Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ipkknd 29th august 2011 ((episode 63)) written update

Lavanya accepts Khushi's proposal. / * /Khushi asks Nani for blessings, saying that she won't do anything without her permission. Nani is extremely pleased, and gives her blessing. She also allows Lavanya to touch her feet./ * /Nani tells Lakshmi that she asked for Khushi to be there because she wants Arnav to open his eyes and see a proper Indian girl, not the way Lavanya is. / * /Anjali asks forgiveness for the way she asked Khushi to help - she would do anything for her broken family. Khushi forgives her. / * /Anjali asks Khushi to tie rakhi on her husband's hand as he has no sister. / * /Lesson One - making ginger tea & pakora. Lavanya is a tad snarky, but helps anyway. / * /Anjali talks to her husband, tells him to come home.. he pretends to be talking to someone about getting 1lakh for a friend's "operation". Anjali says she'll talk to Arnav.. the snake accepts, smirking./ * /The ladies are impressed with the tea & pakora, and Khushi says that Lavanya made the tea. Mami is super impressed, and Nani says that the tea was made with Khushi's help./ * /Khushi decides to leave when Nani asks for Arnav to come home. Turns out that Anjali & Khushi made a bet that Khushi would leave before Arnav got home. But Arnav has a conference, so Khushi can stay./ * /Arnav gets a phone call saying the conference has been cancelled./ * /Lavanya is in the kitchen when Arnav calls. She tells him he needs to come home - she has to talk to him. He gets another call and Khushi's name is mentioned. He gets furious and chucks his hands-free somewhere in the car. He gets flashbacks of Khushi. / * /Lesson Two - making roti. Khushi tells Lavanya to use her hands to mix the flour and water to make dough. Lavanya needs to cut her nails and leaves./ * /Arnav walks inside the house and stops. He can feel her presence. Khushi is making roti, and stops. She feels his presence. Arnav shakes his head, it's impossible she's here./ * /The lights go off, Khushi is standing in the kitchen. Arnav walks inside and thinks it's Lavanya. Khushi hears his voice and freezes. He puts a hand on her shoulder./ * /Suddenly the lights come back on, and he realises who it is. They stand silent for a min, and then Lavanya comes back inside. He calls out for Anjali, and Lavanya says something. Arnav tells her not to interfere. He yells at Khushi to get out./ /

*Precap: *Anjali asks Arnav if he's happy. She tells him that as he kicked her out, he'll bring her back. Arnav refuses, and yells at Anjali.. it's his house. She runs away, and Arnav calls out for her.

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