Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ipkknd 12th july 2011 ((episode 28)) written update

The episode starts with Khushi screaming at Arnav. She pushes him but he catches hold of her and pins her to the pillar. They share a looonngg eyelock and Arnav says he didn't know the condition of the place was this bad (and ya, he doesn't leave his sadupan even here ). The moment is definitely not romantic but passionate, neverhteless. Arnav snaps out of his trance as Khushi's tears fall on his fist. He realises he's holding her a bit too tightly. He leaves her wrists and Khushi's bangles are broken woth her wrists bleeding. Khushi faints in Arnav's arms and he gets moony eyed (He removes her hair from her faces and wipes her tears!! I was going 'Awww!!' in the entire scene!! Aww!!! Barun's expressions are, like, FAB here, the way he brings out ASR's soft side, it's amazing!). Finally, Arnav carries Khushi to his car and drives her home. / /Meanwhile, Akash and Anjali are getting worried since Arnav left home in anger. Manorma asks them not to worry as he must've gone to meet La. Nani interrupts and says that if that's the case, she will break all ties with him. She also agrees that Arnav has most likely gone to meet La./ /Scene shifts as Arnav reaches with Khushi to her house. Payal and Buaji are mightily worried for Khushi. Just then, ASR enters the house with Khushi. At once, Payal and Buaji start enquiring about her state. They notice her bruises and Buaji is afraid that something wrong might have happened. Arnav carries Khushi to her room and places her on the bed (She looks like such a little, adorable baby in his arms!! Watch out for the moment when she refuses to let go of his shirt even in a unconscious state!). Payal and Buaji continue to bombard Arnav with questions but he is oblivious to it all (He keeps looking ay Khushi as if the other two females don't even exist!). Payal breaks Arnav's absentmindedness by asking him if he's Arnav Singh Raizada (And oh boy, is she angry! In the same night, ASR will get blastings from both the sisters! ). / /Arnav tries reaching for Khushi's bruise wrist but Payal doesn't let him touch Khushi. She is clearly upset and worried and blames Arnav for Khushi's state. she asks him why he's after Khushi's life and lists all the ways which ASR had adopted to exploit Khushi. Payal calls out to Khushi asking her to wake up. Arnav finally tells Payal that Khushi is fine, just unconcious. Payal once again blames Arnav for everything. Arnav offers to call the doctor but Payal flatly refuses and asks him what they should thank him for, whether getting Khushi home or the fact that since her punishment is over and he's left her. Payal shows him the door telling him she doesn't want to waste any more of his time. Just as Arnav is leaving, Buaji stops him and threatens him saying he may be the boss at his office but if anything happens to Khushi, she will make him miserable (And her name is Madhumati! Yayiee! I have been wondering what Buaji's name is. Lol!). Arnav leaves. Payal tells Buaji to tend to Khushi as she will go and call Shyam. Arnav overhears this and looks puzzled. As Arnav is leaving, he stops by the window of Khushi's room to take a look at her. He sees the cut which the broken bangles had left on Khushi's wrist and recalls their confrontation. He sees Madhimati clean Khushi's wound as Khushi's winces and is almost regaining consciousness. / /Anjali is talking to someone on the phone telling them about how Arnav is upset and Nani is angry. She also says she understands whatever that person was saying. Manorma notices that Anjali is lost and asks her the matter. Anjali tells Manorma that she was talking to her husband and he seemed worried. She was wondering whether to share her worries as well with him or not. Manorma says she should share her worries with people she considers as her own and not some foreigner. / /Scene shifts as Shyam is on the phone puzzled that Khushi is back. He asks if she's fine and how she came back. Then he notices ASR's car and we see Arnav stepping out of the house. Shyam immeditely turns around to prevent Arnav from seeing him. Arnav looks at his palm which has blood (It may be Khushi's or his own. He may also have got cut with the broken bangle. Lol!). He sees a piece of Khushi's bangle lying on the passenger seat and picks it up (I'm sure Shyam must be cursing him and silently begging him to leave fast ). Arnav once again recalls the events of the night gone by. Finally, he drives off and Shyam is left unseen.

Episode ends without any precap

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