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Ipkknd 5th august 2011 ((episode 46 )) written update

Episode starts with Arnav giving dupatta to Khushi and her dupatta coming on him but then shyly she takes dupatta away from him whereas Arnav is standing steadely and looking at her(oye hoye Prince lost in beauty of princess). Then she walks away from there and Arnav pull of his court()

Then scene shifts to raizaada mansion and Shyam notices that Anjali standing there and then he is looking at her with shocked expressions(chor ki chori pakdi jaane ke darr wala expression). Then she asks him that you are lost in someone's thoughts or you are missing someone. Then he say that he can missonly her no anyone else and he says that it was call of his friend Rajeev and his mother only taught him jalebi(jhoothe makkar tume Khushi ko maa bna diya.) Then he says that you are doubting me and then Anjali feels sorry(I really feel very bad for her). Then bell rings and Anjali thinks that it will be Arnav.(Di today he is busy somewhere)

Then back to office bothe of them reaches for the water-glass(Awww how cute, dis is called co-ordination). Then Arnav takes the water first and drinks it and Khushi keep looking at her(Mam what are you looking for). Then he feels the water again and place it in fromt of Khushi bu she says that she dont need it(Nakhre nakhre). Then he stares at her in anger and she speaks for what he is looking. She says that break everything as if u broke my phone etc. Then our angry young man says that yes he will break everything and throws the glass and says that he will do so that she can listen to him. But miss rigid says she will not listen to him he tries to speak but she didnt listen and says frst of all he should break the door, then she will listen to him. Then in anger he breaks the door and while he is breaking she is scared. When it breaks down he speaks that now will you listen and Khushi run towards the bag and takes her Devi maiyya. Then she speaks up that she dont want to listen to him as he hates her and her face and now she is leaving forever. She is going back to luckhnow. His expression changes to somewhat sad and says that she cant go like this and keeps calling her name.
After that few ladies to come the Prasad to them of Teerth Yatra. Then they say that they are here to meet new person then mami says that missed call means lakshmi goatwa and says she loves with dadi from so many days. Then those ladies taunts Nani about the la.

In the next scene Khushi reaches home and Nand Kishor taunts her about reaching home late and then buaji runs away from there doe to some kitchen work, then Payal asks her what happened as she is upset and Khushi immediately says that she wants to move to luckhnow and she asks what happened and where is her phone she tells her that broke down and Khushi has flashback of that and she says that finally she has decided that they will leave for lucknow and walks away from there.

Back in the RM ladies are still on the work and Shyam and mami take the charge. Shyam says that nani is today's nani and she knows how to follow today' trend and mami says that your son married 10 yrs old girl and who use the hair dye more you or your DIL. Then they leave from there.

Payal comes to Khushi room and asks the reason of her leaving and she says that she is just want to leave and bua comes there and gets emotional when she listens that they are leaving. Khushi tells her that they have thought only these much days only and bua gets emotional that now they will keep calcilating days in her house also. Then they have emotional time.

In RM Shayam compliments mami how she handled everyone but nani is still upset with the happenings but shayam makes the things understandable to everyone then Arnav walks in the house. Then Anjali tells him that they were talking about him only but he says that he is tired. In the room he ia talking to la on phone and meanwhile time to time he is having flashbacks of Khushi.

In next scne Khushi is talking to devi maiyya and she is very happy as she is going back to the lucknow but some where her expression is telling that she is sad. In next scene ASR is sleeping and he has voiceover Khushi in his mind and he wakes up with shock and calls out Khushi's name.

Khushi calls her amma and she tells her something which is not audible us but Khushi is shocked to listen to that.

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