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Ipkknd 2nd august 2011 ((episode 43)) written update

The episode starts with a blissful moment between Shyam and Anjali interrupted by Khushi's call but Shyam cuts the call.

Khushi wonders why Shyam is cutting her call and Payal says maybe he's busy. Khushi and Payal have a cute conversation on how Khushi is feeling very hungry. Payal tells Khushi that she and Aakash has met before and Khushi tells Payal all about Aakash including that he had given her the dupatta for Payal's birthday. Payal is impressed but Khushi says he belongs to the Raizada family, hence, one can't say what it's like. Payal says that even Anjali belongs to that family but she was so sweet despite them being so rude to her. Khushi comes to the conclusion that Anjali, Aakash and Nani are good but Arnav and Manorma are a pain in the neck. Conversation jumps to Lavanya and Payal points out how La had kept a fast for Arnav and he looked angry. Khushi says his face is like that and tells Payal to sleep.

In bed, Khushi starts thinking about Arnav. Payal notices that she is restless and Khushi tells her that she took his name, now she won't be able to sleep. Payal asks her to go to bed.
Next morning in the Raizada household, Shyam tells Nani about a mala from a temple in Lucknow which he has brought. Nani is happy that he hasn't forgotten and they have a very timepass kind of conversation where it is revealed that Nani knew all about Shyam's accident and Anjali is surprised. Then, Shyam has a friendly conversation with Laxmi as well. Nani is impressed that Shyam cares so much for them (Guys, I apologise for being so random with this scene but honestly, I have no patience to cover it in detail. And believe me it's a rather long one ).
Scene shifts where Madhumati is talking to Shashi regarding Shyam. Garima is upset with this. Shashi says he has no idea what Madhumati is up to. Khushi comes on line and proudly says she kept a fast the day before. Shashi jokes that she must've cheated but Khushi denys. Then, Payal snatches the phone and tells Shashi how Khushi has said she'll feed the whole baaraat. Then Shashi sadly hangs up. Garima asks why he cut the phone. Shashi says he can't tell them anything. It is revealed that their shop is mortagaged and Garima is against Shashi not telling them.

Scene reverts back to Khushi where Madhumati is asking her about Shyam. Khushi says Shyam never answered his call. Madhumati says she should've tried again. Khushi teases her about missing Shyam
Scene shifts to the Raizada house. A servant tells Arnav that he's been given an off because Shyam was there.

The Raizada family is having a gala time catching up where everyone is rejoicing Shyam's presence and Shyam is acting like an ideal son-in-law, brother-in-law and husband. Just then, Shyam spots Arnav and tells him that it is his responsibility to prevent Anjali from entering the kitchen. Aakash gets the jalebis which Shyam has prepared and he serves it to everyone. Shyam feeds it to Anjali and she eats it happily. Anjali asks Shyam when he learnt to make jalebis. Shyam remembers that night with Khushi where they made jalebis. Shyam says some things happen without telling. Manorma is shocked as she feels the jalebi dropped itself in the vessel and got cooked. Self service!

Scene shifts to Khushi making puris. She is thinking about Shyam . Madhumati comes and cribs about how Khushi is wasting grocery. She is clearly annoyed since someday, Khushi makes jalebi and someday, it's puri .. Khushi gives fast as an excuse which Madhumati doesn't buy . She cribs about how Khushi always wants to eat. Then some chaos happens and Khushi knocks over a box having sindoor. Madhumati scolds her. Khushi remembers the day when she and Arnav bumped and got colour all over them. She is fed up because she can't get him out of her head.
Scene shifts to the Raizada household where Arnav is also thinking about Khushi on the breakfast table.

Manorma asks Arnav why he looks lost but Mahendra starts talking about how Shyam is planning to buy a new house. Anjali tells Arnav to come over for a few days when they shift to that house. Nani says she doesn't approve of Anjali staying alone in that house. Manorma and Arnav second her.

Scene shifts to Khushi. Payal tells her that the ration of the house is nearly finished. Khushi feels guilty at having made so many puris. Madhumati comes and asks them what's wrong. She tells Khushi that she's made a mountain of puris, now she has to eat it too. Khushi says she's through and they can have the rest for lunch. Madhumati goes and Khushi tells Payal that she feels that Shashi was worried on phone. Payal says she noticed it too. Khushi says he must be worried because with no pension and no job, it is difficult to run the household.

Scene shifts to Shashi and Garima. Shashi tells Garima that not many days are left. If they don't pay the interest soon, they will lose their shop. Garima says that they have to tell Payal and Khushi. Shashi says he doesn't want to upset them and they have a conversation on how all has to be left to God now.

Scene shifts to Shyam serving jalebi to Arnav. He says it's sugar free for him. Arnav tells Shyam that it would be better if Anjali stays with them for a few days rather than all alone at their new home, till Shyam gets an assignment in Delhi. Shyam doesn't mind and says home is made by people and paternal's or in-law's doesn't matter.'Everyone is impressed and Shyam says it's fine but when he returns he wants her back. Arnav assures Shyam that Anjali is his only. Nani asks Anjali about her puja and she complains about how Shyam came late. Then she also tells that Payal and Khushi were there and hearing this, the plate of jalebis drops from Shyam's hands.

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