Monday, 28 January 2013

Ipkknd 29th july 2011 ((episode 41)) written update

Thali is in the hands of Khushi she is doing Aarti and while Anjali is looking back again and again(I cant tell u how much I am feeling bad for her). After that Anjali tell her to pass thali to Arnav and Khushi do so(Hayee this scene is just awesome). When Khushi is passing the thali there hands touches to each other and Khushi looks at him with the big eyes. Khushi shyly removes her hand and look here and there. Then Khushi spets back and Arnav do the arti.( Well he dont believe in god then why he do so). After that he passes the thali to La and while passing and going back he is looking at Khushi(Kya kare nazar hatti nahi). After that Payal and Akash do arti and Anjali is till looking back. And arnav and Khushi are giving each other side looks. Then Payal and Khushi breakes there fast and Akash sees Payal breaking fast from the back(awww he is very cute).

Then mamaji feed mamiji and Anjali is looking at them.(). Then La goes to ASR and tells him to break her fast. And he says that he dont belive in all this. Then she takes his hands and makes him to feed her and she is like are u happy that I kept fast for u and then she hugs him. While this Arnab looks at Khushi and sje is upset to see this(Jealousy). After that La leaves and gives angry look to Khushi.

In next scene Payal and Khushi goes to Anjali and tells her that they are leaving and maami give dirty looks. Then Anjali says wait for sometime as they will be able to meet her husband but mami interrupt and says let them go. After that Akash and payal exchange looks. Whereas Khushi while going keeps looking back at Arnav and he is continiously looking at her(Aye hayye).

After they leave mama and mami tells them to eat food but she denies and Arnav also says so. She says that she will do Pooja till he dont come up(Lady dont do so much for him he dont deserve that). Then she has teary eyes and she do pooja in front of god. Then iys shown she is doing pooja with tear in her eyes. After that its shown someone climbing the stairs. After that wind blows and she feels that he is here and she gets happy and teary. She run towards him and he is shown in black shadow. Anjali says that she knew that she will come and she gets reply then too u ask on phone and how can I break ur trust rani sahiba. Then she hugs him and vry like a baby. Then his face is shown and its Shayam.

Then Anjali says that she cant belive that he is infront of them. Then she sees stick that he is holding and all of them gets worried he says that it was normal accident will tell in detail at home. Then he says that frst he want to break his fast and he tells her to control her tears as they are precious like he smile(Big time flirt). Then Khushi and Payal hires auto and then Khushi remebers that she forget thaal and she gives the excuse of fasting and she says that she will bring in no time. After that Anjali do pooja(he needs joota) of him and he breaks her fast) during this Khushi approaching them is shown. Everyone is happy to see Anjali happy and Shyam back. She ties thread to him. She touches his feet and he didnt let her do(draamenaaz nautanki). While Khushi is approaching them and then her shock expression is shown.


Shayam and Anjali are shown holding there hands and ASR is watching this and he is thinking that he cant see tears in her eyes and she will fight with whole world for her.

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