Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Ipkknd 22nd august 2011 ((episode 58)) written update

The snake watches as the beauty quietly makes her way towards them with the cake. He's extremely shocked, and doesn't know what to do. His wife looks at him, and he smiles briefly, before turning back and wondering what to do. He suddenly gets a call, and excuses himself. The loving princess watches him walk away sadly. The beauty helps set the cake, and turns. She sees the dark prince. A staring contest for a few moments, before the beauty leaves, slightly angry. The blonde walks up to Nani, and asks her how she liked her dance. The loving princess also comes towards them. Nani tells the loving princess to tell /Miss Kasyap/ that the song/dance was perfect for her - her character is indeed loose. She might have not been taught any better, but the Raizada family has always held themselves up high.. and that type of song/dance will never be tolerated. She angrily leaves, with the loving princess following. The blonde is furious... she decides she needs a drink. But where will she get one from? She gets an idea, and asks one of the servants where the gifts are. The servant tells her they're by the poolside. The blonde leaves happily. Meanwhile, the loving princess gets a call. It's her husband. She wonders why he's calling her... and he says that he has to leave. In actuality, he's standing outside. He tells her that his friend has been in a car accident, and needs to help him out. The loving princess is distraught, and tears form in her eyes. She is extremely upset that he's left. The snake knows she's crying, and guilt trips her into letting him leave. He spins a story that his friend has no family here, but he'll come back because he can't stand her tears. She tells him to go, it's more important. She hangs up, crying softly. The blonde has gone towards the poolside, and is searching for the elusive drink. She finds the bottle of champagne and kisses it happily. The loving princess walks back towards the cake area, and the dark prince sees her unhappiness. He silently asks her what's wrong, and she tells him that her husband had to leave on urgent business. He asks her if she's okay, and she lies. He wants to postpone the cake cutting, but she won't hear of it. The dark prince tells her he's worried about her, not about guests. He isn't convinced, but lets it slide. He asks everyone to partake in the cake cutting. Everyone comes... and Mama asks where the snake is. The dark prince says that the snake is out on business... Mami isn't very happy, and wants the loving princess to maim her husband. She cuts the cake, and the family feed her. Other guests come to congratulate her, and one asks where her husband is. The dark prince answers that he's out on business. The loving princess cannot take it anymore, and she walks off. The beauty is walking past, when she notices the loving princess standing by herself. She walks up to her, and talks to her. She asks the loving princess why she's crying so much... the princess says that these days, her tears won't stop. The beauty tells the princess that she shouldn't be so upset - relationships are way more important than parties and cake cutting. Those things can happen anytime, but it's the ties of a relationship that is all important. And besides, even if her husband has left, why should she be so sad? He will come back, as the beauty's heard that her husband loves her very much. Nani has heard everything, and is extremely pleased with what the beauty said. She takes the loving princess away, with a smile for the beauty. The beauty watches them leave, when she sees the dark prince again. She turns away, upset once more. The blonde is in the kitchen, and shakes the champagne bottle to get rid of the cork. She pours some into a glass, and drinks it happily. Mami has come into the kitchen, admiring the sweets. She can't have that though, and needs to ruin them. She searches for a way to do that, when a lemon falls on the ground. Mami bends to pick it up, and sees a black dress. She stands up, and sees the blonde drinking something. She walks up to the blonde, and asks her what she's doing there. The blonde asks the same question... Mami evades the question, and says that the blonde should add lemon to the drink to make it tasty. The blonde freaks out, and says she's going to the poolside to grab some air.. she hides the champagne bottle, and quickly leaves before Mami can see it. Mami goes back to the kitchen, and tastes one of the sweets. She's impressed, but she won't have the girls looking good. She cuts the lemon, and squeezes it over one of the sweets. Meanwhile, the manager has come, and tells the girls that the sweets need to be dished out. They walk into the kitchen, and Mami starts berating them, saying they're taking too long. She decides to try one of the sweets... and it's the lemon-squeezed one. She makes a big deal out of it... The girls are shocked, and start freaking out. They try to explain to the manager that they would never purposely sabotage a sweet.. the manager refuses to hear it, and tells them that their sweets won't be sent out at all. -||-

*Precap: *The blonde (lavanaya) is drunk... calls Nani /Gabbar Singh./ __________________ *(????) *

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