Friday, 7 December 2012

Ipkknd 10th June 2011 Written Update ((episode 5))

Episode starts with Khushi clearing people to see the TV and
she watch that clipping. Reporter speaks in sanasani style yeh bholi bhali
shakal  apni adaao se Arnav ko phasa rahi
hai. And the dumb people as usual taunts her with there usual blah blah
About there izzat and all. Khushi is standing there with broken and fear quite
visible on her face then Garima(amma ji)

comes there.Then scene shifts to Arnab who is coming out of malkani
office(I tell u that malkani was proper copy of that huma hai rahi pyaar ke Then his staff member show him
that clipping is out in the channel(he shows this to him on mobile). Arnav gets flashback when Khushi did dishoom dishoom with him. Then another staff member says that there was no need to give money to that Malkani we have our lawyers.Then Arnav says " meri bezatti karne ki himmat na aajtak kisi ne ki hai or na
koi karega" The scene shifts to khushi and she says amma I ws trying to
say you but she makes het to shut up down and takes her away. Then some proper
80 style goondas enter heighted goon acted like Devanad. Goans starts misbehaving with them and
says that chalna bhi speed mein girna bhi speed mein and lipatna bhi speed
mein. Then amma ji  is misbalanced and
they compare Ammaji and Khushi. Then garima tries to shooo them but they don't get
away. Khushi says them to behave properly with elders but they talk with them in cheap language. Then they try to go from there but one of goan snatch away the dupatta of Khushi. Then immediately khushi hides herself behind
ammaji. Then shashi aka our babuji comes there but like every film they call him as budha and throws him away and his head collides with railing and his head starts bleeding. Khishi and Ammaji run toward him but Goans stop there
Then we have entry of our Dabang His footsteps areshown. His entry was like proper filmy style like face is not shown andfootsteps are shown. Then out gunde bhaisahab ji tries to come close to Khushi
as soon as he forwards his hand towards khushi someone stops him from back with
full on power. Then goan bahisahab ji turns and asks him who are you? (Itna bhi
nahi pta offcouse hero hai.d he says "
sawaal acha kiye ho magar galat aadmi se kiye ho agar tum apni amma se karte to
tohlo btati Gunda " saale abhi hum dikhaate hai baapgiri soch samajh
ke mooh khol, lucknow ka tehjeeb toh seekh nahi paaye kum se kum ghutka wala
mooh band karke hawa to ander kijiye. Wild entry hai yr"' Aji permission ke
bina hum haseena ko haath lagane nahi dete aji aap kya cheez hai ( GUYs just don't
miss this fight, Okay just imagine dabbang fight)After fught stranger comment- aji koi aur hai agar ho toh is
baar apni maiyya ka naam slate pe likhva lee jiyega ooo kaa hai ki maiyya ka
naam likhwa slate pr likhwana dead bod bhejne mein aasani hogaThen he advice baapuji to put bandage and then he look at
Khushi without dupatta and handover to Garima and he keeps looking at her. Then
baapuji thanx him and all leave. But stranger keeps looking at him and she turns
back to see him once.Khushi house Buaji creates hungama as usual and baabuji make her to keep
quiet for the sake of her health. Then she taunts Khushi. Then khushi says that
she lost balance bt again bua pass harsh comments. Then she ask garima to
speak. She declares that Payal and Khushi are moving to delhi(buaji splits
water which she was drinking'must watch to see her face expression) becoz of "badnaami".
Amma ji tries to say that they should not to move to delhi but garima tries to
covenyece her. Khushi tries to speak up but ammaji makes her to keep quiet and
scolds her. Then baapuji also favor delhi decision.Then scene shifts to arnav office and her sister comes there
with pooja ki thali and he says that don't bring dis thali in fronts with me. Then
she tell him that today she wished that he don't get angry so much. Then he
asks her that how she came to know about office. Then she tells that today she
wished that my bhai get bride soon and if we believe reports then he already
found a bride. Then he says that whatever people want to believe they can I am
damn bother about that. She says what will happen when family comes back after teerth
yatra.  Then he syas that he don't care
and he says he knows that  you will
handle and have u thought of that girl. There are some cute bro sis scenes. After that Arnav tell her to go 4 Doctor appointment.
represents her displeasure about the Delhi and she don't want to go there. Then
she thinks that who provided that pictures to media. She decides to go to news
office. In the way she covers her face with dupatta.Scene shifts to news channel office where everyone is busy
and Payal keeps on saying lets go but she didn't listens to her. Then she asks
to receptionist about boss and she talks rudely and then reporter recognises her
and they ask for the interveiw to add more mirch masala. To which Khushi says
that this is the way to behave someone has insulted there city daughter. Then
reporter tell that clippings were provided by Arnav

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