Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ipkknd 31st august 2011 ((episode 65)) written update

All worried shorried in The Raizada mansion that Anjali has disappeared (And tht is so right, the only sane person in the whole house, I mean look at it...Naani has a penchant for goat, Mami has a penchant to bloat...her husband just moves around trying to trace her and her son goes on donating Dupattas to random girls!! The Grand son ...dont know how manages to fall for a Jhalliphulli yet wants to live with a girl who has landed from Pluto it seems ..who doesn't know the difference between Dum aloo and Dumbaloos Bhaag hi jayegi na bechari... So apparently Naani scolds ASR for losing Anjali and The nikamma Blackva (AAka Shyam ) just goes on to make weird faces...and then finally we have our jhallipulli coming in and then Naani tells the bigada Nawab (ASR) to take the princess and get back the lost sister... And they leave together and Blah comes into Blah blah and apologizes for being late for the round round ( I swear this tooo much...) and Naani stomps off at being thrust at the random blah blah...and Naani takes the mutton clad Blah under her wings to explain her how to keep quiet under emergency circumstances..God bless Maami andGod bless all the english words she is gonna murder Jhalliphulli doesnot know how to put the seat belt on and so our bigada nawab helps him do so1!! and oye hoye our herione is all impressed... And then starts the merri go round...I actually thought that Barun is missing doing that car ad and is right now reliving those moments as he goes on turning the steering wheel to rakhdofy on the streets of Delhi... And finally our Jhjaliphuli ki batti jali and she tells him tht Anju might be in some temple (Aur kaha hogi..I swear the amount of vrats and pooja she does, God ko toh phursat hi nahi milti hogi dusre bhakto ke liye) They find her in some mandir and we have some great moments between bro and sis as ASR begs her not to ever leave her like their mom did!! And our Jhalliphulli witnesses her 3 sir wala rakshas going human!! ANd Anju gets happy to see Jhalliphulli and they go back home where we are again subjected to Blah 's blah she tries to say tht Rakshabandhan is just a formality and our Herione jumps in to give her gyann... There Blackva the nikamma is sitting with Bua and Payal getting angry on Khushi's step of going to Raizada mansion and Bua is all pataoing him...when he receives the good news on phone that Anju wants Khushi to tie Rakhi to him Wonderful!!

Precap: Blackva beating up someone remembering Anju's words of Khushi tying Rakhi to him!!

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