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Ipkknd 15th june 2011 written update ((episode 8))

the epi which starts with the Kaamchor bahu who refuses to do the diyas...
And then we have Khushi slicing the tomatoes and shouting 'same to same' with her sis and then suddenly throwing the salt bottle on her sister and rambles about the Laal Governor Man she is obsessed with him hai na Khaane mein hari mirch Vaar karrti ha
and she remembers Shyam offering

her help...and she decides to spare the tomato and run after the thought of Lal governor...
Arnav's sis is a non stop tape recorder na...I mean she is listing things as if the naani couldnot see it...but I loved the Bakri touch ...hahahaha the naani is calling the bakri Laxmi and her DIL things that Naani suddenly is very happy with her...bakri is the lado rani...and then What Naani tells the bakri?? that where were you ?? we searched for you every where?? (woh bakri ke picche ghode dauda rahi hai...E lo!! yeh bhi koi baat hui...EK bakri ke liye ghoda...toh woh khacchar ke liye aap kissse layengi
hahahaha and the way Naani's DIL insults her husband...aapka muh shutup hi rakho...Then we have the Arti where Arnav the statue is doing the anti clockwise Aarti ...I swear I really wanted Durga Maiya to take her trishul and poke his rear for being such a snob
Khushi searching for Shyams visiting her clothes bagshe has topsy turvyeed her whole bag...(looks like there was an earthquake over there...such is the condition after hurricane Khushi striked the bag
and she calls Shyam and says this is Shyam...hahahaha...she is one walking catastrophe na
Shyam is also bearyyy intelligent so he says that their thoughts match so much...he is also Shyam
Khushi then asks for a job from Shyam...any kind of job ...who will give money (hahahah the only criteria of a job) and Shyam offers her Chowkidar's job...hahahha Good one...Khushi says that she just wants 25000 in 2 weeks Wali Naukri..
Shyam asks him why does she want money...and khushi hesitates...So Shyam says no problem..he will help her out...
Arnav gardening and Anjali giviing him kheer which the bigada nawab refuses...and she says this is prasad and then she says that she had prayed for his mind's calmness...and the bigada nawab says now you are turning into Nirupa Roy (hai Anjali throws a pillow at him...(garden mein takiya??)
Khushi rejoincing that she got a job and PAyal asks her whether she has thought about their parents?? and Khushi is like why do they want a job (hahahahha...she thinks she has taken their right of employment...she is just tooo much hahahahha) Payal tells her to think about their reactions...
Anjali is still trying to sympathize with Arnav and that she understand the pain in his heart.
Buaji ranting and complaining...Payal asking what happened ...and bua ranting on how khushi's coming has made her curd bowl empty (hahahahahaa)..>
Payal asks her about her chicken woven saree business...khushi tells her she will go with the order ...and tells her to trust her...(hahah Humien kya paagal kuttein ne kaata hai jo hum tujhe par bharosa kar le
Hheh such a cute sight...Paaji and Khushi in the side car with a cute sa helmet...and ofcourse she is Khushi so she ends up in teh wrong home being Anjali's home...She and Arnav cross but ofcourse dont see each other...
khushi stops at the door frame doing Langdi and wondering which foot to place inside first ...hehehe and Anjali comes and tells her to put the right foot forward...khushi comes and sits on the sofa and slips (frankly it was not that plush that she sinks in ..but the way she does with her leg stretched forward is too sweet )...and Anjali is a walking talking Panchang na
and Khushi is worried about their light bill seeing the lightings in the house
Payal tells her that her naani needs to see the sarees...and ofcourse she goes to see the bigada nawab getting a checkup in other room and khushi lands in Arnav's room...and ofcourse the bakri is there too...Khushi is wonderingthat itne bade kamre mein kya bhens milti tujhe???
and a servant comes to get the bakri and tells khushi to get out of the room..and she is wondering that a whole room for a bakri
Arnav goes to find his mobile in the room and finds the Gathri of khushi lying there...and the bigada nawab asks whose it is ..and Anjali says that she (khushi) must have forgotten it...and Khushi remembers that she has forgotten it and goes back...

Precap: Khushi throwing money on Arnab in public

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