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Ipkknd 26th july 2011 ((episode 38)) written update

Madhumati is sleeping (and chanting Nandkishore even in her dreams! Heights! .). Shyam passes by and sneaks past her to the door. Just as he's about to leave, Madhumati wakes up and asks him where he's going. He says nowhere and just then she spots a bag in his hand. She asks him what's in the packet. Shyam looks worried. He stammers and fumbles and is clearly, nervous. Finally, he says it's a gift. Hearing this, Bua gets excited. She asks him who it is for. Just then, Payal and Khushi walk in the house. Madhumati notices colour on Khushi and scolds her. Khushi complains about Arnav saying whenever he meets her, something wrong happens. Madhumati asks if Arnav is after her. Khushi says he was there with his sister Anjali (notice Shyam's expression here. Man, what a CHEAT ). Khushi points out how different the two siblings are. She also tells Madhumati that Akash is Arnav's brother. Madhumati gets fed up and annoying asks how many people are there since it seems like the entire family was after them. Payal asks Khushi to go and freshen up. Khushi complains that the plate is heavy and Madhumati scolds her for the same, then asks her to go and freshen up.
Scene shifts to La where she's getting tempted by potato chips. She wonders how eating one chip will make a difference and even if it does, no one at the Raizada household will know. Just then her phoe rings and she spills the chips. She swears she didn't wat. Anjali is confused with this reaction. She reminds La that she needs to come to the Chandi Chowk Shiva Gauri Mandir for breaking fast and the ritual. She also requests to wear Indian. La says she was thinking the same thing. Anjali conveys her happiness as La had kept the fast on Anjali's request. La says not a problem. She says she's doing it for herself and ASR, her love which is pure and true . After they hang up, Anjali thinks aloud how La had kept the fast and is coming to the Pooja on her request and just trying is enough. As Anjali leaves, we discover that Manorma was eavesdropping. She is very happy. She says something which I didn't understand (I don't understand her dialogues half the time anyway ), crux being Nani needs to be convinced to give a green signal for Arnav-La's wedding so that the coast can be clear for Akash.
Scene shifts to Khushi applying besan on her face and recalling her accidental meeting with Arnav in the mandir. Meanwhile, Arnav is also going through the same as he sees his hand filled with the colour. (Almost the entire scene is played again! Not much too write about since it was a flashback but the scene is a must watch specially how Khushi looks cutely disgusted and annoyed and Arnav all moony eyed!). But Arnav's tender expression changes to that of anger as he recalls how he'd tried to talk to Khushi and she'd walked away Arnav wonders why he couldn't take her silence since her chatter used to irritate him so much.
Payal comes and notices Khushi looking lost. She asks what's wrong. Khushi cutely complains that she neither spoke to Arnav nor paid any attention to him, yet, she keeps thinking about him and spoiling her day though she has nothing to do with him now. Khushi goes to take a bath.
Scene shifts to Arnav's house where Manorma jokes that it seems like her make up kit had fallen on Arnav since the stain refused to go. Nani takes the opportunity to say that this is the reason why she always cautions Arnav to walk carefully otherwise when what stains, no one knows and not every stain can be removed easily (Omg!! Talk about metaphorical reference! ). Manorma says that seemed like a washing powder ad .. (Oh gosh! I'm still rofling on this!! . Nani's expressions were priceless!! Hail Manorma! ..). Nani gives her a 'look' and Manorma shuts up
Arnav leaves and a servant gets Manorma some rooh-afzha kind of thing. She irritatibly tells him that she'd asked him to get it in her room (At least, I think that's what she said ). Nani asks her why sherbet during fast. Manorma says it's because of age. Anjali says they can have sherbet during fast. Nani asks is La will keep a similar fast for Arnav as well. Anjali says La hasn't had even a drop of water since the morning and she's coming to the Madir to break her fast. Nani seems happy.
Meanwhile, Madhumati gives Khushi and Payal saris to wear for the evening. Khushi is excited and picks the orange sari, giving Payal the green one. She thanks Madhumati and excitedly hugs her. Madhumati pushes her away as she chokes and asks Khushi if she'll take her life away! Khushi makes a cute face but doesn't take offense and starts draping the sari on herself. Madhumati taunts her on this but very sweetly
Shyam comes and asks Khushi to use besan to get rid of the colour stains. Khushi says she's already done it since Anjali told her that as well. Shyam seems a bit low. Khushi continues that it was very helpful and she will surely thank her once she meets her in the evening. Shyam seems all the more worried. He asks her if she's going to Chandni Chowk.
Scene reverts back to where Anjali is telling Nani how La hasn't had even a drop of water since the morning. Manorma spills the beans that Anjali is telling her to do so to impress Nani. Nani says she knew La would never do something like this on her own and by choice. Manorma says what matters is that she kept a fast, not how. But Nani says that this won't make her accept her as the daughter-in-law of the house since fasting doesn't mean a person has a clean heart. -Edited- Shyam tells Madhumati that the Chandani Chowk temple is very crowded and Khushi and Payal might lose their way. He tells of another temple which is far away but there is less crowd and traffic and is considered equally sacred. After much deliberation, Buaji agrees and says a temple is a temple. Khushi and Payal go to get ready.
Nani tells Anjali to go and get ready but Manorma says that the stuff has to be from the in-laws and that has not arrived yet. Anjali says there is a lot of traffic, it may have got stuck. Manorma wonders out aloud tauntingly where the stuff from her in-laws got stuck but Nani says she has the stuff ready. She calls a servant who comes with the stuff. Nani gives to to Manorma who takes it happily. Arnav comes with stuff for Anjali. Nani gives it to her and says this is the stuff from her parent's house. Now they need to wait for her in-laws' stuff. Nani further adds that it must be on it's way. Anjali looks at the door longingly.
Scene shifts to Khushi and Payal happily getting ready. As they're done, Madhumati comes and praises them and says may their husbands break their fast next year. Just then she spots Shyam. Khushi tells Payal that it will be a lot of fum if both of them got married that year as then next year on teej, both will get new saris. Madhumati lightly spanks her for this and says that she always talks about her marriage from her own mouth. She should learn some shame in front of elders. Then, she tells them to get their plates and that Shyam will drop them to the temple.
Shyam comes and gets lost in Khushi giving her moony eyes The packet with the sari drops from his hands. Manorma asks Anjali how to teach her to decorate the temple as it's very pretty. Just then, the bell rings and a servant gets a basket for Anjali which has her stuff. Anjali is elated. Manorma praises the neck piece and Anjali says that it must've been 'his' choice. She knew he'll never forget this day. Manorma agrees saying he's entered right on time. Manorma tells Anjali to get ready as the Mehendi lady will also arrive. Anjali looks at the lit flame happily.
Scene shifts to Anjali getting ready. Manorma praises Anjali once she's done saying she looks like a bride. Then, she goes to check on the Mehendi lady. Anjali is very happy since she is meeting 'him' after so many days. She admires her mangalsutra.
Scene shifts. Khushi picks up the packet and asks Shyam who the sari is for, whether it is his Rani Sahiba. Shyam laughs ot off and avoids the question. He tells Madhumati that he couldn't postpone his work and he needs to leave immediately. Madhumati is worried as to how Khushi and Payal will go to the temple but Khushi assures her that they'll manage and asks her not to trouble Shyam as he must have urgent work. Shyam says that he'll see them at home later and thinks to himself that he needs to come back to Khushi fast.  

