Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ipkknd 10th august 2011 ((episode 49)) written update

Nani is talking to anjali and she is saying ASR is always threatening to leave the house, and she is saying Lavanya can never become our bahu, Shyaam is calling khushi but its not getting connected, and anjali takes the phone from him, and he speaks rudely and says give me the phone, and anjali says who is troubling you, let me check, and shyaam acts angry and anjali gets upset and leaves the phone and goes, Bua ji gives Payaal and Khushi their tickets to lucknow and khushi says im not sure whether we should go or no and payal says we have to go under any cost, and bua ji is super upset and says please dont go, and stay with me, maami ji enters La's room and La is in a bathrobe ROFL ASR enters and La is all flirty and over ASR Also maami is after getting la in the house so that after ASR, Akash can get married and La says can you imagine i wore the chamkeli type kapde and ASR thinks about khushi and La says i forgot chamkili's name and ASR says its KKG and then la says i feel bad i cant stay in your room with you, then everyone is on the dining table and La sits near ASR and nani says its anjali's place, dont sit over there, and La moves from there, Anjali and Shyaam come in and sit and shyaam is trying to talk to anjali but she is angry, and then they both smile because shyaam cracks a PJ,

naani asks la what else can she cook besides cake with eggs, and la says i can make noodles from the micro and naani says im talking about hoome made food, Naani is being super rude to la and ASR is angry and la says in my house we have servants so they cook and ASR gets SUPER pissed, Naani asks la if she can atleast make tea and ASR says i dont care if she can cook or not, and coming up video Anjali says lucknow se yaad aya, khushi bhi toh lucknow se hai naa? and ASR and Shyaam are shocked

La says mujhe tea bag waali chai banaani aati hai, and naani says next she will say next she will say that she cant even boil water, ASR says these things dont matter to me, and Shyaam says dont worry i will teach you everything La, and then Shyaam says rani saheba is angry with me today so i brought all this food, ASR asks anjaali what happened and then she says nothing, then they all happily eat paani puri and shyaam passes is to La and la asks there is mineral water in this right? (LMFAOOOOOO)

and naani says in this house we drink from the matki, and shyaam says here la eat the lucknow chat and ASR stumped and shyaam says Lucknow is so special and unique and anjali says lucknow se yaad ayaa khushi bhi toh lucknow se hai naa? and she says whenever khushi goes to lucknow we will tell her to get sweets for us, ASR remembers Khushi telling him about her leaving, and shyaam is thinking about khushi, ASR and shyaam are sitting together and precap shyaam is at khushi's door step and its locked and no one is in the house and he says kahaan hai aap khushi jee and a scene of khushi in the car

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