Friday, 7 December 2012

IPKKND Episode 2 Written update

Khushi falls in Arnav arms. Arnav pushes her away. The Guards take Khushi away. Arnav orders that none of the photos should be printed.Payal is worried as Khushi dint come till now. Everybody talking about Khushi missing. Buaji asks Payal but she says she doesnt know.Khushi is pushed into a room & locked. Arnav tells somebody to make her tell who sent her to ruin this show. The Guards come to Khushi & asks rudely who sent her. Khushi afriad couldnt understand anything. Finally Arnav comes to talk to Khushi.Garima,Payal & Khushi Mom, is worried that Khushi & Home docs are also missing.
Khushi tells Arnav she doesnt know anything. She came here mistakely & begs Arnav to leave her as it is necessary to go home urgently. Arnav doesnt Listen & asks her forcely. Khushi asks Arnav to let her leave, orelse her sister's marriage will break. Arnav in anger talks rudely that to let tha marriage break. Khushi in anger asks if suppose his sister marriage breaks how does he feel. Arnav gets angry when Khushi talks like that. He holds her & pulls her Blouse Dori. Khushi shocked pulls her hair down. She looks at Arnav angrily & leaves from there.Everybody in Khushi house are worried. Buaji scolds some people who are talking bad about the girls. Shashi, Payals & Khushi Father , comes back looking everywhere. Payal tries to tell about Khushi & she hears Scooter sound. She feels Happy that Khushi came. Khushi comes & sees that everybody is outside the house & comes to know that marriage has broken.She looks at all the arrangements & feels sad. Garima looks at Khushi & takes her inside. Garima & Buaji scolds Khushi. Shashi asks Khushi why did he take the home docs. Khushi tells she went to meet the groom to show the documents & make him understand. Khushi says sorry but Garima angry on Khushi. Buaji tells if Khushi is real sister of Payal,she wouldnt have done such thing. Garima also tells Khushi that she is not her daughter. Khushi left hurt & speechless. She tells Payal that she dint mean to do it at all Payal consoles Khushi.Payal & Khushi on Bed.. Khushi couldnt sleep. She remembers Garima words & gets up. She goes to thier Mithai bandar & takes Oil & lights a Match..

--What Happens Next?? Does Khushi Do Suicide?? Does Arnav Meet Khushi again? Jaanne ke liye dekhiye ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON

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