Friday, 8 February 2013

Ipkknd 11th august 2011 ((episode 50)) written update

Khushi and payaal are leaving the house and khushi realizes she dint take devi maya's murti and runs back in the house and takes the murti with her and she asks devi maya if she is doing the right thing or not, and she is asking devi maya for an ishaara and then devi maya's dupatta goes flying to khushi's face now RM (Razada Mansion) Maami and anjali are talking about the gol gappa, Nani tells La that she will be making tonights dinner and La drops the plate Nani tells La she has to make kachoori, dum alo and Anjali does a facepalm thingy, Nani says what happened, why are you so shocked, and La says i cant make Aaloo dum and nani tells her tonight you WILL make dinner, Anjali says we will handle everything, but then maami remind anjali that she has to go to the mandir tonight, and Maami says dont worry i'll help La, Bua ji locks the door and tells khushi to think once again and khushi says haame ghar toh jaana hi padega, Bua ji is all sad and depressed, and the three of them sit in the car, Shyaam chee is trying to call the gupta's landline but no one is picking up and he says ab muje hi jaake dekhna padega.

RM Shyaam is upset, anjali comes and says are you ready? you remember you have to take me somewhere today right? and shyaam says im going to find out if everything is right or not, and ASR enters and Shyaam tells ASR to take anjali and ASR agrees and Anjali says i want to go to the Laskmi Nagar mandir and ASR thinks and says okay i will take you, La is reading cooking books and she is looking at the pics and saying omg this is so tasty, Lakshmi (goat) comes and la jumpes on the platform, maami comes and tells her to come down and she says when maami is there why fear? Mami tells reham cha cha to keep an eye out for nani, Shyaam is outside khushi's house and sees the lock and he says kahaan hai aap khushi jee, he hops towards the other side of the road, ASR and anjali are passing by and anjali says aree waah, you know the roads of this place and ASR's car passes through shyaam (back faced towards them) coming up anjali is at the mandir and she sees shyaam hopping.

ASR and Anjali reach the mandir, Shyaam asks the mechanic dude where they are and the dude tells shyaam that they went, Shyaam and anjali are entering the mandir ASR stays out, Shyaam and ASR back to back, ASR looks at Khushi's door and sees the lock and remembers khushi's voice saying that she is leaving, Anjali is doing the pooja and shyaam thinks why dint i listen to what she was saying and he says nahi i have to find her, Anjali turns around to tie some knot and she sees shyaam hopping (shyaam doesnt see her) and then shyaam disappears suddenly, ASR is staring at khushi's door, he walks forward and stares at the lock and Flash Backs of the night at the contruction site.

Some dupatta comes flying to his face and he thinks about khushi's dupatta scenes and then he remembers khushi saying he is going forever and looks at the lock again, Khushi bua ji and payal are in the car all three are sad, and she says hey devi maya rashka karoo ////

PRECAP ASR's car stops and shyaam is infront, Anjali calls him and he turns around and sees her, ASR is also there

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