Monday, 7 January 2013

Ipkknd 11th july 2011 (( episode 27)) written update

Anrav's family are still discussing about Laviya and his 'relationship' when the phone rings. Angili picks up the phone but sham hesitites and doesn't say anything. he cuts the phone and makes and excuse to Payal saying the line cut. Discussion continues. then anrav's phone and the house phone go off same time. Manorama picks up the house phone and anrav picks up his. Anrav talks to the guest house manager and the manager tells him that the guest house is unstable so the workers have been evacuated. Anrav is worried but stays firm. the manager then asks if anrav sent a girl to meet him cuz he hasn't seen her yet. Anrav is shocked and silent (he remembers that he sent Kushi and said tat her doesn't want to see her face) .At this point the aunt exclaims Khusi's name and that she doesn't understand why she shud be worried about her not arriving home yet and cuts the phone. Anrav is more concerned and try khushi's phone but its unavailable. He then leaves the house with everyone confused. cuts to Kushi in the hotel crying and wanting to go home. Everyone at kushi's house is also very worried. Anrav is driving hastily toward the hotel. but Khusi's situation is getting worse with electrics sparking etc. Anrav is remembering more of what he said to khusi and is feeling guilty. still driving towards hotel.
At khusi's home everyone is still worried and crying. Anrav arrives as the roof above kushi becomes more unstable. Anrav enter the hotel searching for kushi and finds her bag just as kushi gives up hope for anyone finding her. He call out her name which gets her attention. khushi try to push the door which makes stones fall making her scream. Anrav then locates where she is trapped. when he opens the doors he sees her sat down scared. she then sees him too. however he sees the roof about to collapes and hushes in grabs her hand and drags her out. (and in the rush kushi's hair comes down, lol). they both are in the corridor. anrav is about to explain, when khusi starts to push anrav. anrav is first angry but trys again. Khusi say what are u about to say, 'oh that you didn't know', but how can that be?! you know everything right?!! your God right?!" Anrav stands furious she continues" i have heard enough! this time i'll talk now and you listen. and if you not used to it GET USED TO IT! (WOOO!)
Each time we meet all u keep saying is about status and my limits!!" she pushes him again "what do you think?! that i don't have feelings and don't get hurt. and that your family shud be ok and mine worried sick?! AND THAT I DON'T HAVE A LIFE?! she try to push him again but he grabs her hands and pushes her agaist a wall. intense looks and exchanged.

precap :
Akash and anjali are worried why anrav isn't picking up his phone. nani say he's probobly gone to see Lavanya.

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