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Ipkknd 3rd august 2011 ((episode 44)) written update

Anjalibaby informing Naani that Khushi and her jiji were in the mandir and blackva (Shyam) drops the jalebi plate that he is holding (haye haye!! Jalebi girai tuney...Aisa ghor paap...ab hum jalebi bai of the week ko kya degi)
All shocked and Anjali asking something wrong..and character ke naam pe blackva (Shyam) says that my mind was somewhere else (Why are you not somewhere else) Anjali makes him sit and again asks if he is alright and the blackspotva (Again Shyam) says that me alright..I was just thinking about work (haha !! kitna kaam karta hai..It requires so much effort to go on flirting with random girls, staying at their house and also staying at your Grandmom-in-law's house ...and dropping jalebis all the time na)

The bigada nawaab (ASR) gets hicccups (haan! aur thuns!! phir hichkis hi aayengi na..) and Mannu (mami) saying that Ms. Kashyap must be remembering him...(arre!!! agar Blah (LA aka Lavanya) would be remembering him he would be getting heartattacks not hiccups)(By the way why is Mannu wearing this phata hua blouse...compete with the phati hui saree wali Jhalliphulli (Khushi)?)

Naani saying that she may remember him all day long but she is never going to ding dong errr I mean she is never going to be in Bigadanawab's life...and the bigada nawab gets upset and walks off and the blackspotva asks what is happening (tujhse matlab...) and Mannu recounts the days events
Ankletva(Payal) and Jhalliphulli (Khushi) talking about Bua's pension and Ankletva saying that blackspotva is not able to do anything about that (arre khoob bhalo!! that nikamma is not going to be able to do anything) and Jhalliphulli is saying that he is trying (arre! he is trying to hit on you...aur kucch nahi kar raha)
Ankletva tells her to get the order which is lying at the bigada nawab's house and Jhlalli phulli gets upset and wants to fry Jalebis and Ankletva says there is nothing in the house to make jalebis (And that blackspotva dropped a whole lot !! Nikamma! kaam ka na kaaj ka dushman jalebi errr I mean Anaaj ka)
Bigada nawab and his nikamma bro in law and his too-good-to-be-true sister sitting and the blackspotva trying to pacify the bigada nawab and telling him that 'Asli maza sab ke saath aata hai'
(haye haye!! Promoting Sab TV on SP)...
What I meant to say was he was trying to stop the bigada Nawab from leaving the house and telling that he should try his way (arrr!! now blackspotva will try his way)
And now he is buttering Naani and feeds her sweets (Naani! dont eat it...diabetes badha ke maarna chahta hai aapko) and Mannu dropping in with hello hi bye bye...
and the blackspotva telling that Blah should come here to do LALA ...I mean she should come here and stay (Naani this should tell you how 'honhaar' your damaad is) and Mannu says 'Bin phere hum tere' and Naani also shocked but blackspotva somehow convinces them and tells her to bring blah in the house and paint her in Naani's colour
Mannu asking for a deadlimit for 'Blah to Naani Flyover' (Oh! I love this woman!! she has got too good dialogues) as only after that her Pantu beta (Aakash) will get to ride the horsini...err mean uske haath tabhi to pile honge na jab bigada nawab will get marred...I mean married
Naani agrees to blackspotva's suggestion (hello hi bye bye!! ye kya ho gaya re Nandkissore)
Jhalli phulli pacing the floor of her room and wondering why her mind is so restless and why does that demon not leave her thoughts and minds and then remembers she has forgotten the idol in the office only
Anjali looks like putting oil in Blackspotva's head( looks like because I dont see oil around)
She is saying that Naani is right about Blah and black spotva asks her that how come she promotes blah as her own choice and Anjali says taht because she wants to see him happy...and the Saala ..I mean Black spotva ka Saala..the bigada nawab enters...and Anjali asks him that can he guess what his worthless bro-in-law did for him and the bigada nawab guesses taht he must have pataofied Naani (Haye re kitna bisbas hai apne nikamme jija par)
He gifts him a watch which is a like a set of two watches and tells his sis that the one he liked for the blackspotva was available in sets only and so he bought for her as wll and Anjali bechari all harried at her bro having forgotten her...and then we have some Blackspotva and Bigada nawab's convo on the gift and time concept
Jhalli phulli decides to get back the 'Durga Ma idol' from the office and tells Ankletva and Nandkissoree (BUA) that she will go and there will be no bigada nawab there as it is sunday (and I just love bua's dialgoues...I swear Mami and Bua are the stars of this show)
and there ofcouse the bigada nawab decides to go to the office and also tells Blah who is sitting with her hair entangled in a cobweb ,,,err I mean rollers that she needs to shift to Raizada house and I swear that was one gross scene as we saw the cobwebb jumping up and down shreiking ..errr I mean squealing with joy at the news
The bigada nawab enters the office and sees the idol (ITne din kya surdaas bana tha.??? didnot you see it till date)
and gets flashbacks of his moments with Jhalliphulli.
He tells Blah( who is still hanging on the phone) that he likes her as she is (with rollers and all)
and tells the guard to clear the table and send the belongings to its owner...and
Here black spotva and Nandkisooree talk and say they miss each other so much (haye haye!! this is one truly eternal lovee story)
and Nandkissorree tells Blackspotva that Jhalli phulli has gone to the office and Blackspotva realizes that his saala has also gone so he cuts down the phone and sees Anjali behind ...(and I swear even with Anjali giving all weird expressions she has not heard or understood anything)
Jhalli phulli at the office and having flash backs of her encounters with the Bigada nawab..
Precap: Bigada nawab feels that she has come and he walks to the window and sees jhalli phulli walk in and sit on her chair and then jhalliphulli looks up to see the lurking tom aka Bigada nawab staring at her

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