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Ipkknd 13th june 2011 ((episode 6))

The episode begins with Khushi thinking about what Mummyji (Garima) has said. Khushi is pretty upset - and she tells Devi Maiya she's not happy with Her either.
"You're sending me away from Mum & Dad, and that too with Bua, and that too to Dehli, and that because of Laal Governor?"
Khushi starts complaining about Delhi, when someone interrupts her speech. (Really? Okay
, let's get something straight. I am not a Shyam liker. So if anything, expect me to grumble when he comes on-screen. Especially if it's at the start of an episode.)

It's Mr. SK-Impersonator himself - Shyam. He makes her laugh (*rolls eyes*), and then Khushi becomes a bit confused on why he's here. (Khushi, usse bilkul door raho, samjhi?)

Shyam holds out a wallet, and says it's her father's... he then jokes with her (read: flirting, arghh). He starts praising Delhi -
"Just understand this, [Delhi] is like a heart that starts beating when it comes across beautiful things." (someone pass me a bucket?)
Shyam then ends up telling her that besides Bua, she knows someone else in Delhi - him.
& he hands her a card with his details - his full name is: Shyam Manohar Jha. He tells her that when she's in Delhi, they'll meet. He leaves. (& it's about time - 2mins of him was enough to make me wanna hit my laptop screen. Hai Devi Maiya!)

- - - - -

The scene changes to the girls' packing their stuff to go to Delhi. Bua is heard telling them off in the background, complaining they'll be late. (Bua, itna zor se baat kyun karti ho? Ek din na, aapka awaaz nahi rahega, aur phir hum aap ka "Nand Kesor" nahin sun payega. Dheere se bol, acha?)

Shashi comes inside the girls' room, and feeds them some dhai and gives Payal a tiffin. He hugs them both, and then Khushi sees Garima standing in the doorway. She calls out for her, but Garima walks away.

The girls walk out of their house for the last time, and Khushi turns back to look at her house. There's no one in the doorway, and Khushi leaves tearfully.

- - - - -

The girls' and Bua have arrived in Delhi. (Kitna phast yaar!!) A lil' montage of Delhi is shown, and Khushi begins complaining about Delhi.. Bua interjects, and shows them how to cross the road. Bua crosses the road, and the girls' are still on the other side. Bua yells at them to cross the road, and the girls' finally do.. Bua shakes her head and tells them to go. (These scenes are comical. I could watch these again & again, hai re Nand Kesorr!!)

The next issue is getting into a rickshaw. The girls slip into the rickshaw easily, putting their luggage behind them.. the problem is Bua. She struggles to get into the rickshaw, and complains about how small the rickshaw opening is. The girls pull her in, but Khushi is forced out. She quickly climbs back in, and Bua complains yet again.

"Wow, she fell in Delhi as well? She seems to have a falling problem. Hai re Nand Kesor!"
The rickshaw driver turns around and tells Bua that they only have a permit for three passengers.. Bua asks him if they look like they're four people, and hits his shoulder.
(Wah, Bua, Wah. Forget ArHi, you have gotta be the best character around.)

During the ride, the rickshaw driver ends up noticing Khushi, and pulls his mirror down so he can stare at her for a bit. Khushi notices this, and pulls her dupatta down. He continues staring, and Payal also notices what's going on. Eventually Khushi ends up draping her dupatta over her face, but the driver doesn't stop. (& obviously Bua doesn't notice. LOL.)

Eventually they reach Bua's house, and the girls have to pull Bua out of the rickshaw. The driver then says the ride was Rs.200, and before Bua can pay for it, Khushi tells him off. The driver tells her not to worry, if she asked, he wouldn't let them pay at all.

Khushi ends up pulling out the luggage, and hits the driver's head. (Comical. ) She sweetly apologises, and Bua pays him, looking daggers at Khushi. He drives off.

Bua starts ranting as always, and then she trips into someone's scooter side-seat! Khushi&Payal run after her and tell the driver to stop. Which he does. And, won't you believe it, Bua & the scooter driver share an eyelock!! (Wah Bua, kya baat hai. Pehli baar kisi ne aap ko chup kar di! Aur woh bhi is tarah!!)

Payal finally breaks their reverie, and Bua starts ranting again.. and the girls finally walk towards their new house (but not before the girls' have to pull out Bua yet again from the sideseat). Bua tells them that the water in Delhi is hard to come by, so they better have showers quickly.. she walks inside.

The girls are standing outside, and Payal comments on the neighbourhood. Khushi agrees, and then Payal comments on the rickshaw-driver, asking Khushi how she could say that. Khushi says that she was scared, but things like that piss her off. The girls go inside, giggling about Bua.

