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Ipkknd 28th july 2011 ((episode 40)) written update

The episode begins where it last left off. The fainting of the beauty.
The dark prince carries her in his arms, she as frail as they come, and he as forceful. There is no hesitancy as he takes her to a safer place.

Meanwhile, the innocent angel that is Payal has made her way to the main pooja area. Anjali and Akash are beginning to worry about how late it is, when Akash spots his soulmate. A soft smile escapes as he watches her. Anjali also sees her and walks gracefully to meet her.
It turns out that Payal came to return Anjali's thali to her. Anjali is so very pleased to have it back, as she feared that an important piece placed on her thali would be lost forever. Payal reassures her that it couldn't happen. Anjali then asks Payal to stay and complete the pooja with them.. Payal is very hesitant, but finally agrees. She mentions that her sister is still looking at bangles.

Which brings us back to the beauty. She sits there as the dark prince softly flicks water on her face to wake her up. She stirs, and without realising it, allows his touch. She gracefully accepts the water he compels her to drink... but as they say, all good things must come to an end.
She opens her eyes, and looks at his hand. Her eyes widen as she realises what's just happened. Matters escalate when she sees just exactly who gave her the water. She stands up, and almost pushes him. She looks sinister as she berates him for giving her water. He glares, and unsuccessfully tries to make her understand that she had fainted. She remains determined, and walks past him. She stops, and asks Devi Maa for forgiveness.
It seems however that Devi Maa hasn't let her up yet, and the beauty almost faints once more. The dark prince realises this, and in a few strides, has protected her from falling. This time her eyes open as she realises the enormity of the situation. His hands protectively hold her shoulders, her hands softly wrapped around his waist. It is almost too much for her to handle, but her eyes never leave his. His gaze softens, but something breaks in her eyes... and she gasps, quickly letting go of him.
Her eyes are downcast, and she manages to push off his grip. He hardens once more, but before he can do so much as blink, she has walked past him again.
Rabba Ve has abruptly stopped playing..

Back in the temple, the innocent angel has gone to light up a diya just as Anjali wanted her to. In the distance, Lavanya scoffs as she wonders who this Mother India is. Mami enlightens her, and Lavanya is even more angry. She's the sister of that Chamkili! Mami loves Lavanya after this proclamation, and doesn't hesitate to compliment Lavanya on her dress sense, or the way she holds herself. Lavanya smirks - she knows how amazing she is already.
However, the innocent angel pays no attention to her surroundings, and continues praying to her deity. Her soulmate, the graceful prince watches her... he's transfixed at the sight. She opens her eyes, finished with her prayer, and looks up to see his smile. Her eyes darken, but it isn't a bad thing... rather more of an embarrassment. After all, why would someone as great as him look at someone as simple as her?

Somewhere else, the snake has called Bua - he wishes to know whether the sisters have reached home. Bua is surprised at his call, but tells him that they still haven't arrived and she's tried calling, but to no avail. The snake reassures her and ends the call. He's worried, but dismisses it all the same.

Back at the temple, the Raizada family, Lavanya and the innocent angel are standing there when the beauty comes forward... with the dark prince following. The beauty reaches her sister, and the innocent angel realises her thali is empty. She wonders what might have happened, but the beauty dismisses it casually.
She turns to Anjali, and is pleased to see her thali in her hands, where it belongs. Anjali is extremely grateful for the thali, and the beauty is happy for her. The beauty then mentions that they should be leaving to go to the other temple, but her sister is worried for her wellbeing. Anjali wishes for the sisters to stay, as it is getting late. With the advice of the graceful prince ~ "It never hurts to listen to the elders" ~ Anjali and Payal manage to convince the beauty to complete the pooja there.

Everyone is moving towards the designated area, and the beauty and her sister are walking when the beauty's phone rings. It is the snake, and he tells her to hurry home. The beauty agrees, as it is getting late.. but says that they will hurry home as soon as the pooja is over.

Meanwhile, Anjali is worried. Her husband has not made it yet. The dark prince worries for her, and asks her to at least begin the pooja. On hearing silence, he calls his brother-in-law, and passes the phone to Anjali.
Anjali asks him where he is, and her husband tells her he is on his way. Anjali is very worried, but her husband reassures her that he will be there.. has he ever broken his promise to her before? Anjali hangs up, a little less apprehensive.

Everyone is ready to start the pooja, and a religious song of sorts begins. Everyone participates in the pooja, as Anjali holds the sacred thali.. before giving it to the beauty to hold. Anjali's worries begin to appear once more as it is getting late...


Precap: Anjali is a mass of nerves as she walks forcefully towards the deities, thali in hand, as she prays to them, fearful that her husband hasn't arrived. Even the dark prince seems worried as his sister continues her frantic praying, not seeing her husband. But there's a figure in the background, standing, watching the proceedings...

-|end of update|-

The beauty: Khushi
The dark prince: Arnav
The innocent angel: Payal
The graceful prince: Akash
The snake: Shyam


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