to pay the 1lakh. The snake offers a solution: he will give Khushi the money, she just has to pay them... and after that, she doesn't need to see their faces again. -||-

*Precap: *Khushi prays, wondering why it always happens to her. Anjali & her husband are cooking, and the snake is unhappy with what Anjali did.

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 24th august  2011 [Episode 60]


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 23rd august  2011 [Episode 59]


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 22nd august  2011 [Episode 58]


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 20th august  2011 [Episode 57]


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 19th august  2011 [Episode 55]  


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 18th august  2011 [Episode 55]


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 17th august  2011 [Episode 54] 


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 16th august  2011 [Episode 53]


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 15th august  2011 [Episode 52]

Ipkknd 24th august 2011 ((episode 60)) written update

Apparently Naani is all praises for the Jhalli phulli aka khushi and Mami is all open mouthedly listening as Blah (La) comes in and blah blahs some apology... Nandkisorrree is sitting and cursing jhalliphulli and telling her to manao and patao the contractor to give them some money but apparently the contractor is just as khadoos and refuses to do so... Jhalli phulli is sleeping and Ankletva (Payal) sees that Khushi's ankletva is missing and there the bigada nawab finally goes and picks up the payal and keeps on staring at him as if Khushi is going to spring out of it any moment and remebers Khushi's moments in the Raizada house...and dont ask me how come he found the anklet near the pool side and why the hell is he holding the anklet like a knife to jab in his heart The besharam blackva that is Shyam is in his bedroom with Anjali and thinking about Khushi and Anjali is also thinking about a way out for Blah and they both find their solutions... Blackva at Jhalliphulli's house and trying to convince her to go back to Lucknow so that he doesnot get caught and can meet Khushi regularly...and he sees Anjali's car entering the chawl so now the chuha wants to run away... They show Anjali and Mami at the door step...with Bua opening the door...

Precap: Anjali putting the offer before Khushi that either she accepts the offer to train Blah blah or she gives one lac rupees to AR companies

Ipkknd 23rd august 2011 ((episode 59)) written update

The episode begins with the contracter terminating the contract and refusing to pay Khushi her due. He goes to talk to ASR about not letting Khushi's sweets being served in the party. Manorma orders them to get out./ /Scene shifts to Shyam talking on the phone, saying it's was emergancy. Anjali says she understands and asks him to return quickly. She's upset. Arnav gives her some water and he and Nani are there for moral support. Arnav asks her if she's ok. Anjali says yes. Nani says it's good to talk. She praises Khushi for knowing what to say and do when, indirectly taunting La (Her exact dialogue: Chalo koi toh hai ho jaanat hai ki kya cheez kab bolat hai aur kaunsa kaam kab karat hai. Something like this. I'm not too well versed with this dialect). Arnav says he'll go and attend to the guests and leaves. Just then Nani and Anjali hear Manorma caling them. Manorma leaves from the kitchen./ /Payal sadly asks Khushi what to do. All their hardwork gone down the drain. Both are upset. Khushi gets angry. Payal warns her not to do anything out of order./ /Meanwhile, Manorma is complaining to Nani and Anjali about the sweets. Nani refuses to believe. She says there must be some other reason. She and Anjali have seen from their eyes. Anjali also acknoledges. Manorma gets offended and says she is not lying. Nani goes to check./ /Nani, Anjali and Manorma walk into the kitchen where Payal is explaining to Khushi that this is not their house and she can't make jalebis to vent out her frustration (Omg, she truly is Jalebi Bai!! She actually started