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Ipkknd 29th june 2011 ((episode 18)) written update

So here are some key words to the translation
Bigada Nawab = Arnav
Jhalli Phulli = Khushi
Two sidekicks = Sam and Pam
Shyam = Totally navra Vakil babu...
Bua ji = Nandkishore chant
La aka Lavanya = Blah
Aakash antoo Okie...

 Mami trying to tell in her Bonderful English to Anjali that she saw Arnab's girlfriend...Anjali saying that the one she saw was Arnab's business partner and not Girlfriend (ab Mami ki galti nahi hai...sabhi ek jaisi hi dikhti hai toh hum kya kar sakte hai) Khushi is already to go for her job and Payal asks she looks like she is going on a war...So Khushi invents a new slogan "Karenge ya thoda aur karenge"...hahahaa...I swear I love her dialogue writer... Shyam passes Khushi who is cursing her shoe saying that ..."ye chappal hai ya padosi ka kutta..."...hahahah...and Shyam looks back at her and she just leaves ...She has not seen him..Shyam smiles.. Khushi arrives to be greeted by the two side kicks of Blah ...Sam pam...(The bigada Nawab serioulsy needs to give a grand gPL to these looks like they are more into Khushi's service than his)... Everybody watches her come in and saying that today is the challenge day and now they are gonna have fun (ofcourse Fun hi toh hoga...kaam toh tum log karne se rahe) The two side kicks walk to Khushi and hand her a measuring tape and a writing pad...Pam is wishing that she could do the work and Khushi gets it that it is gonna be a real weird work ... She goes upstairs and the Bigada Nawab watches her go and is smiling at the forthcoming situation (I swear puri ki puri office nikaammi hai...aur kucch kaam nahi hai bas hamari jhalli phulli ko dekhte raho) Shyam has come at buaji's house (I Swear Hum Lawyers ke naam be dhabba hai ye...Does absolutely nothing except drinking tea and heeeheeing with bua) ...and bua informs Payal that Shyam will stay in the house only...Payal poor girl is all stupified at this sudden Jackyle to Hyde change in her bua...And Shyam starts his great lecture saying that how he should not be staying where 2 young girls are staying (E lo! you have noticed the young girls??? And here I thought it was only bua who caught your eye) Khushi walks in the room and finds 4 chaddi dharris ...err I mean 4 or 5 guys in their checkered Boxers...(those were the grossest boxers to have come on the earth...Arnav you need to have a change in the fashion designer...)...And Khushi realizes that she needs to take measure ments of this Hrusht prust men and runs for her life..(I would have too..those were absolutely no John Abrahams) She runs back and gives the tape to Sam telling her that she wanted to do and so she can have it and in comes the biggest Nikamma businessman on earth who ahs absolutely no work in teh office it seems...and tells Khushi that it is your work yoour cannot give it to others...and your face is running is 10 and on your face it is 12 oclock...(Ha toh kucch to baja hai na...Tera chehra dekh ...Kuchh bhi nahi baja...Khali hai tere dimaag ke jaise) He tells our Jhalli hulli ////you take the measurements of those guys or quit the office... Khushi goes back and wonders how come she will find a way out and suddenly gets a brain wave and tells the naked parade to wait for 1 minute and she will be back in two... Payal in her house crying seeing her marriage dress...Bua gives her heart... Mami comes and asks her pantoo beta (Aakash ) in her phanttooo enlgish whether he had seen the photos she kept for him...The pantoo is all wet behind the ears and in that commits a blunder and comes out with a ladies closth and her mom asks what is it and so he says that this is a sample (arre ye nahi tu hai sample...bahot bada sample piece pantoo kahi ke) His mother obviously thinks taht the pantoo is speaking right and so goes away but Anjali sees it and starts questioning him and the pantoo says that it is from Kailash matching center.. (wah wah ! aur koi matching center hi nahi mila hoga..and why did you need to visit a matching centre?? Saree ke liye blouse lena tha ya Dress ke liye dupatta...ya pajame ke liye matching nada) Blah is talking to one of the side kicks that The chamkeli aka our jhalli phulli might look dumb but she is very ishmart (and you might look like a girl but your voice is really like a phata hua harmonium)...Just then a white purse comes as a gift from the bigada nawab for her...(It is really a cheap purse...Janpath se 250 rupye mein mila hoga) and Blah gets all happy shappy and Sam asks her what will she do of her old purse and Blah donates it to her... (The old purse was like a big thaila..and how the hell will she shift everything from that thaila to htis small cheap purse is a mystery to me) Khushi is back with a Mata ka Dhaga...(Ab kaha se lai hogi ye itni jaldi..dont tell me she carries this whole thread ball with her??) She wonders who will be ready to be her judas goat and selects one and tells him to sttep forward and starts tying the thread on his wrist to save him from bad vibes(Just look at him Khushi..even his girl fried wont be looking at him with Buri nazar) and the guy becomes emotional and says that Khushi reminds him of his little sister and Jhushi happy shappy says taht she is her little sister and asks for a little favour?? she makes him take the meausrements of the rest of he guys and smiles and there the bigada nawab (kaam ka na kaaj ka dushman anaaj ka) is wondering what she will do and getting happy at the thoughts of her failure...

Precap: Nani and Mami at loggerheads on who will marry first The bigada nawab or the pantoo

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