(Khushi&Payal are so damn cutee!! I love them to pieces.)

- - - - -


Arnav is walking to his car when Anjali tells him to stop. She tells him off for not eating any breakfast, and for not taking any food to work either. Arnav tells her that he has no time, but Anjali refuses to accept that.
"Work is your friend, but you make yourself your enemy?"
Anjali tells him that she made his favourite dish - paneer&methi parathas. (note to my baharwalis: now you know what to make him in the mornings. LOL.) Arnav says fine, and then asks Anjali why she didn't go to the doctors.

Anjali looks at him and asks why whenever he sees her, he's reminded of the doctors? Arnav tells her the specialists from London have been especially invited so they can mend her leg. & besides, when jeeju comes back, she'll forget all her appointments, so she better start the therapy. (Awww, I love how caring Arnav is - even if he's being completely stiff about it)

Anjali tells him to stop his speech therapy, and then reminds him that Nani is coming back today, so Arnav needs to cancel all his appointments... Arnav refuses and then tells Anjali to make an excuse for him. (Unfortunately the scene ended, so someone needs to help out..)

- - - - -

Back at Bua's house, Khushi has come out of the bathroom, and Payal is bringing tea to Bua. Bua rubs her neck, and Khushi starts switching the on/off tab of the fan. Bua gets irritated, and tells her the electricity doesn't come, it falls.

Khushi says, "Just like you fell today..." Bua chucks a pillow at her. (Hahahaha, I'd so do what Khushi did, just to get back at Bua.)
The phone rings, and Payal goes to answer it. It's Shashi. He asks her how everyone is, and tells her to look after Khushi.. Khushi tries to listen to the convo, and Bua menacingly says that Shashi is talking to his real daughter, stop interrupting them. (I have a feeling this will become a recurring theme, with disastrous results)

Khushi finally takes the phone off Payal, and begins interrogating him on the shop. Shashi sees Garima, and passes the phone to her.

Both are silent for a little while, before Khushi asks Garima if she's still angry at her. Garima is twirling her finger around, and Khushi calls her on it. Garima tears up, and talks to Khushi. They're silent for a little while, and Garima asks why Khushi's silent. Khushi finally says she's remembering them a lot. Both mother&daughter are sniffling, and Garima finally asks to talk to Payal.
(such a touching scene!! Garima&Khushi have a truly tender relationship.)

Bua sees Khushi crying, and has this to say.

"Hai re Nand Kesor. There's not enough water here, but look at her - she's crying in phull phlow."
(I can't do enough justice to Bua. She is the golden nugget of this show I swear.)

Payal finally finishes on the phone, and Bua tells both of them to go clean their new room. The girls' walk in, and the place looks like it hasn't been touched in years. Khushi says for Payal to be careful - a ghost might appear out of nowhere. (LOL.)

Payal asks Khushi where to begin cleaning, but Khushi first dusts off the desk/table, places her Devi Maiya idol on the clean desk, and then says for them to begin cleaning.

Eventually the room is clean and dusted. Khushi complains about the pollution in Delhi, and then says that she never imagined so much to change in a single night. Payal comforts her, and Khushi says it's all that Ajghar's fault. Turns out Khushi can't remember Arnav's name.

Payal tells Khushi to calm down, and that with Khushi's anger, they could provide electricity to the whole of Delhi. Khushi then says the comforter is dusty, so they billow it out... and Bua cops the dust.

It's serious however, and it turns out that Bua has asthma. She needs her inhaler, but alas, it's not working. Khushi decides to go and get another one. Not being able to find a rickshaw, she ends up stealing the scooter driver's scooter.

& so begins Khushi's drive to the nearest pharmacy.

Interspersing with this is Arnav in the car & on the phone. His assistant tells him that there's good news - as a result of the leaked clip, the girl was insulted so badly, she had to leave the town. Arnav tells him not to waste his time - he could care less if she left the country. An image is shown of Khushi driving past Arnav.

Khushi ends up driving into a one-way zone, and her phone rings. She stops, and answers. It's Payal - turns out a neighbour had an inhaler so Bua is fine. (YAY, I got worried that I would never hear Nand Kesor again!) Khushi is happy, but says that she's still going to the pharmacy. Payal agrees and hangs up.

Khushi is still driving on the one-way road, and yes, she ends up crashing into a white four-wheel drive.
Arnav gets out angrily, and sees the damage on his car (it's a paint scratch - and the colour is all wrong. LMAO. Blooper alert). He sees Khushi holding the broken side mirror. He stands in front of her, and Khushi realises who it is... he whips off his sunnies, and she says "You?". The episode ends on her shocked face.

(WHAT? He didn't say "Tum?" That is sooo not fair!!)

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