Friday, 28 December 2012

Ipkknd 1st july 2011 ((episode 20 )) written update

Episode starts with Khushi going out of Arnav office and he has smirk on his face. Then Khushi moves to her desk and 120'clock on her face and she says that I think my whole life will go while eating meti ki sabzi(mummy ko bolo complan pilayee).Then other staff says that she cant do this and have uou ever listen her english.(noo we have listened awesome english of mamijee. In the cabin Arnav is like she will not be able to do this and he smiles(Hayee main mar jawan). In the next scene Aaakash is working on laptop and he is not able to work as he is thinking about Payal(Ho gaya tujhko to pyaar babaua)and he says that he has to meet her(ayye hayye)then nani comes and she says that something is going in his mind( chori chori pakdi gayee). Then she says that he never speaks his heart voice and he thinks that now for dupattewali he has to speak now.(oo dupaatti wale apna naam toh bta). Scene shifts to office where Khushi goes to Mr. rude office and Miss chipkoo to ASR(Lavanya) is sitting there and then she handovers the letter to RUDE and he says that have u attached cheque and then he gets surprise of his lifetimeas miss trouble has completed her challenge and he says so you knw english and how did you complete it she says that she put the voiceover on her mobile when he was speaking(woww miss trouble u have awesome mind) and he gets REAL FRUSTRATED and says lavanya is there any work in the office and she asks her some list and to which answer is YES and he GETS MORE FRUSTRATED. Then Khushi says that its 6 can I leave and then she leaves from thereand he is real frustrated(Awww he looks so god when he is angry) Thn khushi comes down from his office confidentally and she is so happy and everyone is looking with smile to her and she picks her bag and she goes and then Miss advisor give 500rs to board keeper for tomorrow chamkeeli ki chamak(). Then our hungama grl aka khushi goes to home and bangs the door loudly and then she hugs her tightly and she scolds her. She tells her that someone has come there from her office and she is shocked. Nani asks why she is surprised .. Did she did anything wrong in the officeand then she changes her expressions(AWESOME EXPRESSIONS)and she says no. And goes to meet the person and it is not other than Shayam and Payal tells her tht now he will live with them only. Then she tell him about office that how she reached at ASR office and he asks if she has any problem then he can solve it but Khushi denies to take his help. In the next scene nani shows him some girls pics before he can see mamijee snatches them and passes her comments and he is about to say something to him bt Anjali saves him from saying something and he leaves. Nani also gets angry and leaves. Anjali thinks that onlyhis jeeja can only makes him understand and mani is worried about Akash and she says that she also needs teopcellas beahu(I tell u her english makes me) Then Payal and Khushi shares some sisterly moments and after that Khushi says that she is going to tale bath.(There sisterly love is soo adorable). Then Payal asks her whats tomorrows plan and to which she says that kisi mahapoorush ne kaha hai ki kal ki mat sochiye and Payal gets sad. Then phone rings its of babuji and ammaji and there she tells that she knows tomorow is paya;'s bday and she will make her to eat Golgappe and Jalebi(emmm gol gappe why they alws have to tempt veiwers).Thn she tells them that shyam is now leaving them and keeps the phone. On this ammaji is upset bit babuji makes her understand. In next scene Anjali goes to kitchen and she handles the kitchen perfectly and whereas mami is not able to do her work properly(Can we expect anything else from her)and Anjali takes that work from her and nani enters and she bajao band of Mami and taunts her( I lov nani when she do so she is just awesome in it) In the office Arnav is moving left and right while thinkung that how Khushi completed all the task and then he looks outside if his cabin where all are talking and after looking at him all gets back to work and he looks at blank chair of miss alws in trouble and then she enters and one of La chamchi says that she came also to which she says that lucknow people never loose( Khushi go girl go)and then she collides with another chamchi and she tells her that she needs to go back to home early bt she gave her attitude. Bt our angry young man listens to it.(Ab toh gayee Khushi kaam se).Thn he thinks that at any cost he will not let her go early(I just hope if khushi dont goes Payal meets Akash)

Arnav gives her lots and lots of papers to correct(remove extra A from his name with pencil)

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