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IPKKND Episode 1 Written update

The episode begins with a montage of the show's setting (with the Star Plus tune) - Hyderbad.It then moves to a courtyard, filled with ladies' laughter. Indira Gupta (Bua) is then shown, asking why everyone
is sitting there quietly. According to her, it's an auspicious time, so someone needs to pick up some beats and begin the rituals.

In another room Payal Gupta is standing at the window as Khushi Gupta tells her that Payal's fiance isn't answering his phone. Payal then tears up, and says she's very scared. She asks Khushi if they're doing the right thing - although for them (the groom's family) to ask for such a big amount...

She runs to Khushi (and Khushi's eyes are shown), and Khushi tells her that they're doing the right thing, and because of this, their father has to put his shop on mortgage. And besides, Khushi says they'll talk to her fiance, and she's sure Payal's fiance hasn't got a clue that his family has asked for so much.

Payal looks at Khushi, and asks if she's feeling scared. Khushi says she is, but Payal isn't to cry, they'll go. (sidenote: Go where?)

Back in the courtyard, Bua hands an old lady her dentures, when she says Payal walking out. She rushes to Payal saying it's her niece's wedding, they have to party. She turns back to the old lady, and tells her to show her jalwa. The other ladies are laughing, and the old woman says to bring out the younger girls to dance and then she'll show her jalwa.

Walking into the courtyard is Shashi Gupta - Khushi & Payal's father. He is walking solemnly as someone tells him to taste jalebi. He puts down a file he held in his hand, and tastes the sweet. He says it tastes good, and then turns to grab the file again, when he notices Payal. He smiles, but tears up as he watches his daughter.

Bua starts singing. (sidenote: This Bua is one crazy but funny woman)While Bua is singing, Payal is looking around the courtyard - presumably for Khushi. Khushi is shown upstairs, tying her sneakers up. Shashi is brought in to dance, and Khushi steals the file Shashi left. Payal watches as she runs.

The music continues, and Garima Gupta - Khushi & Payal's mother comes out, and silently asks Shashi a question, Shashi nods warily. He brings her out to dance, and Khushi is shown at the open doorway, waving to Payal before wiping a tear, and walking away.

Bua starts singing about Payal's sister, before everyone realises she's not there. The music stops abruptly, and everyone begins asking where Khushi is.

Khushi is talking to her scooter as she quickly fixes herself up. It turns out the the groom's family is asking for 20lakhs in dowry. This is where Khushi is finally revealed. She's talking to Devi Maa, saying that she's going to talk to Payal's fiance. She believes he's not like his family.. asking for dowry on the day of the wedding. She rings the bell, and off she goes on her scooter. (Definitely a cute scene - she's funny on her scooter)

Back at the Gupta house, Shashi is on the phone explaining that he's gotten 10lakhs, and the remaining 10 will be given through the mortgage papers. Garima walks up behind him as he cuts the call.

She asks if it was the in-laws. Shashi says yes, and tells Garima that he feels he's doing something wrong. He's questioning whether it's right to send Payal into that family. Garima is shocked, and tells him that they're the girls' family.. he shouldn't say anything that will ruin the relationship. Ever since they've been taking of everything, they only have one dream: seeing their daughters' married.

They look at Payal, and Garima says that dream is coming true. Bua then asks Garima where Khushi is. Shashi & Garima (hereby christened Sharima when they're together) have no idea.

Khushi is shown riding on the road, hurrying to her destination. People are watching her as she rides along. She tries to take no notice, when the traffic cop whistles. She comes to a complete stop. On her left, two guys are in a motorcycle, smirking that she's run away from her wedding.

On her right, is a family.. Khushi smiles and says that she's got a drama competition at school, and she got dressed as a princess from home. The little boy asks her where her prince is... Khushi looks up, to where a helicopter is flying.

(Sabi does a double take, and then giggles, and swoons)A montage is given of a different part of Lucknow.. the helicopter lands right outside a mansion (it's like a palace). There's a lot of press present. Arnav Raizada has landed in Hyderbad. He takes off his sunglasses, and looks at the scene in front of him. One of the press exclaim that the Raizada company does multinational and international deals.. for one small deal, Arnav's come back to Lucknow? Someone else asks Arnav if it's true that he has an old relationship with Lucknow?

Hearing this, Arnav starts walking to the mansion, bypassing the press. He looks at the entrance of the mansion - it's titled "Sheesh Mahal"... and suddenly there's a flashback.