off here too . I was giggling in this Man, Khushi is so adorable ..). Anjali expresses happiness and excitement at Khushi making jalebis. Payal apologises on Khushi's behalf and Mami insults them and says they'll have to pay for using the ration of their household. Nani shuts her up. Nani and Anjali comfort Khushi and Payal and ask them to forget what happened. Anjali tastes and likes the sweets and asks Khushi to serve it (This scene is very cute!! Everyone will enjoy it ). / /Khushi is serving the jalebis. She bumps into Arnav. They share a small eyelock and then she leaves and continues to serve. / /Someone approaches Manorma and says they really enjoyed the party, specially the jalebis. Manorma cribs about her idea flopping. / /Scene shifts to Anjali thanking Khushi and Payal for making her anniversary so special. Payal says they should thank her because had it not been for her, they'd lost all hopes. Anjali tells them not to worry. As Khushi and Payal take their leave, Nani tells Anjali how impressed she is with Khushi. A drunk La comes out of nowhere and asks about herself./ /Anjali asks La what she's doing. La's volcano erupts and she starts off with her lists of disapprovals of Nani Arnav tries to stop her as well but in vain. La says it's not 'Kasyaap' but 'Kashyap' . Nani is disgusted 'coz La is smelling of alcohol She also says a lot of other bad things and insults Nani and Laxmi and everyone is shocked. She also calls Nani 'Gabbar Singh'. Finally, she passes out. Everyone looks either offended ot shocked or angry./ /Scene shifts to Madhumati being highy worried 'coz of the termination of the contract (I think she is rightly upset this time. After all, she did do her bit and so much money and ration gone waste does pinch). Khushi is wondering what exactly went wrong since they were so careful while making the sweets. Madhumati blames Khushi for the whole fiasco (ok, she was wrong here but then, she was very worried about the mortgage of the shop as well. I think I'll forgive her this time )./ /Scene shifts to La gaining consiousness and she is kind of recalling all the rubbish she said mixed with certain past experiences with Nani. Someone hands her lime juice. It is Arnav looking clearly angry. La tries to explain but he doesn't listen. He gives her medicine too. He does everything without giving her even a look. He is about to leave when she stops him and apologises and asks him to say something. He blasts her for ruining Anjali's party and upsetting her further and for the 'Character Dheela' number as well. La tries justifying herself, that she was upset and says she wants to make it up. Arnav says she needs to apologise to everyone. La agrees to do the needful./ /Shyam is telling Anjali that it's a good thing he came back at the nick of time before things between Nani and La got worse. Anjali is not listening. She's upset. Shyam apologises but it has no effect. He starts doing uthak-baithak when Anjali stops him 'coz he still has pain in his leg. She asks him about his friend and he once again cooks a lie about how the 'poor guy' is going through a lot without any family. Anjali says she understands and it's all thanks to Khushi since she had explained the situation to her so well otherwise Anjali was very upset. Shyam is uncomnfortable talking about Khushi and tells Anjali to talk about the matters of their house first. / /Scene shifts to Nani, Manorma and Anjali. Nani asks Manorma why she favours La so much. Manorma says she won't dare to and (to herself) that she doesn't want to play 'I Spy' with the lion in the jungle . (Ok, she's funny but I still hate her for what she did yesterday). Manorma and Anjali try to calm Nani down but Nani says she can't forget how La spoke to her. Anjali gives age as an excuse and that's where Khushi comes in the conversation. Nani says Khushi is younger to La in age, yet, she is smart and intelligent and knows how to handle situations. It's not about age but morals, values and upbringing. As she is comparing Khushi and La wishing that La was even 1% of what Khushi is, La calls out for Nani. She looks fakely ashamed and Nani looks disgusted./ / / /

