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Ipkknd 27th june 2011 written update ((episode 16))

The episode starts with a rehashing of Khushi realising exactly who Arnav is. (LOL. This gets me everytime. I feel like making a MasterCard ad. )Arnav then angrily states that he didn't know that her following him would be her new work. Khushi flares up and complains that he's her boss. Arnav says that people like her only have one place in this building - outside the front door. He tells her to leave. Khushi stands there, and Arnav taunts her. Khushi then insults him, and Arnav screams at her to get out. (F***, I must admit, that freaked me out. *sigh* He's so hot when angry) Khushi turns around and tells him that she has no intention of working for him, and turning into someone like him. She throws down the appointment letter and tells him she's leaving. This seems to have an effect on Arnav who tells her that he's not done talking to her. (Ajeeb aadmi hai, first he yells at her to get out, and now he's telling her that she should listen as much as she tells him off?) He walks towards where she's standing, and she tells him she's leaving.. but he doesn't seem to want that. She walks backwards, as he continues walking towards her.. smirking as if he's hunting her. She missteps and almost falls, but Arnav grabs hold of her hand. Arnav taunts her, and asks whether he should let go or save her. Khushi tells him she'd rather fall than be saved by him. Arnav's smirk doesn't waver as he tells her *"falling is in your nature"* and lets go of her hand. (F*** me dead. Arnav brings out the worst in me - he needs to stop smirking. Dammit. LOL.) Khushi lands on a pile of boxes, but a paint bucket ends up falling on her as well, and she gets it on her face & clothes. Arnav just watches with a smirk, as the other employees crowd around her... at first it seems they're supporting her, but as Manju comes and helps her, it's evident that they're all having a good laugh at Khushi's expense. La-La walks up to Arnav's office, as Manju leads Khushi away from it. (Uff, I really wanted to slap each & every employee there. *swears in agitation*) Back at the Raizada mansion, Anjali is sitting down, pressing her hand to forehead - trying to alleviate her headache. Nani comes (without Lakshmi for once, yayy)and scolds her for fasting - Anjali's health is way more important than fasting. Mami and Akash are talking, when they spot Anjali & Nani. Mami quickly comes to Anjali and asks what's wrong. (Bas Mami ki kami thi.. ho gayi saas-bahu ka drama) Both Mami and Nani have different solutions on what Anjali should drink. Akash stirs the pot with his comments, and then Anjali says that both Mami & Nani should make it. The women get pissed off, so Akash signals for Anjali to complain about her headache again.. and both women go off to make it. Taking advantage of this moment, Akash & Anjali have a sibling moment of their own. Akash gently scolds Anjali about her fasting, and then Anjali says that when he and Arnav get married, she can't wait to see what their wives do to them. Which is when Anjali casually asks Akash if he's interested in someone.. Akash gets flustered, and then says he needs to go to Chandni Chowk for something. He leaves Anjali with Nani & Mami. (Cutest sibling moment yet. I love how important family is in this serial.) Back at the office, La-La is talking about Mr. Khadoos' anger, and how dropping Khushi wasn't the best thing. Arnav silences her with a look, and says he hasn't got time to talk about useless people - they have a presentation to attend. (I swear, Arnav seems to dumb down a bit when he's with her. LOL.)He then asks which idiot hired her, and La-La gets tongue-tied. Arnav tells her off - saying that she talks more than she actually thinks.(Muhahahahaha, favourite line yet - because Arnav told off La-La.) Back downstairs, Manju silently puts some water and cloths on the table so Khushi can clean herself up a bit. La-La sees her, and then loudly calls for SimPam, and tells them to throw Khushi's termination letter in her face. Khushi is shocked. (Uff, the thappar list is getting longer. Some people need more than one.) Meanwhile, Akash is in Chandni Chowk, and stops his driver, saying that the roads are old and narrow, and people will have problems with the car. He tells his driver to park, and Akash will continue on foot. The driver is trying to get out of the way, but he almost hits a little kid, which is when Payal helps the child. The child is crying, and Payal tells him not to cry, otherwise his face will become all blown out. She tickles the child, and he laughs and runs off. Akash comes back, and apologises - Payal&Akash have their first eyelock. (OMG. I am in love with this couple, and their bg music is gorgeous! They're officially being called *AshAl*) Payal then asks him why he's apologising - she begins lecturing him indirectly, and all Akash can do is stare. The driver is getting out to apologise, and Akash says no real loud. Payal is shocked, and Akash says that whatever Payal is saying is absolutely correct. Payal leaves before Akash can tell him her name. (Naww. What's that song called? Pehla nasha, pehla kumar.. naya pyaar hai, naya intezaar) Back at the office, SimPam are gleeful as they hand Khushi her termination letter. They say Khushi is the first person to get hired & fired on the same day. SimPam taunt her some more, and then leave. Khushi remembers all her moments that caused her to go to Delhi, and what happened when she kept bumping into Arnav. She watches as everyone is walking into the conference room... Khushi holds the appointment letter, and decides that enough is enough - Arnav told her off again, and she said nothing. But now... Khushi resolutely follows them, as SimPam watch the impending fireworks. (WOOHOO. That's how it should be - Khushi, you tell him babe!) Khushi makes her entrance. Lavanya wants Khushi out, but Khushi stops her from talking. She tells them (or rather him)that she ain't going anywhere. Arnav asks if she's got anything else to say - he rarely allows anyone to talk to him, so she should continue. Khushi gets real pissed off, and (politely)tells Arnav where to go. She tells him she might be scared of him - his arrogance, his work ethic; but there's no way she's going to let him dictate what she does. Lavanya tries to shut Khushi up, but Arnav stops her. (& let the proper fireworks begin. Mmm.) Arnav walks to Khushi, and in an act of defiance, Khushi walks towards him as well. Arnav says that Khushi has an obvious fondness for theatrics - but where Khushi starts these, Arnav will end all of them. He asks for Khushi's appointment letter, and tells Khushi that he'll fulfill her wishes of working and earning money... but she should remember that she won't last a day with him. Khushi says she doesn't care if she gets along with him or not, she's here to work. Arnav tells her she can work - at a price. He's adding a clause to her contract ~ If Khushi quits before completing 15 days at Raizada, she will have to pay Arnav 1 lakh. Khushi then asks what happens if Arnav fires her before 15 days are up ~ Arnav says his name isn't Arnav Singh Raizada if it happens. He signs the contract, and tells Khushi she can run away, the door is downstairs. Khushi looks at him.

The episode ends.

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