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Ipkknd 26th august 2011 ((episode 62)) written update

Episode starts with Devil saying that he will give jalebi bai 1 Lakh rupees [is she child that he will give money well i dont mind them as daughter and father], NK also says that she should accept the money. Shayam further adds that he has taken decision that he will give money to her and he again and again try to convince her that she will not go there. Then he says that he is leaving[me dancing] but then suddenly his leg pains[ I guess he ws doing nautanki] and Khushi supports her[Yeah now every sister alws supports her brother, devil dont see ur sister from that eyes bad manners]. Again he talks something emotional[I ws feeling sleepy] Then he leaves from there[Finally release from torture] Back in somewhere in luckhnow city Anjali and HHBB is going back to there house and Anjali tells if Khushi dont agree with her then La and ASR will leave the house to which she adds "Aakaash betawa ki shaadi" and she imagines Akash as Brahamchari[It was quite funny]and then she agrees and tells drivers to take car back but Anjaki dont let her go back[well maamiji when it comes to Akash marriaage how come ur bulb turns on] In NK house Khushi is moving left and right and eating in stress and having multiple flashbacks.NK and Payaliya are upset to see her in so much stress. Back to RM Anjali is working in kitchen and devil is also helping her out and both of them talk about Khushi and her job. Devil is upset with her and he clearly refuse to her and Anjali thinks for the first time she will go against his wish[ Anjali go girl go and now we will have fun as there will be band baaja baarat of devil as he has to hide from both of them] Next morning ladies(HHBB, La, Anjali) are making ladoo and as usual miss disaster aka la dont know how to make ladoo and she is making modern art in language of HHBB. HB says that now nani will come and will ask her in gabbar style "kitne ladoo the" suddenly nani comes there and ask this question[I love HB and nani chemistry].La leaves from there with the excuse of hand wash[ they seems as typical saas bahu to me]. Then again nani starts comparing Khushi and La[ i love nani but sometimes repeat telecaste makes me feel sleep]. Then she leaves from there while saying that she needs to check La if she is not doing another mistake[ It reminds me of tom and jerry fights] Mami goes near to Anjali and tells that u and nai are in one team only as both of them likes Khushi. She further asks her when she is going to tell about it to nani and if she is waiting for any 'moohrat'. Anjali tells het that her heart says that Khushi will agree and mai says that Arnav will get angry with her. Then both HB and Anjali listens to tom and jerry fight voices from kitchen. Bell rings and Khushi eneters, Anjali gets happy that she is here[Dhinka chika now we will get ArHi]. Devil calls at NK's house and says that he will arrange money but before payal is able to say anything he keeps the phone Back to RM Khushi keeps some condition which are unknown to viewers but Anjali accepts that condition happily meanwhile everyone comes there and Khushi greets everyone. La refers her as chamkeeli and nani glares her. Anjali discloses purpose of Khushi being here. Nani gets happy and says that if anyone can teach her that si Khushi only and La suddenly squestions rudely if she is going to teach her Side comments Ramayan khatam ho gaye and now she is askin who is Kunti Anjali correct HB and says Sita and she tries to pacify la but she doesnt argue and says that she dont want to be like chamkeeli and moreover she has no style class etc etc and even ASR hates her. Nani asks La from when she started to take decisions and its work of nani. Theu havetu tu main main.La decides to leave the house and nani is happy and she is like that Khushi is auspicious for this house as la is leaving[ I agree].Khushi tells that she will handle Side comments East v.s west fati saree v.s chote kapde In the room la is packing clothes and she calls ASR but he ignores as he has to go for some important work. Khushi comes there and she makes her understand everything that this time both of them needs each other this time. Finally la agrees to it

Precap Anjali tells Khushi ti tie rakhi to devil

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