Precap: Payal asks Khushi where her payal is (Did that sound weird? .). Khushi realises it's missing and gets shocked. Meanwhile, Arnav picks up her payal from the pool side and admires it. Aww!!

Ipkknd 22nd august 2011 ((episode 58)) written update

The snake watches as the beauty quietly makes her way towards them with the cake. He's extremely shocked, and doesn't know what to do. His wife looks at him, and he smiles briefly, before turning back and wondering what to do. He suddenly gets a call, and excuses himself. The loving princess watches him walk away sadly. The beauty helps set the cake, and turns. She sees the dark prince. A staring contest for a few moments, before the beauty leaves, slightly angry. The blonde walks up to Nani, and asks her how she liked her dance. The loving princess also comes towards them. Nani tells the loving princess to tell /Miss Kasyap/ that the song/dance was perfect for her - her character is indeed loose. She might have not been taught any better, but the Raizada family has always held themselves up high.. and that type of song/dance will never be tolerated. She angrily leaves, with the loving princess following. The blonde is furious... she decides she needs a drink. But where will she get one from? She gets an idea, and asks one of the servants where the gifts are. The servant tells her they're by the poolside. The blonde leaves happily. Meanwhile, the loving princess gets a call. It's her husband. She wonders why he's calling her... and he says that he has to leave. In actuality, he's standing outside. He tells her that his friend has been in a car accident, and needs to help him out. The loving princess is distraught, and tears form in her eyes. She is extremely upset that he's left. The snake knows she's crying, and guilt trips her into letting him leave. He spins a story that his friend has no family here, but he'll come back because he can't stand her tears. She tells him to go, it's more important. She hangs up, crying softly. The blonde has gone towards the poolside, and is searching for the elusive drink. She finds the bottle of champagne and kisses it happily. The loving princess walks back towards the cake area, and the dark prince sees her unhappiness. He silently asks her what's wrong, and she tells him that her husband had to leave on urgent business. He asks her if she's okay, and she lies. He wants to postpone the cake cutting, but she won't hear of it. The dark prince tells her he's worried about her, not about guests. He isn't convinced, but lets it slide. He asks everyone to partake in the cake cutting. Everyone comes... and Mama asks where the snake is. The dark prince says that the snake is out on business... Mami isn't very happy, and wants the loving princess to maim her husband. She cuts the cake, and the family feed her. Other guests come to congratulate her, and one asks where her husband is. The dark prince answers that he's out on business. The loving princess cannot take it anymore, and she walks off. The beauty is walking past, when she notices the loving princess standing by herself. She walks up to her, and talks to her. She asks the loving princess why she's crying so much... the princess says that these days, her tears won't stop. The beauty tells the princess that she shouldn't be so upset - relationships are way more important than parties and cake cutting. Those things can happen anytime, but it's the ties of a relationship that is all important. And besides, even if her husband has left, why should she be so sad? He will come back, as the beauty's heard that her husband loves her very much. Nani has heard everything, and is extremely pleased with what the beauty said. She takes the loving princess away, with a smile for the beauty. The beauty watches them leave, when she sees the dark prince again. She turns away, upset once more. The blonde is in the kitchen, and shakes the champagne bottle to get rid of the cork. She pours some into a glass, and drinks it happily. Mami has come into the kitchen, admiring the sweets. She can't have that though, and needs to ruin them. She searches for a way to do that, when a lemon falls on the ground. Mami bends to pick it up, and sees a black dress. She stands up, and sees the blonde drinking something. She walks up to the blonde, and asks her what she's doing there. The blonde asks the same question... Mami evades the question, and says that the blonde should add lemon to the drink to make it tasty. The blonde freaks out, and says she's going to the poolside to grab some air.. she hides the champagne bottle, and quickly leaves before Mami can see it. Mami goes back to the kitchen, and tastes one of the sweets. She's impressed, but she won't have the girls looking good. She cuts the lemon, and squeezes it over one of the sweets. Meanwhile, the manager has come, and tells the girls that the sweets need to be dished out. They walk into the kitchen, and Mami starts berating them, saying they're taking too long. She decides to try one of the sweets... and it's the lemon-squeezed one. She makes a big deal out of it... The girls are shocked, and start freaking out. They try to explain to the manager that they would never purposely sabotage a sweet.. the manager refuses to hear it, and tells them that their sweets won't be sent out at all. -||-

*Precap: *The blonde (lavanaya) is drunk... calls Nani /Gabbar Singh./ __________________ *(????) *

