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Ipkknd 14th june 2011 written update ((episode 7))

The episode begins with Arnav and Khushi's confrontation where Khushi is talking about the telecast and Arnav about the accident. Khushi tells Arnav thathe should think twice before taking any step and consider the repercussions of the same on other people. Arnav tells her to stop interfering in his work and blames her for intentionally bang

ing into him as a means to mint money. Khushi says that life is more than just money and that she will pay for the damages she caused to the car but no amount of money in world can repair the damage caused to her and her family because of him. Arnav gives Khushi a reality check by telling her that it is easier said than done and that money isn't all that easy to earn. When Khushi is told the price of the damages and is worried. Arnav taunts her on not having money and gives her more money than required for her damages as an insult to her pride. Khushi is offended and in a fit of anger, tells him she'll return his money under all circumstances. Arnav brushes off her talks once again and leaves with his words still playing on Khushi's mind. Khushi wonders how she'll ever be able to repay but is determined to teach him a lesson anyway.
Scene shifts to Arnav's house where Anjali is busy guiding the staff to prepare for the puja. ;She calls Arnav up to enquire about his whereabouts as he's apparently late and asks him to hurry up. She asks about her mami.
Scene shifts where we see a pompous lady getting ready and admiring herself in the mirror. Her husband tells her she's overdressed and that she should tone down a bit and they get into a cute argument regarding the same Scene shifts and we an old women calling out to the staff. Anjali asks her who happens to be her nani if everything is fine. Nani tells Anjali to take it easy and asks about Arnav. Anjali says he's on his way (Nani seems like those typical lady boss of the house who is extremely strict and stern but a sweetheart at the same time>Scene shifts once again to Mama-Mami where Mama asks Mami to come along. She says she needs more time for her make up (Her accent has me in spilts! Mayi cup- make up! Who will say she belongs to a super-rich family?Meanwhile Nani is looking for Laxmi when Mama comes and greets her and tells her Laxmi is on her way
Akash notices the dent on Arnav's car and is surprised as Arnav is known to be a safe driver. Arnav puts the blame on Khushi and says he's shown her her place yet again. He tells Akash not to tell Anjali anything. Akash is amused at the fact that more than the car, Khushi has managed to dent Arnav's brain (I so agree with this! Khushi is one person who's really pushing Arnav's buttons
Bua is cursing Khushi as she is not around. Khushi is hurrying back and Uncle realises it's his scooter. Bua starts tauting Khushi for going and roaming as soon as she's arrived (honestly, what the hell is wrong with her? Khushi had left in such a hurry, even stolen the scooter only because Bua needed the pump urgently! Thankless female! Khushi and Uncle have a cute conversation where they jokingly discuss Bua's hot but short temper. And Uncle is supersweet about the stolen scooter and broken mirror.
Nani is once again asking for Laxmi to Mahendra (Mama) when Arnav walks in and takes Nani's blessings. Akash gives some flowers to Anjali. Anjali thanks him for the same and cutely mocks Arnav for not being on time. Arnav defends himself by saying that he's very much on time since the puja hasn't begun. Nani asks Arnav and Akash to get ready and asks Arnav to look for Laxmi and Mahendra meanwhile goes for Manorma (Mami, I'm guessing). Nani is looking at Arnav affectionately and he asks her about her trip. She describes it in pure hindi words which I didn't quite understand but it was mainly for Arnav I could make that much out. Arnav says he can see everything but Nani tells him that looking ahead isn't enough. He needs to look back as well. I think the crux of the whole conversation was the fact that Arnav needs to bring about a change in his approach towards life.
Anjali gives Arnav a new kurta which he refuses to wearand says he'll dump it in his unused collection. Anjali asks him to go wash his face anyway but makes out that something is wrong. She asks him what happened on the way home and he brushes it off (Anjali is the only one who can handle Arnav and his moodswings, it's cute and Arnav, no matter how cold he is but he does have a soft corner for his sister and it's endearing to see that)
Scene shifts to Bua's house where they are also doing puja and Khushi is trying to patch up with Bua but Bua is ignoring her attempts. Bua scolds Khushi for cooking stories in front of her and also tells Payal to quit defending Khushi (Her difference of attitude towards Payal and Khushi is so evident! It's sick! Does birth in the same family matter that much to call someone one's own?). Buaji also starts talking money and Khushi once again wonders how she'll arrange for Rs 25,000 she owes Arnav. But she is determined and vows to return his money by hook or by crook and Bua scolds her yet again for getting lost in her world. Payal asks her what's wrong and Khushi tells that she met Arnav again.
Khushi and Payal are in the market to buy vegetables. Khushi is comparing and contrasting between the attitudes of Uncle and Arnav towards their damaged vehicles. Khushi thanks Devi Maiyya that Uncle wasn't angry. Khushi says she'll always keep the Rs 1000 note Arnav had thrown on her face as a reminder of her insult and vows to make Arnav pay for it. Payal tries calming Khushi down but in vain. Payal also gives Khushi a reality check that she can't return Rs 25000 without a job. Khushi says she'll find a job but Payal replies that it might be tough considering they're new to the city and have no connections. Plus, they're there for a short time, not enough to earn the amount.
Khushi bargains with the vendor for the prices of the vegetables and curses the people of Delhi. Shyam makes an entry and says because of a few people, the entire Delhi has a bad impression on the non-Delhiites. He says that the vendor is rendering his efforts to bring Khushi to Delhi as useless. Khushi introduces Payal to Shyam who leaves them alone to go and buy vegetables. Shyam and Khushi share a cute and friendly conversation where Khushi once again cribs about living in Delhi and her tongue slips as she reveals she needs Rs 25000. As Shyam starts to question this, Khushi escapes saying Bua is waiting at home.  Shyam tells her to call whenever she requires Khushi leaves and Shyam seems happy that Khushi is in Delhi.

Khushi lands at Arnav's place and leaves a bundle in his room where he's coincidentally forgotten his phone as well. Both head towards the room. Arnav asks Anjali what the bundle is about.

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