Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Ipkknd 1st august 2011 ((episode 42)) written update

Episode starts where it left off - Khushi running up the steps to the mandir. The snake and his too-good-for-him wife are sharing a moment. Khushi stops and is shocked ~ it's Akash, holding her thali. He hands it to her and she leaves. The snake is welcomed by his in-laws, and they all get ready to leave for home. (I swear, I could scream right now. This episode is killing me.) Khushi & Payal reach their bua's home, and Khushi is so hungry, she rushes into the house to get dinner ready. She asks Bua if the snake is home yet, and Bua looks at her mystified. When she says that the snake will be home late, Khushi says she'll keep a plate aside for him. Bua is extremely pleased - it seems the fast changed Khushi's perspective. Back at RM, the family are extremely happy to have their son-in-law back. A few comments are made about their relationship, and both decide to reaffirm their vows to each other. They walk off into the house mandir, and the rest watch them leave, exclaiming on what a joyous union they share.
In the mandir, husband & wife reaffirm their vows. When Anjali says she'll never stand in the way of his khushi (happiness), the snake is reminded of the first time he saw Khushi. They continue reaffirming their vows, but the snake's mind is partially stuck on Khushi.
Anjali tries to touch his feet, but he says her place is in his heart. Turns out the whole family heard that, and Mami claps in happiness. Everyone is so happy that the snake is home, and both Anjali & the snake look at Arnav, who is silent, but seems to be happy that his brother-in-law is home.
Mami wants to eat, but before they sit down, Anjali ties the string on Akash's hand - a means of protection. She tries to get Arnav to do the same, but he refuses. The snake takes the string, and limps towards Arnav. He tells Arnav that the string isn't just protection, it's Anjali's shraddha (faith). He convinces Arnav to wear the dhaga.
Just then the servants bring in a whole lot of bags ~ the snake bought everyone presents.. although it seems that he didn't get his wife anything. (*rolls eyes* Is this what they call suspense now? Eww.) Back at Bua's, the girls are eating dinner. Bua cannot stop mentioning the snake, and Khushi continues agreeing just to keep Bua mollified. Bua tells Khushi to make sure to call him - he's already cemented a place in their family. The girls giggle softly at Bua's antics.
At RM, Anjali and the snake are in their room, talking. Anjali is ***acking her husband's clothes, and complains that he took so long in coming - he didn't even sit for the pooja. The snake asks whether she's upset because of that or because he didn't get her a sari for Teej? Anjali says nothing, and the snake says he'll return the sari then.
Anjali excitedly comes towards him, and holds the sari. It's beautiful. She takes the bag, and takes out the newspaper. Turns out it's a Delhi n/p, and its 2days old. The snake says the hotel provided all regions' n/ps. They hug, and the snake's phone rings. It's Khushi.


Precap: Khushi wonders if Akash is anything like his cousin. The Raizada family are sitting down to eat, and Anjali asks where the snake learned to make jalebi. Mami mentions Khushi & Payal as the "torn sari girl", and Anjali explains who they're talking about. The jalebi plate falls out of the snake's hands...

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