Ipkknd 20th august 2011 (episode 57) (Maha episode) written update

Episode starts with Khushi entering RM and praying thats she doesnt get to see ASR/(how impossible is that)/ Arnav feels her presence and he says that it is impossible and he has to stop thinking about her/(Why both of then thinks those thinhs which are impossible)/. Khushi sees ASR and she runs from there so that he is not able to see her but he listens to her payal's sound/(Heart to heart connection)/ but again he is not able to catch her and after running marathon she reaches kitchen and they starts working there and Rahim chacha/(RM servant)/ is arranging utensils for them to present sweets but as usual someone (nani) calls him. He asks then to bring utensils from storeroom. Payal says that she will bring but Khushi says that she will bring as lard gavernor is not here/(Mam dont u knw that when u say something opposite of that hapens) /Back to devil's room Anjali praises his sherwani and she asks him who gave and then he tells her his reality that there is some of his lover and there are so many loversof him and he cant be of any ONE /(Anjali use ur mind dont follow him blindly ) /But soon he changes his statement that everyone on one side and his rani sahiba one side and she gets happy and feel lucky and he do moreacting and while finding store room she comes near to Devil's room but she moves from there and miss Anjali and shayam together. Anjali recieves a call that sweets have arrived and she leaves and shayam says that he will foollow her in few minutes. Khushi is confused about where she will find store-room. She is moving around and sees Arnav coming and she immediately runs back to wards shayam's room where shayam is there but she is not able to see him and she even misses to catch her eye on Portrait where Devil and Anjali are together. Arnav is near to Devil's room and again he feels Khushi around him but stoll he is unable to get hold of her. He leaves and Khushi also leaves from there and Devil is thinks that he had some day dream. Khushi runs from there and some servant throws something on ASR and he scolds him and again he moves back into Khushi's direction and she gets tensed and asks devi maiyya that how many time she will taak eher exam/(till u dont accept ASR's love)/. Then Khushi again runs to hide from him and where she reaches is voilla her future room and she again sees Arnav coming towards her room and to add more fun she hides herself in ASR's wardrobe and Arnav comes there and open that only but his phone rings up and he is busy in attending call and Khushi immedialtely handovers his shirt to him so he is not able to catch her. But Mr. feelings again feels Khushi and look at the wardobe but ignores and is about to leave then Khushi's i head collides wid wardrobe' wall and he comes back and opens the wardrobe and voilla he finds her princess there little scared and always in disamel and out of fear she puts her both hands on her face. Anjali and nani both enters kitchen and nani praises the aura of sweets and Anjali spots Payal there and she introduces her to nani and she praises her simplicity and sweets. Bactk to ArHi Khushi opens her eyes and come out of the wardrobe and she is about to trip down but as usual ASR supports her by holding her arms and then rabba ve song plays in background then she moves his hands and she runs from there while ASR keeps calling her Then Khushi comes there Nani and Anjali starts talking to her and she is lost in ASR;s dreams I mean in thoughts then Payal brings her back and tells her that they are asking her something. Khushi wishes them and there come our own live commentry mamiji and she says anjali to do makeup and asks nani to do touchup of La part2 nani glares. Then Miss commentary notices jalebi bai there and she is like what she is doing there to which Anjali tels about there Sweet contract. Nani and Anjali leaves. Here comes our Akash and as soon as he sees Khushi and Payal and calls there name wid Ji and commentary's BP go high with ji and she says that frst he called her and now he himself is stucked here and takes him with her. Back to arnav's room he is moving left and right and has storerom FB and he wonders what Khushi is doing here. Then La part1 comes there and asks how she is looking. She then do her talks to which Arnav is not paying attention and Anjali comes there and he immeditaley asks her that if no one knows or not she must be knowing that what Khushi is doing here. Then Anjali says that he must be knowing as he do all arrangements and Khushi got sweets comtract to which Arnav says that if he have known this then he never had given but Anjali says that dont behave like this as sweets are real time awesome. Anjali leaves and La says that she is excited and hopes that Di and jeejaji likes her surprise. Finally the much awaied party starts and every Raizada enters in style first nani and mama-mami Akash following her. In kitchen Payal and Khushi are working and Khushi coes near to hall and says that party has started. La and Arnav enters the party holding each others hand. Arnav comes and welcomes the guest and ask them to welcome devil and Anjali. Spotlights moves to them Anjali is feeling shy and she is very happy/(she looked extremely pretty)/. First family memebers wishes them and la tells them that she has planned surprise for them. Guests also congratulate them. From Kitchen Khushi is trying to look for Anjali's husband but she is not able to look him and here live commentary sees them and scolds then. Khushi is about to answer but Payal maes he kep quiet. In the party commentary if flaunting jewellery and je just passes away while smilling. Nani sees two la prt1 friends in short dresses and she gets upset. Manager asks from Khushi and Pyal about sweets status and goes to ASR and tell about the status to which Khushi and ASR look with anger to each other and Khushi leaves from there and goes to some other place and Anjali sees them there and tells them that she will introduce them to her husband and then nani brings some guests there and again they missed a chance to meet Devil. They comes back to the place and mami again scolds them and tell then to serve juice. Khushi gets frustrted but she do so. Meanwhile some juive gets spilt by Payal and servant tells them that tissues are sme othre location and she goes to take the tissue paper and ARnav sees that. Akash comes to Payal and gives her her hankey which she had forgotten and thay have some shy conversation and they are afraid of eye contact. Then she thanx him for the dupatta. Live commentary BP shoots up to see them together. Akash leaves from there. There Khushi finds tissue and ASR also. He asks her she said she will go to luckhnow. Then again she is about to go but this time he holds her arms and then K: u r misbehaving A: u r making me to do so and u told me that u will go to lucknow then what r u doing here K: I had some majboori and leave my hand otherwise A: otherwise what K: u will be ASR at ur home A: this is my home K: if U had not spent money and manager would have told me earlier then I would have never came to ur types people jouse A: earlier also u did job 4 us and u people can do anything for money Then La calls ASR and Khushi and Arnav immeditely leaves her hands and La comes and hugs ASR and she say chakeeli but Khushiruns from there and she asks what she ws doing but ASR says forgets here La tell him that her surprise is abt to strt. she goes from here and Arnav keeps looking ay Khushi's Payal. la surprise starts and its none other than character dheeela song and everyone is upset and feels wierd at this. Dance goes like expected and in last La also dances After dance ends Khushi brings Cake towards anjali and devil and Devil is shell shocked to see Khushi there

