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Ipkknd 21st july 2011 ((episode 35)) written update

The episode begins with Nani & Anjali talking of Khushi and Arnav. Nani is completely aghast at what just happened, and is only glad that Khushi at least told Arnav off - otherwise, who knows what would have happened? She asks Anjali if she talked to Khushi, and Anjali explains she did, but is worried at what might happen down the track.

(Another reason to love Nani as I do ~ she's totally Team Khushi. LOL.)
Meanwhile, dinner is being served, and Bua notices that the roti isn't there. She notes that Shyam was meant to make the roti... she looks at Khushi, and tells her to go into the kitchen and get the roti - all in Bua isstyle of course.

(okay, I need to vent before anything. This man drives me up the wall. Seriously. Watching him made me sick, typing about him makes me wanna hit my laptop something bad. You'll notice I'll be keeping the Shyam&Khushi interactions
extremely short. Don't worry, you'll get what happens anyway.)
Shyam is in the kitchen, on the phone, and finishing up with the roti. He's being all affectionate on the phone (ewww) when he notices Khushi walk inside. Shyam turns away from her, and cuts the call. He turns to Khushi, and says it was a client. He passes the roti, and Khushi takes them, smiling uncertainly. Shyam watches her.
Back at RM, Anjali is getting dinner ready when she hears Arnav on the phone. He's talking to his gf (I wonder how many realise I try not to say her name?) , who is desperate to know what Nani thinks of her. Exasperated, Arnav tells her he's handling it, and then says he needs to go. Mami and Akash walk in, and Anjali asks Mami where Nani is.

(Mami kills it.. I absolutely love her.)
Mami tells Anjali that she tried to get Nani to come downstairs, but Nani is so angry, she told Mami she refuses to eat. The family rush to see what's wrong.
Back at Bua's, dinner is over, and Shyam&Khushi are cleaning up. Shyam comments that Khushi is still upset, and offers his own advice - to live life as she sees fit, and to please her heart. At least, that's how he lives. (*rolls eyes* Shyam, you are a con-artist. That's it. I truly dislike you. Truly.) Khushi thinks about his words, and lets off a bit of steam...
Back at RM, Arnav walks into Nani's room first, and forces Nani to look at him. The rest of the family walk in, and ask why Nani refuses to eat - Mami wonders why Nani would want to diet at that age. Nani says she refuses to eat. Nani & Arnav have a big argument... Nani says that Arnav has no respect for his elders, and chooses to do his own thing. Arnav counters that and says that as he has not stopped anyone from doing anything in this house, why should the elders stop him from doing what he feels like doing? Nani says that Arnav is acting completely like his father, and Nani will not stand for this.
Arnav asks for Nani not to bring his father into this, but Nani makes it clear that it is Arnav's father's influence that Arnav is acting up. Arnav says he will leave this house if it means he'll be able to do his own thing. Nani spitefully asks if he'll go to his girlfriend's house. Arnav defiantly says he will - if it means that everyone gets peace out of this.
(By far the most explosive argument b/w Nani & Arnav. And what's greater is that Arnav doesn't need to resort to a loud voice to make his point. Battle of wills indeed.)
Back at Bua's, Shyam walks off, and Khushi finishes cleaning. Shyam's phone rings, and although Khushi calls out to him, Shyam doesn't come back. Khushi sees the name "Rani Sahiba" written, and picks the phone up, when Shyam rushes in, and snatches the phone out of her hand. He talks briefly before hanging up. He looks at Khushi cautiously, when Khushi smiles and wonders at how Shyam talks to royalty. Shyam lies, and says that he looks after a queen's legal stuff. Khushi smiles, and leaves. Shyam looks like he's plotting something.
(Liar, liar, pants on fire. Can I be the one to light his pants? LOL.)
(NOTE: Sorry peeps, I'm struggling to keep my eyes open - therefore this part might be really short - I'll make it longer later on. Sorry once again.) Back at RM, Arnav is furious as he packs his bag. He's reminded of Nani's words, and then remembers his mother's death (the flashback scene shown back in the first episode, oh so long ago). With that in mind, he grabs another pair of clothes, furiously shoves them in, closes his bag, and begins walking outside.
Which is when Anjali sees him. She drags him to Nani's room... who sees the bag, and wonders if Arnav wants her blessing. Arnav retorts that he doesn't want that at all. Anjali finally breaks, and tells them both to stop it. She's tearing up as she tells them that her husband is coming home the next day, and as its Teej, she wants Arnav home.. he isn't to leave. She's crying by now, and Arnav tells her he'll stay until the next day. Nani also agrees not to say anything until the following day. Anjali says she'll bring Nani's food, and Nani agrees.
Sitting in front of the mandir at home, Anjali finishes talking to her husband, when Arnav comes and sits down. Brother and sister talk for awhile, and Anjali tells him that she cares about him... just like he cares for her. The episode ends.
Precap: Khushi wakes up, see the clock, complains that Payal didn't wake her up early, and runs towards the bathroom exclaiming that she needs to get to work before the Laad Govenor does something bad.

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