A young girl is getting married, and a boy looks at her and laughs. Suddenly the bride's face turns to one of horror, and someone is running through the mahal. The young boy cries out "Mother!"

Suddenly he's back in the present, as birds fly around, startling him. Someone is talking about a deal, and Arnav is sitting there quietly. Another person is there, and he looks at Arnav, slightly smirking. Khan agrees with Malik's words. Arnav turns slightly to his assistant, who brings forth a silver case. On opening it, Malik becomes silent, and Arnav remains composed.

Malik begins chuckling again, and says it's more than what was agreed. Arnav pushes the case to Khan. Malik says the case was meant to come to him, maybe Raizada has forgotten how to make his target?

Arnav stands up, puts his hands on the table, and says: "Arnav Singh Raizada never misses a target. Money isn't my shauk, it's my business."

He stands back, as Malik stands up, quite serious now. Arnav puts his sunglasses back on and walks off. Khan tells Malik that the amount doesn't even put a dent in his mortgage... which is why he sold Malik's Sheesh Mahal to Arnav.

The scene cuts back to Khushi, who's still driving along. She gets a phone call, and it's Payal. Payal asks if she's talked to Abhishek (her fiance), and Khushi says no. On a scooter, it takes time to get there. She also tells Payal not to call much because her battery's dying. (Typical, now we all know something bad's going to happen)Payal once again asks Khushi if they're doing the right thing. Khushi says yes, they are... because marrying a person who has no rules in his life isn't worth their time. Money isn't everything. As Khushi is talking however, her battery dies.

The scene cuts to Arnav, who's walking through the mahal. Malik is running behind him, trying to ask for forgiveness, and says he has strict rules. Arnav replies that rules are for fools, in the papers, money is everything. And he was taught in childhood that even if there's a zameer, he should be killed.

Arnav takes off his glasses, and turns to Malik, saying "Isn't that right, Uncle?"

Flashback.Malik is chucking a bag in the garden, and the boy & girl are asking their uncle where they'll stay. Malik says there's no room for either of them because he's strict on his rules.

Malik recognises Arnav as Arno Malik. Arnav says he got rid of the name Malik when he got kicked out of Sheesh Mahal. Now he's only Raizada. Arnav Singh Raizada. He walks off.

There's a voiceover saying that the Raizada Group has organised a fashion show at Sheesh Mahal. Arnav walks out with two models, introducing the show. The media begins asking him questions, and Arnav tells them it's none of their business why, how or when he does things.

Just then someone calls his name. It's his sister. Turns out she has polio. Arnav helps her down the steps, and he walks with her on the catwalk, taking off his microphone. His sister asks him what he's doing in Lucknow, and he explains there's a new technology that they wanted to use. His sister asks why he bought their childhood home, and he says this location was perfect.

His sister tries to ask him what he's doing, but he brushes it off, and introduces her to the media - Anjali.

The scene cuts back to the Gupta house, where Payal is getting dressed. Garima walks up to Shashi and says that Khushi is still missing, and the mortgage papers are as well?! Garima decides to look herself. Payal wonders where Khushi is, and if she's met Abhishek yet.

Khushi lands outside Sheesh Mahal (I'm dreading this already), and rushes inside. Which is where she meets someone (Adi from Geet). He starts reciting poetry, and Khushi looks at him weirdly, asking him for a room number. The poet continues his shayari, but explains where she needs to go. However Khushi has already run off.

She does her little thing, and spins around until she stops her poem. She walks that way. The scene cuts to the fashion show. Arnav is totally bored.. and Khushi walks into the show's dressing area. They mistake her for a model, and push her out onto the catwalk. Khushi freezes, and everyone starts wondering why she isn't walking. Arnav closes his eyes, and the models lead her to the front.

Khushi & Arnav stand face to face as Khushi stands at the front of the catwalk. She pulls up her dupatta over herself, and begins to run off, but trips on her dupatta and falls off the stage into Arnav's arms. The theme music plays as Arnav & Khushi stare at one another. Arnav senses her fear, and holds her even more firmly. The episode ends.

The show has ended, and Khushi tries to explain that she came there by accident. Arnav rips off her dupatta. Khushi tells him that she needs to go back to her sister, otherwise the wedding will be cancelled. Arnav tells her to let the wedding be cancelled - one goes, and another one comes. He rips her jewellery off her.Back at the Gupta house, everyone's looking for Khushi - Garima asks Payal where she is. Khushi comes back and hears that Payal's wedding has been called off.

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