PRECAP La is drunked and doing some tamaasha

Ipkknd 19th august 2011 ((episode 56)) written update

ASR goes to nani while she is doing pooja and he tells her that tmrw is special say but before he can say anything nani gives her tape-recorder to him. She says that tomorrow they will not argue as she dont want anjali's day to get ruin. Back to bua ji's house girls are completing order and Devil says that jalebi bai needs to think again that she needs to go to lucknow(/She belongs to ASR so she will be here/). Then Nand kishor comes and says that whenever he goes to Lucknow he needs to visit her parents as they need to take this forward.. To which he agrees and says his leaving(/Finally I am relieved no no creepy has something to say/). Khushi asks him if he is going and Nand Kishor speaks that she misses him alot(/My foot/) and he says that he also misses her alot/(I want to puke) /La part1(Lavanya) comes to ASR and says that its not fair that he is not letting her to work but he says that on this day he only do everything and La says that she has planned something for Devil and Anjali*(Get ready for another disaster) *At Khushi's place she completes the pahad aka mountain contract in nand kishor language. Back to RM on next day mprning mani comes out of her room in nigh suit and sees someone with flowers and says _/*excusejayega*/_ and it turns out to be devil and she says ya on this day u become flowerwala and she says that she will go and start getting ready for the evening as_/*"Manorma ka time pr ready ho na namumkim hai*/_" I HATE THE UPCOMING PART In the next scene Devil keeps flower in tha path of Anjali and flirts with her(puke) and then he gives her saree and then in that saree he imagines Khushi(Double puke) and then he cups Khushi face in dreams(Triple puke) and then he hugs her(I want to throw everything on TV) but thankfully Anjali brings him back and he realise it was Anjali In the next scene manager approves Khushi's sweets and tells her that she has to deliever it to RM and she gets shock and denies then manager says that he will look that they dont get further cintract and then Payal makes her to understand. Back to RM devil demands almond kheer from nani and immediately La part1 comes with it and she tries to impress nani. Then her love interest La part-2 comes to her feet and La part1 in her love throws away Kheer.Nani gets started but manipulator devil handles the situation. Here comes live commentary by mami she compareslove of Lala. _/

*BEST PART OF THE SHOW*/_ Khushi reaches her in-laws house and she has kind of fear like a bride feels. She enters the house and ASR(no I mean Khushi's Arnav gets feeling that Khushi is here with our national anthem rabba ve playin.) Arnav's heart says that she is here as winds are giving him news of her and she wishes that hope so that he is not here.

