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Ipkknd 9th June 2011 Written Update ((episode 4))

The episode begins with Khushi running in front of Arnav, and then gasping for breath, holding her hand out to stop him from leaving, and tells him he can't leave like that. He slowly advances towards her, and she holds her dupatta. Arnav glared slightly and says "I've told you once before, stay within your status."

He walks off.
Khushi realises what he's said, and rushes after him. As she's walking behind him, she tells him that in the dargah, everyone is equal, so how can he talk about status? Arnav stops midway, and Khushi falters.

He turns around, and asks "Why? What did I do?" He smirks slightly as Khushi remembers what he did. She tells him he knows what he did, and he might be super rich that he's not afraid of anyone. But he's not bigger than God now, is he? And whatever he is, is because of God.
This wipes the smirk off Arnav's face, who tells her that whatever he is, God has nothing to do with it.
Khushi is shocked.. and asks him how he can say that about God when God's given him everything? Arnav cuts her off and says that God has given him nothing. "Arnav Singh Raizada makes and writes his own destiny."
He walks closer to Khushi, who shrinks again.. and tells her that she better think twice about coming in front of him, otherwise her God won't be able to save her. He walks off again.

Khushi comes up again, and tells him that he might not believe in God, but in her world, there is nothing bigger than Him. Arnav angrily retorts that if there was God in this world, then there wouldn't be any pain. (sidenote: Someone opened up about something. Oooh.) Whoever has money, has power, according to him.
Khushi's jaw drops, and she tells him (chappal in hand) that if God gives pain, than He also provides the cure. And no matter how much money & power he has, he can't go against God. Money and power are nothing compared to God, and as long as Khushi has the belief of her Mata Rani, God will be on her side. Only God can change someone's destiny... not even with all the money & power in the world. "Not even Arnav Singh Raizada." & with that she drops her chappal on the ground.

Arnav turns around, and glares at her. Khushi walks off angrily (and slightly scared). Arnav watches her leave, and then calls his assistant. He wants the fashion show footage shown to every news channel.. he hangs up, and thinks, you have a lot of belief in your God, right? Well let's see God saving you from this.

Back at the Gupta house, Khushi brings Garima a cup of tea while Garima is sifting something. Garima pushes the tea away, prompting Khushi to walk to Payal in a different room.

Payal is sitting there, and Khushi asks her if she's okay. Payal agrees, but tells Khushi that it's only been a couple of days, and Khushi is still hurting as well. Khushi says that she just wants her sister's mood to change. Payal smiles.
Khushi starts sweeping when Payal holds up Khushi's blouse and asks what happened to the pearls. Khushi stiffens, remembering what happened. Payal notices this, and asks what happened. Khushi hugs Payal, and says nothing.. but Payal knows Khushi.
Khushi ends up telling Payal that she saw the "program-wala" again. Khushi complains about the "laal governor" saying his nose is always stuck up in the air, and that as rich as he is, his head is the same size.

Interspersing with Khushi's explanation of Arnav, is Arnav himself. He's shown with four men (Khushi says Arnav is like a barfi - with four flies always stuck to him), and is then shown being at his ruthless best, before sitting by the pool again and about to eat dinner, when Akash Raizada is shown... telling him not to eat meat because Anjali Di said so. Arnav glares at him, but puts the fork down...

Just as Khushi is explaining that in complete filmy style, she told Arnav off.

Back to Arnav and Akash.. Akash is staring angrily at the feature, and Arnav notices as he's taking a call from his assistant who says the footage should be on within ten minutes. Arnav is pleased. He turns to Akash, who tells him that Mr.So-and-So won't complete the photo shoot without the balance paid. Arnav gets angry, cancels his Delhi tickets, and tells Akash not to worry. Akash knows the guy won't be saved now.

Khushi and Payal begin laughing, when Payal's favourite song comes on the television. Khushi starts dancing... and then Garima sees what they're doing. Khushi immediately stops, and then walks behind Garima and says that Garima's Dhoni, and she an outside cricketer.. if Dhoni doesn't take lead, how will they win the World Cup? Payal laughs as Khushi softens up her mother.
She then takes Garima's hand, and asks her if she's her mother. Garima hugs Khushi, and tearingly says she's Khushi's mother. Payal joins the hug. Khushi then takes their hands, and begins dancing again. & this time Shashi comes inside. The women stop immediately... and then Shashi tells them he'll show them how to dance.. grabs a yellow dupatta, and all four begin dancing.

This is when Nand Kesor Bua comes in, and is completely shocked at what she sees. Everyone stops dancing, Garima puts her pallu on her head, and Shashi gets rid of the dupatta. Bua calls Shashi a monkey, complains that her head's hurting, tells Payal to make her some tea, and then advances on them. Shashi loudly says that he needs to get his accounts settled, and tells Garima to come with. They leave, leaving Khushi inside the room with Bua. (Hai Devi Maiya!)
Garima tells Shashi to take Khushi as well.
Back inside, Bua is walking slowly towards Khushi, who is cowering.. when Shashi calls loudly through the window for Khushi to come with - who else is going to do the accounts? Khushi almost skips with glee outside.

Scene cuts to Arnav & Akash who reach the studio. The guy who's asking for the money starts saying he'll get Arnav blacklisted in the industry when Arnav slaps him, offering him one crore. Holding his cheek, the guy starts ranting again, and again Arnav slaps him saying that the two slaps were worth the two crores. (TBH, I didn't watch this part properly because I couldn't stop laughing at the guy's accent. I am so surprised at how Barun & Akshay kept straight faces)

Back to the Gupta's. The trio are sitting at the shopkeepers' entrance... and the guy begins talking about how bad it was that their daughter's wedding got ruined. Khushi almost stands up, but Garima holds her hand. Khushi says nothing. The shopkeeper then says that with one phone call, the baraat wouldn't have left.. and Shashi could have given him the money. All three get super angry, and Garima leaves Khushi's hand.
Khushi gets up and tells the shopkeeper that whatever happened, happened.. but today's a new day. If the shopkeeper gives her half the money, she'll talk to that family herself. Shashi looks proudly at his daughter, and Garima is half-upset. The shop keeper flusters, and says not to worry. Shashi tells Khushi to get some medicine, and before she leaves, she checks the balance telling the shopkeeper that in his "round, round talks, he added another round thing in the balance by mistake". She leaves.

Back at the Gupta's, Bua wants to watch some television, when she gets a phone call. It's one of her gossipy friends, who ask about Khushi. Bua is told something, and she hangs up. She turns on the TV to watch this guy talk about a new way to find love... turns out he's talking about Khushi and how she fell into Arnav's lap. Bua is shocked, and Payal comes inside, and sees the footage. Bua tells Payal to call for Shashi.

Back in town, Khushi has bought the medicine, and is walking, when she notices everyone staring at her weirdly. She touches her face self-conciously when she comes across an electronics shop, and sees what's on TV. It's the footage. She watches the footage again, and again... hearing as people say she has no shame walking around like this. She turns away from the TV, and tears are streaming down. The episode ends.

Some goondas have trapped Garima and Khushi in the middle of the street, and one of them pulls Khushi's dupatta. Khushi asks what type of misbehaviour is this, when someone comes and beats up the guys, saying "the question is right, but the man you asked it to is wrong". He hands back her scarf, as she stands behind Garima and Shashi nods thankfully. Garima decides to send Payal & Khushi to Delhi.

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