Precap: Khushi is apologising to Payal but Payal says it's fine. They'll return their plate first and then go for their Pooja. Arnav looks back to see Khushi getting dizzy. The plate falls from her hands

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Ipkknd 25th july 2011 ((episode 37)) Images

Ipkknd 25th july 2011 ((episode 37)) written update

Khushi & Payal are in a rickshaw, and reach the place where they'll be doing their pooja. Paying the driver, the girls begin looking for a stall so they can fill their thalis. Khushi tries to convince Payal into eating something, but Payal is adamant. They're not eating.

They find a stall, and Payal hands over her thali to be filled - she also asks for a dhaga. The man obliges, and fills Payal's thali. When Khushi passes hers, the man apologises and says that he's run out of dhaga and needs to quickly make some more. Khushi accepts, and tells Payal to go towards the prayer area - Khushi shouldn't be more than two minutes. Payal finally agrees, and leaves.

Meanwhile, the Raizada family (minus Nani, Mama & Lakshmi) have arrived at the same destination. Arnav winds his window down, looking around, not really noticing Khushi. With slight disgust, he finally gets out, trailing behind his siblings and aunt. Anjali needs to get her thali filled, and Arnav says he'll get it done. He walks off in search of a stall.

Khushi's thali is complete, and the man hands it to her - all while Arnav is searching for a stall. Khushi looks down at her thali, and makes sure she has everything. Arnav is still searching for a stall. They both walk in opposite directions... but before either realises, they've crashed into each other.
Rabba Ve
is playing in the distance.
She collides into him, dropping the thali with a loud clang. He grabs her hand before she falls herself. She somewhat straightens up, and her voice is lost as she realises who's standing before her. It's him.
Her eyes widen, in shock. His eyes stare, and it seems he's in as much shock as her. Time stands still, but continues moving around them. It's as if they don't belong there. She looks fearfully at him, before noticing that he's still holding her hand. She starts squirming, trying to remove his strong grip.
He continues staring, only noticing the squirming when it becomes stronger against his hand. He almost refuses to let go, as if he's afraid of what might happen. But he lets go.. and she steps back automatically. His eyes harden at the sight. He should have realised.
Although there is distance between them, they continue to look at each other. Until she feels the powder in her eye. So she starts rubbing away, trying to get rid of it. He notices, and without warning or realisation, moves a finger towards her face to help relieve her of the pain.
Seeing the finger however makes her step back and flinch. She refuses his touch, and with more than a hint of anger at her apparent helplessness, she picks her
thali from the ground and moves away.
Khushi goes back to the same stall, and asks for it to be refilled. The man acquiesces, and Khushi is standing there impatiently. Arnav sees Khushi, and walks up to the same stall. He passes over his thali to be filled. Noticing the closeness between them, Khushi sidesteps away from him. Arnav is lost in thought about Khushi's resignation. When the man passes over Khushi's thali, she walks away before Arnav can ask her anything.


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 25th July 2011 [Episode 37]