Ipkknd 18th august 2011 ((episode 55)) written update

The episode starts with the blonde finally attending the /pooja./ Nani sees, and is furious. She cannot believe that the blonde is still disrespecting what she asked. She wonders what upbringing the blonde was given, because if that is what it is, then Nani is not merely angry - she is /ashamed/. The blonde is standing there huffily, acting as if nothing is wrong. The rest of the family (minus the dark prince) are anxious/apprehensive. Nani is /furious/, and after another second, the blonde almost rolls her eyes and storms off. Nani looks at her family, and says that she cannot complete the /pooja./ She has had enough. She leaves. The loving princess wants to walk after her, but the snake stops her. He tells her to let their Nani cool down, and besides, her anger is justified right now. He then tells her he needs to leave, and after making it up to her, he leaves. Mami is standing there, before turning to her niece and wondering what is going on. Using a cricket analogy, she states that the blonde is fighting a losing battle - and she's worried about what it will do to the family. Without missing a beat however, she then asks if they can go and eat breakfast, as all this tension has left her extremely hungry. She walks away with the loving princess following. The graceful prince and his father are left standing. The graceful prince is extremely worried about the entire situation... and his father leaves him with this bit of advice: *"Son, if you do not follow anything else, follow this bit of advice.. do not ever make the mistake of getting married. And if you do, make sure it isn't a love marriage." * The graceful prince watches as his father leaves. Meanwhile, the beauty and the innocent angel are walking to different shops, and advertising their sweets & shop. However, no one is interested. The innocent angel despairs, but the beauty refuses to bow down. Back at RM, the dark prince is on the phone, telling his assistant that nothing should be left undone for tomorrow night. His girlfriend walks in, wanting to complain about what happened in the /pooja/ room this morning. But the dark prince doesn't want to hear it. He tells her that he's trying to make sure no /stone/ is left unturned in making his sister's wedding anniversary party the best. The blonde perks up at hearing the word party, and brightens. Finally there's something to hold her interest in this house. She wonders if there will be a champagne fountain, but the dark prince says there won't be any alcohol. Refusing to be deterred, the blonde moves onto clothing. She wonders what she should wear.. she muses about the sari in their upcoming bridal collection; the one /Chamkili/ wore. The dark prince hears her name, and immediately loses focus of the conversation. /She's standing there, the hair softly blowing around her face, the sari capturing her petite frame, her glowing skin, the discomfort, the quiet confidence.../ He forces himself to stop thinking of her, and growls at the blonde - she is /never/ to mention that name to him again. He storms off, leaving his girlfriend standing there wondering what happened. Meanwhile, the beauty and the innocent angel are still trying to find buyers for their sweets, but to no avail. The manager refuses to consider their sweets, and turns them away. They begin to walk off. The manager then receives a call asking them to provide Lucknow sweets for a function. The manager excitedly agrees, and hangs up. However, his assistant informs him that their partner who makes those sweets won't be available for a month. The beauty hears this and drags her sister back towards the manager. She convinces them to hire her for the order. She makes them try the sweets, and being impressed, the manager agrees to let them make the sweets. But the assistant isn't completely convinced, so he tells them that they'll only receive the payment /after/ the delivery is made, and if the client likes the sweets. Both girls are a bit worried by it, but the beauty doesn't sway - they'll complete this order; even when told its meant for over 200 people. The manager softens, and provides them with the sweets list. The girls leave, somewhat happily, somewhat apprehensive. Reaching home, the girls pool their money to buy ingredients. Its not nearly enough. The girls are worrying, when Bua comes in and tells the beauty to go to a certain shop, and when they give her money, she is to quietly bring it back. The item in question of being sold are two /kangans/ of Bua's. The beauty tears up, not wanting to do this. Bua looks at her and smiles softly. She chidingly tells her that if she had taken an order for tears, rather than sweets, they would have completed the order a long time ago. Bua tells her nieces that the /kangans/ are merely being pawned, and once they complete the order, receive the money, pay off their father's debts.. then they can go and buy the /kangans/ back. The beauty hugs her Bua, as does the innocent angel. Later on, the sisters are in the kitchen, with the innocent angel ticking off everything they need. She turns to her sister, wondering if they've missed out on anything. The beauty wonders and then turns to her innocent angel. What are they missing? Her sister's adorable smile. The innocent angel blushes, and smiles softly in response. Suddenly, their Bua calls out for them, telling them to come see who's here. It's the snake. As soon as his eyes glaze over the beauty, he stops and stares. Bua smiles at the scene. She then asks the snake why he took so long to see them, but the snake is occupied with staring at the beauty. He finally tells them that he's been busy, but he is here now. And with something for them, in honour of their new shop opening.. utensils & dishes. The beauty is extremely grateful, and the snake watches mesmerised as the beauty smiles and tells him about the order they've received. The snake sighs, knowing he cannot leave his /Rani Sahiba/, but cannot leave his beauty either. He follows the beauty into the kitchen, and tells her that he shall help with the cooking. All three get to work... the snake watches as the beauty fries the /jalebi./ Suddenly, he pulls her arm back from the frying pan.. the oil was bubbling up too much. However, the force has caused a deep gash on the beauty's wrist. He apologises, but the beauty refuses his apology. It wasn't his fault... the gash was already there, given by the dark prince. The snake is shocked at hearing his brother-in-law's name. The beauty continues complaining about the dark prince, regardless of what her sister says. The dark prince has caused their problems, and the beauty will not stop blaming him. The snake thinks to himself, wondering what to do. Back at RM, the dark prince is getting ready. He opens his cupboard, and stares at a small box. Opening it, he drops the item into his palm. /Three pearls.../ pearls that hold a wealth of memories. /Pulling her towards him, ripping the pearl thread from her top, hearing the gasp, watching the pearls drop, feeling her discomfort and fear.../ Furious, the dark prince throws the pearls away. He cannot believe he is still thinking of her. What the hell is wrong with him? Emotions and feelings are not his thing, so why is she penetrating his mind like this? He refuses to let her invade his mind any longer. -||-

*Precap: *The sisters are talking to the manager, who excitedly tells them where to go. The beauty asks for an easier way to get there, and the manager mentions the Raizada Mansion.

Characters:/ *Khushi ~ *the beauty *Arnav ~ *the dark prince *Akash ~ *the graceful prince *Payal ~ *the innocent angel *Anjali ~ *the loving princess *Shyam ~ *the snake *Lavanya ~ *the blonde -||

