Friday, 14 December 2012

IPKKND WU Episode 10 (17th June 2011) Credit goes to the updater :))

The show starts with apni hitler bua calling payal betiya and our payal betiya going to her. Then scene shifts to nautanki manorma mami saying anjali beta khoob jee laga ke stasang kariyo(satsang meinn jee) and then she gave her lame excuse of some appaintment foe not going to bhagwaan ke ghar (appointment- I really like the way she speaks ). Then nani says anjali "Lets Go" (Finally relief from tooto-footi english).Then scene shifts to hitler I mean hitler buaji facing problem while boarding auto with her payali betiyaan and they reach Sarojine Nagar Market(Every Delhi girl fav Street market- mine also just giving general check and then our payal betiya remembers that girl always in trouble was also about to come in this market only to meet shyaam. Then buaji orders Paanipoori(golgappe) and payal betiya sees trouble girl khushi there and then Shyam comes there and she asks him about the job and he says pehle kuch aur baat kijiye haal chaal hi pooch lijiye(Bhaiya sahi ja rahe ho direct flirting) and then she talks some irrelevant things and talks about weather and then Shyam offers chai and samosa but she refuses. Then khushi sees finally the trouble and her mouth is left open(yr machar entry lene hi wala tha ). Then hitler sees miss always in trouble and walks to her with her blah blah but ultimately finds someone else there(aera nathu gera) there and then she asks her about the hairs Scene shifts to another nautanki I mean to mami welcoming some jewellery seller and then she looks at the jewellery and she want to buy heavy jewellery. Jewellery seller also gets confuse with her english. Then Mahendra mama also stops her that she don't nned any jewellery but she makes him to shut up and then nani comes there.In next scene we see Shayam and Khushi walking and he asks for samosa money but she simply says jee and he says okay return me money after ur frst pay he gives her the appointment letter and she is left speechless and he tells the way to office and she leaves.Then scene shifts to Nani scolding mami and she tries to ghumao things by asking her about the satsang and then mami lies and she is caught. Then nani asks Anjali about the punishment of lie. Mami starts crying again nautanki crying. Then she orders seller to go away from there and she runs to her room and our chotu(Arnav) comes there and he sees mami crying and running.Payal is worried that if Khushi has reached or not she tries to kill some time by looking bag for keys but hitler bua doesn't let her to do that.( Bache khushi heroine hai, Exact time pr ayegi). Then we see Khushi climbing windows and reaching at her place and then she opens the door.In next scene again manornma mami doing nautanki that she has no respect in this house(ohhh Goshhh how many times we have to tolerate this). Then mama tries to make her stop and he says that aammma will not do anything wrong. Then Anjali comes there and she gives her jewellery set to her that Arnav has bought for her and she takes her jhapat se( immediately) and then she looks in mirror(seriously mama is right that she will die under weight of jewellery)Then hitler bua sees some pension letter and gets tensed and next scene shifts to Nani talking about arnav gifting jewellery set to Mami with Anjali and she tell her why you people are encouraging her when everyone knows what she did and Anjali asks her to forget all that stuff and she says no. Then Arnav comes there and says that he can also ot forget that when he neededmoney then it was only mami who sold her jewellery to finace me in business and today I m this because of her only.Then scene shifts to Nani getting tensed for money as now pension money is no more and then Khushi tells that her real reason for job is to help bua financially as she is worried about it.In next scene we have black and white scenes in which khushi and payal are convincing hitler bua for the job(). Then khushi tell her that shyam got the job for her. Then again she gets angry on Khushi for job and Shyam. Then Bua shuts her up and tells her to go away.PRECAPHitler bua says that for the job you need to make permission from them and Khushi talks to baapuji on phone and he asks her about why she needs to do job

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