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Ipkknd 2nd september 2011 (episode 67) Images


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 2nd september 2011 [Episode 67]  

Ipkknd 2nd september 2011 ((episode 67)) written update

Episode starts with /awesome and best news ever ever/ Shayam is leaving Khushi' house *Whole forum jumps and dances and thanx CVs to save us from torture calles Langada tayagi*. Bua tries to stop him (I am despirately waiting when bua comes to knw his reality and do his pooja with joota chappal). *Where is party tonight*. Finally he loves from there in frustration and anger. Back to RM Ladies and Ladas are watching sansani( I tell u this sansani is HIT cz of these ladies)there the reporter is darfying ladies about Pati,Patni aur vo and here comes live commentary of maami and here comes the culprit and he tellshis own story that people have inncocent face but they are masters of culprit(Yeah biggest example is you).There maama ji is blushing and kaughing and mamiji starts doubting him(I am so sure he must be laughing at that guy who jhelofied 2 girls as he cant handle one ) Back to Khushi's room she has placed her head in Payal's lap and she is feeling bad for langada tayagi but Payal makes her understand and tell he ws frustrated and she is doing right thing and she should not feel bad. She futher tells her to sleep and she says that she is doing this only for baapuji and she thinks that this is all fault of lard governor Dream Sequence Khushi is dreaming Khushi dreams her self as judge BG music is like Alice in wonderland La: Chankeeli I mean Judge sahab Then she looks the person standing in witness box and its ASR and she has got wonderful shock expressions and our Angry young man is giving her angry looks A: I dont havw whole day KKG(By god he speaks dis sialogue so much) Then she looks at jalebi and she gets happy (most priceless expressions) and then she gets belan from bua who is acting like attendant of Judge. Khushi decides ASR as guilty and she says that he can talk rudely wid her and he walk towards her with his signature tune in back ground(OMG they were so close to each other even in dream) and again bus keeps her hand on Khushi's back and yells her to say Arnav to be in his limits. Then maami shows her belan to her and tells that shanka devi ka treatment is belan *No way buaji her treatment is only and only ASR* Khushi wakes up out of shock Back to RM everyone is dining together for breakfast. Akash asks for Langada tayagi from Anjali and she tells he had some work. Maamiji tells them to wish Bday boy. La asks whose Bday is it and is there any party Side comments Miss Kasyap Character Dheela se mann nahi bhara Then the excercise of 2 dumb people starts and mami gives her hints on hints and miss dumbo is not able to crack it out. Finally Anjali tells her and she tells her Arnav m Khushi will tell her everything*Baj Gayee Ghaniti ASR ki and his ear stand up on name of Khushi, Hyeee* ASR is about to leave and La stops him and tells him Khushi's condition that she will leave before him and will come after him *I knw ASR u are hurted wid dis but dont worry finally she will come to u only after falling or in any other way and as usual u will be saving her* Eeveryone make faces at La as in she did something new Arnav walks away from there in anger and meanwhile from door Khushi comes in while eating channas*BY god kya timing hai* and noth of them walks confidentally while thinking A: Kaisi ajeeb ladki hai meree ghar mein mere hi shakka nahi dekhna chahti K: Kaisa insaan hai bina shaddi ke (Jaise bhi ho both of u are perfect for each other) Then Khsuhi balbbers bina shaadi ke as soon she reaches near to him and he is about to say something she runs from there and collides with pole(LOL expected) In RM preparations for Janamashtmi are on and Khushi compliments them that it seems like luckhnow but maaami taunts her and maamiji leaves from there and Anjali asks her she knows that what she has to teach La and then la comes and her shock expressions come back. Back to bua's house they are also celeberating Janamashtmi and langada tayagi tells them that he have prepared Kheer and then Bua remembers the childhood of Khushi. La is standing with basket and Khushi thinks that La is already supressed with ASR's anger and she should talk with her patiently and sweetly *Mam when u talk rudely with anyone ????*. Khushi points out basket that La is holding and begins to tell the story of Krishna to her *Man this La is totally confused aatma* Anyhow Khushi begins to tell her the story in dramatic way so that dumbo can understand it easily and everyone present there is impressed. She tells her to imagine devaki as Anjali and her bhai as Kans and then the entry of ASR is synchronised with the story of Khushi and while telling story unknowingly she points at ASR (She tells every trait of ASR in form of Kans mama) after pointing him she again gets Hiccups *I am damn sure after marriage she will not stop hicupping*. He passes his angry looks to her. Anjali comes and tells him to bring pooja things and he is about to leave then he looks back at Khushi and she also looks at him * Aaaye Hayyeee*

Precap Buaji is wishing to go to RM and Shyam is not happy with that