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Ipkknd 27h july 2011 ((episode 39)) written update

Chalo ! Chalo! Chale Bigade Nawab (aka ASR) ke ghar where Mammmiji is dressing up like a bride to be I.e. Maami putting on mehendi and talking about dark colour and husband's love and saying that she has rubbed tons of lemons on the mehdni still no colour is emerging and leaves to have one more lemon rub (bechare Lemons!! Jaaye toh jaye kaha)

Pantuji (Aakash) coming there while Anjali putting on mehndi...and Anjali teasing Akash about there being someone who might be putting mehendi on his behalf (Nah re!! Isko dekh ke pata nahi chalta..he will be the one putting mehendi in the relation...Kya ladka hai)...and Mami, the eternal eavesdroper has somehow squeezed all the lemons in the kitchen over herself so she drops in this lame convo and asking what are they talking about and Anjali improvises and says the 'Dil toh pagal hai' wali philosphy...Someone somewhere might be putting mehndi on her hands for Akash (What if she is allergic to mehndis...are tatoos permissible) and mami gets happy shappy and starts dreaming about rich bahu...

The bigada Nawab walks in and telling the clan to move their lazy feet ... Mami suddenly gets her josh back with all the imagination of the rich bahu and drags the mehndi wali in her room for putting mehndi on foot (and how exactly will you go to the mandir with the fresh Mehendi...Madrassi lungi ki tarah saree ko hike karke what a boootifphool scene that would be na...we exposed to your ivory pillars like legs argghhh my eyes burnt with the imagination) ... Anjali and the bigada Nawab talking and as usual the bigada Nawab ranting on how is coming to the temple because of Anjali and not because of her God (haan haan!! We know why you are know na this pooja is to go on for atleast 3 episodes...if you dont go then how will you get your 'Expressionfull' face a screen space) Anjali giving him the good news that BLah (la aka Lavanya) has agreed keeping the vrat...and coming to the vrat (haye re Anjali...Shivji ne tera kya bigada are taking that blah blah to the mandir for torturing him...)Anjali telling the mehndi wali to put her husband's name in the mehndi ..they dont show her saying it...(I swear they need to stop this 'Benaam badshah' guessing game..we are tired...I mean he is the most hyped after character after Voldemorte...He who cannot be and is not being named like forever)Jhalliphulli (Khushi) dreaming jalebis after the vrat and Bua nandkishoring her...err I mean scolding her for thinking jalebis while keeping the vrat...Anjali and clan at the mandir( whew that was one quick ride...did he fly the car) .. the bigada nawab saying that he will go and park the car and takes the panutji with him...(arre car parking ke liye bhi tujhe iski zarurat hai?? Pantuji ko kya parking lot mein jhandi hilaani hai!! )Anjali waiting for damadji..and saying that Parvatiji waited for 108 years for Shivji ( have to do this update for the nexxt 108 years)Anjali seems to have got the wrong thaal which doesnot have raksha dhaaga...and ofcourse, our Jhalliphulli has Anjali's thaal ...Jhalliphulli discovers that it is very heavy and Nandkissorree discovers that it is silver thaal...and tells her Choti you churaoified the thaal (haan!haan! churaofied hi hoga...I mean till now she doesnot realize it was heavy...then how come did you bring it back...gravity lessen ho gai thi at that time) Well let me understand this wise...Bigada nawab's sister's pooja thaal is with Khsuhi so now she becomes Bigada nawab's Sister and then bigada nawab shouting..Iss pyaar ko kyaa naam dooon and she is singing...bhaiya mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibahana         Errr...Okie more bakwaas...Chalo let us move phorwaard Jhalliphulli sees the Raksha dhaaga and gets into her jalebi filled dimaag that the thaal belongs to Anjali and Nandkisoreee telling her how much big panauti she is hence Jhalli phulli decides to go to Chandni chowk mandir to return the thaal...(Naturally you have to go na...warna camera crews would have to go to two two mandirs na...budget kitna badh jaatawaise bhi the whole budget goes in putting the fans around Jhalliphulli to make her hair fly)Poor jhaali phulli lamenting that she cant break the vrat till she returns the thaal..poor thing is all hungry wungry...And Anjali's benaam badshah..that is her ever elusive husband calls and says that he is padharoing...and ofcourse they show the langda Blackva (Shyam) flagging down a rickshaw and the same is also flagged down by Khushi and the ankletva (Payal)...and they tell her they are gonna return the thaal to Anjali ..and Blackva gives them the I mean auto rickshaw and waits for the next to come and wonders what he will say to Rani Sahiba (say 'Time please' Rani taking a break from this hide and seek game am so tired of this Faceless Rani and benaam Raaja...) ... Bigada Nawab enters the Mandir and Mami announces the news of lost thaal...He goes and gives heart to Anjali that the benaam badshah will come...and e lo!! Benaam badshaah nahi lekin the wanna-be-Yashraj-films heroine makes her entry ..all clad in white saree.with her high heels stilettos and how could everyone hear her footsteps in all this crowd is way above me) Blah somehow manages to enter the mandir without falling and bumping straight into Pantuji...and why the hell is she tiptoing and she is asking the bigada nawab am I looking...(like a cat made to wear a queens robe) and bigada nawab nods his head and Blah blah-blahs some more and loses herself in the mandir tiptoing doing some random thing (Wish these were teh Kumbh ka mela and we could lose her) Jhalli phulli and ankletva coming in the mandir compund and the bigadanawab pacing the mandir grounds and talking on the phone (Well he seemed to have the phone stuck to his er but I dont think he was actually talking...somebody should have rung him a t that time...Kaan mein ring bajati toh kucch expression toh nikalta) and ophcourse since Jhalli phulli is here ..there is supposed to be wind this rate she should be locked indoors...itni hawaiyeaan udati hai...Katrina (arre hurricane Katrina ) aa jayega Dellhi mein... Bigada nawab stares at her like the besharam that he is and ankletva cuts in...and he leaves and Ankletva asks jhalli phulli what happened and Jhalliphulli saying that nothing she needs to get some prasad or something and bechari innocent si ankletva goes to buy whatever and Jhalli phulli tries to sit but apparently decides against it and decides to do play ringa ringa roses standing at the same do you do it ???and ofcours after doing like 7 rounds she falls in slow motion (you know..I also fell unconcious outside the hospital...and apparently the nearest help was like 3 feet away ...tending his two fat children...and still he couldnot manage saving me fall Poor me!! ) and this superman clad in fake Armaani jacket manages to run like 50 feet and catch her hand...(bahut naa insaafi hai you know the doctor charged me double...for the medicines and also charged for breaking the tiles of his hospital compound) And it was one real funny scene (apologies to all the romantics...) ...But it seemed like a very weird bend for Jhalli phulli...Kamariya lachak jayegi...
Precap: It seems that the benaam Badshah aka Anjali's husband is finally here

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