Ipkknd 17th august 2011 ((episode 54 )) written update

Naani catches La and bigada nawab laal handed...I mean red handed and kicks her out of the room and tells her to be ready early in the morning for Arti...which apparently La had to be translated for!! * Blah (LA) doesnot know Arti Where has she landed from...Plato * Bigadanawab (ASR) shuts the door on Naani's face (Arre pehle hi kiya hota...we would not have been subjected to La's blah blah) * Mami sees Naani and La convo and getting hyper on what will happen in the morning...I swear if she takes half the care of her hubby and Pantu beta (Aakash) as she takes of of La she would not have to sing lalalalala * Mami keeps on mumbling in sleep on waking La early in the morning but apparrently gets late in waking herself and so we see mami getting ready in the morning in a hurry (Wah wah! Kya nazara hai) * Blackva (Shyam) calls Khushi and asks where she has been and our Jhalliphulli (Khushi) tells him about her new shop and how she was about to leave Delhi but then changed plans and our blackwa all proudy pompous that it was his thought that stopped her * Blackwa in good mood and Anjali notices this and gets happy * Naani waiting for Blah in the pooja room with the whole family and Mami goes to do wakey wakey Blah blah!! but naani stops her...and ofcoursse Mami makes some blah excuse which her blah husband bhanda fodoes her excuse but she manages to escape to give fire alert to blah blah * Bua telling Jhalli phullli that she could have learnt sewing but apparently she had to learn frying and now they are stuck with it (Arre Bua ,,,it has been ONE day in the business..even Dhirubhai Ambani cannot get breakeven profit of the first day) give the jhalli phulli some break... * haye haye Maami trying to jump from the window! to wake Blah blah! * sleeping booty kabhi nahi uthi Maami is soo funny * she wakes up the female kumbhkaran * and Jhalliphulli gets idea and Nandkisorrreee gets afraid of her ideas * she gets idea of giving mitahis in hotels so that they can make just as much as they require then tehy will supply in 2 stars and then 3 stars and hten 5 stars and finally nandkisorrree agrees... * Arti time and naani wondering and waiting ( I swear all these people do is eat and do puja..aur koi kaam toh hota hi nahi hai ghar mein) * and Blah enters in a navy blue sarong like dress * And Maami impressed she came so early and Blah blah blahs that she has not taken bath while coming here and ophcourse Naani hears this...argghhh can they stop this naani blah nonsense * Naani shouts at Blah

Precap: Jhalli phulli and the bigada nawab thinking about each other __________________ *

Ipkknd 16th august 2011 ((episode 53)) written update

The episode begins with Payal and Madhumati settling accounts of the day and realising that they've incurred losses on the first day of the shop. This worries Madhumati and she blames Khushi for not only being so confident about the number of customers which they were going to get but also for distributing jalebis in free to some kids. Khushi in turn teases Madhumati for scaring the customers away with her big eyes Payal wonders if they should've returned to Lucknow but Khushi tells her to not lose hope as they'll come around.
Scene shifts to La and ASR where he is trying to calm her down. La, first, cribs a bit but then tells him that as long as they're together, they'll overcome all hurdles. Arnav looks a bit worried on this.
Meanwhile, Manorma is howling because Nani says that the food is bad. Mahendra and Akash try to comfort her but in vain. Finally, Nani says that the food isn't bad but she had had to lie to get the truth out. She makes it clear once and for all that no one will help La in doing the chores which Nani allots her.
Scene shifts back to Madhumati's house where Khushi finally takes the accounts books away and puts them in an almirah. She finds her fufaji's transistor and is excited about music and Madhumati cutely cribs about the same. Khushi tries figuring the transistor out and finally, the music plays and she starts dancing and distracting Payal who is working in the kitchen. Madhumati comes and glares at Khushi but then starts dancing herself . Then Khushi poses as the hero and Madhumati as the heroine and drag Payal in as well Finally, Madhumati stops to catch her breathe. She says that they should forget today and start afresh tomorrow. And then they start dancing again. Khushi happily and silently thanks God.
Khushi is sitting outside her house when she sees a shooting star and gets excited. She screams and calls for Payal. Madhumati also comes as she gets scared by Khushi's shreiks and then scolds her for the same.
Arnav and Anjali are also sitting in the balcony and see the shooting star. Anjali gets happy but Arnab brushes her belief in the shooting star. Anjali closes his eyes and asks him to wish. Both Arnav and Khushi are shown wishing simultanously. Arnav recalls his last encounter with Khushi and removes Anjali's hands. He says he doesn't believe in all this (I actually loved this dialogue 'Jo tara khud khatam ho raha hai woh mujhe kya dega?' This man is way too practical for his own good ). Arnav walks away and Anjali wonders aloud after he leaves that Arnav may not ask for a wish for himself but she can. She wishes for Arnav to remain happy always and get someone in his life who alleviates all his pain.
Khushi opens her eyes and Payal asks her what she wished for. Khushi says nothing too special and Madhumati starts with her 'Hayyee re, Nand Kishore! Jab kuch khaas nahi manga tab itni der lagi. Khaas mangti toh poori raat khambe ke jaise khadi rehti' . Khushi says she just wished that they all should always be together and their life should be sweet like jalebi and that they should get a big order tomorrow. Madhumati says that even in this, she somehow dragged jalebi in .. Khushi asks Payal what she'd wished for. Payal wished for happiness of Shashi and Garima. Madhumati tells them to go and sleep. She goes and Khushi and Payal sit down. Khushi says she's sure all their wishes will be granted.
Shyam is dreaming about Khushi and curses himself for not listening to her and wonders if he goes to Lucknow. He wakes up and Anjali wonders why he isn't asleep. He says he isn't sleepy. Anjali gets worried about his health but Shyam says he's fine and she can't do anything to help him in this problem. Anjali complains that he isn't sharing his problems with her.
Meanwhile, Nani is complaining to Laxmi about La. La, meanwhile is sneaking somewhere and Nani sees her. She spies on her and follows her.
Scenes shifts back to Shyam who is telling Anjali that he may have to go back to Lucknow for some work. Anjali gets upset since he'd just come. She wonders if he's forgotten but he says he remembers their third wedding anniversary and he'll surely be there. Then he says everything is fine after talking to her and he's sleepy too. They both go to bed but Shyam is still worried.
Scene shits to ASR's room. Arnav wakes up because of the winds and stops the curtain from flying. He remembers Khushi's duapatta flying on his face as well as the other incidents. Suddenly someone hugs him from the back and Nani sees La cosying up with Arnav. He asks her what she's doing. La says she wanted to talk and tries getting intimate but he stops her. La says no one saw her. Suddenly La says he's tickling her. Arnav says he isn't doing anything but she doesn't believe. A goat sound is heard and La still feels it's Arnav Arnav switches on the lights and it is indeed Laxmi who is licking her foot .. La gets scared and hides behind Arnav and says Laxmi isn't a goat but Nani's detective which she's sent after her . Just then Nani enters ASR's room.

