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Ipkknd 9th july 2011 ((episode 26)) ( Maha epsiode ) written update

Epi starts with nani serving breakfast to khushi..khushi is going to start but watch at arnav and stop. Arnav get a call and get up..anjali says that I’ll be back.. nani asks khushi about kashyap..khushi says,,who?lavanya kashyap?? Nani says,,yes..khushi told all about lavanya and arnav..nani surprised and says,,I’ll not agree their relationship..khushi says,,u didn’t knew??nani says,,I knw everything but I’ll not agree..mami overhears and becomes happy…anjali ask arnav what happens?why you are angry with khushi?? Anjali ask arnav to drop khushi at office but arnav refuse…nani says,,u have to drop khushi at office..and also ask him to come early at home in evening..arnav and khushi comes out  and arnav says,,don’t u hope that I’ll take you office..arnav leaves…
Mami ji says anjali that khushi told everything to nani and anjali in tense..nani angrily told anjali that I didn’t hope this from you..anjali is sad..anjali calls arnav and told him that khushi told everything about your relationship..arnav gets angry and cut the phone…at the time khushi comes office..
Scene lifted to nani calls lavanya..lavanya says,,who’s that??nani says that i’m arnav’s nani..lavanya surprised and ask nani about her health..nani told her to come arnav’s home in 30 min..lavanya says ok..lavanya walks in hurry..arnav calls Khushi guptaaaaa….

Arnav ask khushi to come his cabin r8 now…khushi comes and arnav says that you are lucky that I’m talking to you..why you have told about my relationship?khushi says that I didn’t knew that……arnav says,,girls like you don’t do anything without any wish….i think you are not happy cao you didn’t trap any rich boys..khushi says,,sir plz don’t talk like this…I don’t wanna see your face..from today you will work at guesthouse….and says,,get lost…

Khushi goes to guesthouse and says,,its good that from now I don’t have to meet with that laadgavarner…khushi ask the workers that I have come here to make a report..workers said that it has already done..khushi calls arnav that the report is already done..what will I do??arnav says that make it again..

Akash going to his office throw khushi’s home area..akash watch khushi’s house and think about payal and says,,don’t knw payal have received the drap or not..he ask driver to go to office..

An employee names sinha who are handling the site comes and says that this house is very riski now….anything can be happened…khushi ask a worker about sinha ji worker says donno..

Lavanya comes at arnav’s home and laksmi comes to lavanya and lavanya got angry..nani comes and ask what happens??lavanya says don’t knw from where this goat comes..nani says that her name is laksmi…and I’m arnav’s nani…lavanya says hello to nani and says that nice to meet you….nani says that but I’m not happy….

Khushi is at the guesthouse and its becoming dangerous more n more…Sinha ji says that its noe too one can work here now..leave from here right now..anything can happen here..a worker says that but what about that girl who has come here to meet you??Sinha ji says,,a girl??who?but didn’t notice anyone..make sure that no one in inside the house and get out from here right now…

Lavanya watching the house and ig about to go to arnav’s room then nani ask her to go with her to puja….lavanya don’t know about puja and nani get more angry..lavanya says may I leave?? Nani says that,,no..i have to talk with you more…
Workers comes out from guesthouse and the worker ask for khushi..sinha ji says that I have one is inside..
Nani calls arnav and told him to come hurry…
Payal is calling khushi but no answer..
Khushi got trap and trying to leave but fails..she says that arnav singh raizada  all this happening because of you….
Arnav comes home and sees lavanya nd ask her why you here??lavanya told everything…lavanya leaves….
Payal is in tension and shyum gives her office number..payal calls and secretary says that arnav sir sends her to another site..payal ask arnav’s number and secretary gives..
Khushi trying to get out but fail…
Arnav ask nani why u have done this all?? Its my life…nani gets angry and says that you will marry to her whom I’ll choose for you….and there gets some quallering…
Payal ask shyum to talk with arnav..shyum got tense…he tries but says that its coming busy..payal says that,give it to mi,I’ll try..Arnav says,,now you know,what will you says??about our marry??nani says no..coz I didn’t like her..payals calls at arnav’s house and give the phone to shyum..anjali pick up the phone and shyum got nervous..

The End

Arnav talking with someone over phone at the same time,,Mami ji talking with shyum..ans mami says,,Khushi??who khushi??what I’ll I do if khushi didn’t reach home??arnav overhears and got tense….

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