Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ipkknd 13th july 2011 ((episode 29)) written update

The jhalliphulli is still behooosss and the ankletva (aka Payaliya) and Nandkisoreee (aka Bua) are rubbing her hands and face and Shyambaba (any name suggestions??) comes there playing langdi (Arrr dekha nahi??...paiyer toota hai...limping kar raha hai..toh Langadi hi toh khela na) ...And Ankletva complaining that look, Jhaalliphulli is not opening her eyes (arre toh ye blackva...aka Shyamva kya karega...woh koi corkscrew thodi na eye open kar dega) The bigada Nawab (ASR) comes home and the sis dear enquires about his where abouts and he has to show that chhotu sa injury on his hand he puts the chhotu sa injury wala hand forward to stop her queries and the sweet sis gets all worried and fusses more...and Naani drops in and asks the begada hua nawaab that did he go to Blah's ( aka LA aka Lavanya) and The bigada nawab with his bigada attitude tells her that if he wanted to go to Blah's he wont be doing it byplaying hide and seek with Naani...(Haan re..har roz office mein public mein chipka chipki hoti hai..toh phir chhup chuup ke chhup chhup ke kaaa jarrorat hai na bhai..Khullam khulla pyaar karenge hum dono ) The blackva aka Shyamva is dragging the doc out of the clinic to take him to Jhalliphulli...and telling that he wont let anything happen to Jhaalliphulli because of the doc's callous approach...(arre uska ID card toh check kar le...kahin compounder ko khinch na raha ho tu) Here the bigada nawab is all sulkily staring at the injury on his hand and remembering Jhalliphulli and some *ahem**ahem* moments with her... The Doc seeing Jhalliphulli and saying that she is unconscious because of shock and may be hunger and blackvaa apologizing to the doc that he had become excited because he was worried for Jhalliphulli...The doc is all smiles ...And Nandkisorree goes all in her kathak lessons flashbacks and gives this pose...Seee SEE The bigadanawab comes to Naani and naani tries doing third degree torture on him but the goody goody sis comes in between (Damn re!! Anjali...thodi der beech mein nahi aati...I would have loved to see him go through Naani's iron hand)...and Naani tells him that she will talk to him later..and she is telling him that she is taking all decisions for his own good...but the bigada Nawab tells her that any decision taken in hurry is always bad...Anjali again tries to act sandwich and the bigada nawab tells her that he doesnot want to talk about Khushi and everybody is surprised Jhalli imagines a hand moving on her face in her sleep and gets up all hayewired (me too would do the same..It was an eerie way to move your hand on someone's face) and haye la!! she is surrounded by ankletva, blackva and Nandkisoooreee...and she asks Ankletva how come she is here... and Ankletva says tht HE had brought her (he who cannot be named...ahahahahhah) Ankletva concerned that whether he did something wrong with her...(Wrong??? the guy is a saint...he does not do anything wrong with the bare-necessity clad Blah, could he do anything with your sis who is like overdressed from tip to toe) Jhalliphulli tells her on what had happened and ankletva and Nandkisoree are all enraged and Blackva butts in saying that she should leave the job and everybody shocked and wondering how the hell did he drop in like this??(Oye...girl talk chal raha tha besharam!! Beech mein kaahe tapka tu)...and he tries to mellow down the atmosphere by asking 'Haina Khushiji?' and Jhalliphulli in deep thoughts... Naani and Bigada Nawab arguing on love and blah blah and I really dont understand where this is leading because NAani is against his love with Blah when Bigada Nawab saying that he doesnot LOVE anyone So WHY are they arguing...Nani telling him to leave Blah and he is saying that he will not leave Blah blah and more blah blah and neither he will marry blah...(haan how can he marry her??

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