Precap: Khushi is weaving dreams of getting orders from hotels, starting with neighbourhood, then 3 stars, 4 stars and ultimately 5 stars. She is very excited.

Ipkknd 15th august 2011((episode 52)) written update

Bua walks into her house, with the girls following. Bua is very hesitant about the shop, but eventually gives in.. making the girls extremely happy. One of the mechanics lets the trio know that Bedi Uncle is more than happy to help, so there's no worry about a location.
The trio decide on a name ~ Jai Devi Maiya *something, something*, as Khushi is very fond of saying it all the time. The trio share a smile & a hug.. before Khushi is reminded of her father. She is worried about his financial state, and both Bua & Payal convince Khushi that they will get their father out of debt.
At RM, the blonde girlfriend is standing in the kitchen, completely unaware of what's going on. Mami comes in, and asks her if she added salt into the dish. The blonde doesn't know, and Mami is exasperated with her. She tells her to taste the dish to see if it needs salt... Mami likens her as a charity case.
Neither notice Nani coming. Back at Bua's, the girls are still worrying.. but decide to let it rest. They start preparing for their new venture.
Back at RM, the blonde is standing there idly, eating something when Nani comes up behind her. The blonde mistakenly believes that it's Mami, until she turns. She cops a shock. Nani asks the blonde if Mami was here, and the blonde stumbles before lying. Mami is standing behind a pillar, away from Nani's prying eyes.
Nani begins questioning the blonde on the dish she's prepared, and it takes Mami's hand gestures for the blonde to finally come up with plausible answers. Seemingly satisfied, yet exasperated, Nani decides that there should be another dish ~ malai kofta. She asks the blonde if she knows what it is - and again, it takes Mami for the blonde to understand.
Nani walks away, and Mami curses the situation, exclaiming that Miss Kashyap will be the death of her.
Outside, the girls & Bua, along with the mechanics are setting up shop. It's a quick process, and before long, the sweets are prepared. Bua begins calling out for people to come and taste the wonders of Lucknow... and when one man does seem interested, Bua shoves different sweets in his face, which causes the man to freak out and run away.
Unfortunately, it is awhile before anyone does come... and it takes Khushi helping Bua with the advertising - a bunch of children come before two guys buy an entire platter of jalebi. It is after tat incident that others begin to buy. Back at RM, Anjali is home from her pooja, and smells the dishes. She is extremely impressed, and Mami almost puts her foot in it, before hastily covering up saying that the dishes are good because of her training. The rest of the family come and admire the beautiful smells of each dish. Mami & the blonde are extremely proud - when Nani walks in. It has been a long day, and the girls & Bua have packed up shop for the night - but it hasn't been a good day. They made more than they sold... however Khushi tries to remain happy about it, saying that every start is hard.. but the going will get good. One of the mechanics stops by with the rest of the sweets, and says that they should have faith, and everything will work out.
Back at RM, the family sits down to eat. Nani begins the interrogation by asking the blonde the ingredients of the malai kofta. This is when Mami ends up putting her foot in it, and Nani is triumphant - she knew Mami had made the food. She insults Mami on the "bland" food, and insults the blonde by saying that she has no respect at all for elders, on how she dresses, and now she lies. The blonde tears up and runs off.
Arnav, sitting there has had enough. He tells Nani that today she went too far. His girlfriend was trying to please Nani... he gets up, and walks off after her. -||-  

Precap: Khushi is outside, when she sees a shooting star - she makes a wish. Arnav & Anjali are also outside and see the shooting star, but Arnav refuses to make a wish - the star itself is dying, what will he get out of it?