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Ipkknd 30th june 2011 ((episode 19)) written update

The episode begins with a dosage of my favourite airhead walking into LG (Laad Governor)'s office, and shrieking about the bag. She begins going on and on about how LG gave her the bag to appease her anger - and no lie, it worked! /*rolls eyes*/(No, seriously Lavanya? You liked the bag? It's shocking, how hard ASR had to think about what to get you.) LG stops the airhead from talking(she was about to say she loved him. /*gags*/) and says that /she/ should have been in the office by now. Who's the girl? Khushi... who's looking at the lovefest with a shocked expression.(I'd be like that as well. Kahan ASR aur kahan woh Airhead? /*shudders*/) Khushi walks upstairs to the office, and covering her eyes, she knocks. Airhead goes and sits down, waiting for the hurricane to begin. Downstairs, everyone's been alerted to Khushi walking upstairs, so Sim sneaks halfway to see what's going on. /*rolls eyes*/ Arnav starts smirking, asking whether Khushi got the measurements. He knows she didn't do it, so she should go to Accounts, grab her day's salary, and then give them a check of 1lakh. Airhead sits there, echoing the smirk. But that changes when Khushi begins reciting the mens' names and their measurements.(Oh before Khushi causes so much shock, Sim has messaged everyone, gleefully explaining Khushi's downfall.) Arnav is beyond shocked, and Airhead tries to tell Khushi off. But Arnav stops her, and tells Khushi that she will resign within two weeks. Because losing isn't a part of ASR's vocab. He tells her to get out, and she complies. Khushi walks downstairs and hears everyone's scornful laughter. She says nothing, and goes to sit at her desk. Which is when her phone rings, and everyone laughs harder at the ringtone. She answers it, and it's... Shyam. /*sigh*/ (Could this episode get any worse, seriously? Airhead /and/ Shyam in one episode. Ewww.) Shyam asks how she is, and picks up on her fearful behaviour. Khushi brushes it off, and says it's nothing. Shyam lets it go, and then says he has a surprise for her. /*shudders*/ Khushi thinks Shyam's gotten a hold of Bua's pension, but Shyam says that's gonna take some time. He says that the surprise is waiting for her at home. Khushi agrees, and hangs up. Shyam smiles, and then turns. He sees the motorbike coming right at him, but it's too late. Darkness... (pretty plausible I guess - but considering I already knew about the "accident", it makes the scene look fake. Damn.) At the Raizada Mansion, Anjali is sitting down with a /thali/ when Mami comes with some fruit. She offers some to Anjali who says that she can't eat as she just had tea. Mami isn't convinced, but lets it slide. And then the real reason for Mami wanting to talk to Anjali appears - she's concerned about Arnav and Akash's weddings. (obviously more Akash's, but Arnav is important.) Mami says that Arnav already has Airhead, so they should hear wedding bells soon - but Anjali knows otherwise. Mami then slightly darkens, and says that /they /should search for a bride for Arnav, but Anjali says Arnav will have the last say. Mami doesn't like this because it means Akash will have to wait /forever/ before getting married, and Mami will not stand for it. Funny, because in comes Nani. And she wants to know why Mami is gossiping with Anjali. Mami mentions finding brides for Arnav & Akash, but Nani cuts her off. She says that she's still alive, so Mami doesn't need to use what she doesn't have. /*chuckles/*Mami wonders what she doesn't have, and Nani actually says Mami doesn't have a brain. Cue the melodramatic running away as Anjali tries to soothe Mami. But Mami stops and quietly tells herself that she'll get Akash married no matter what happens, and runs off again. (I just love the Raizada women! They make my day.) Back in the office, a security guard comes in with the CCTV footage of the fire incident. Arnav waits for the guard to leave before playing it. He becomes furious as he watches what Khushi's done. (Hai Devi Maiya. Arnav, calm down. You look hot when it pours. The anger mixed with the water is so damn tantalizing. Don't fight it.) Back at Bua's house, someone's come in with a hell of a lot of groceries. Bua asks what all this is, and wonders which idiot gave the person the wrong address. But it turns out that it's the right address, as /Shyam/ is the one who bought all the groceries. Bua almost faints at the sight of her /babua/ using crutches, and helps him inside. (Okay, forget La-La & Shyam pairing up, I swear Bua & Shyam make a better pair. /*shudders*/) She makes noises about Shyam's accident, but Shyam isn't worried - he just wants to drink some tea with Bua. Payal suddenly comes, and Shyam asks Payal to drink some tea. But Bua stops Shyam from getting up to make it - Bua will make it. /*shocked face/* Bua then notices the bheer nestled in the groceries, and asks why so much. Shyam says he knows Khushi and Payal like it... but it turns out Bua likes it just as much. She walks off. Before Payal can leave, Shyam mentions that he called Khushi to see how she was. He tells her that Khushi seemed worried/fearful about something. Payal starts worrying. (Bua & Shyam drive me insane. I love Bua, but Shyam is something else. Driving me up the wall. & Payal is so cute. I adore her.) Back at the office, Khushi is confidently walking into the cafeteria.(If you can call it that.) The others are laughing as they are drawing something on a whiteboard. *rolls eyes* As Khushi walks in, someone mentions Khushi's acting all confident, because she won against ASR. Which is when Khushi sees the whiteboard - it's a scorecard of ASR v. Khushi. (Juvenile much? /*sigh*/ Do people never move on from high school antics? Especially considering most of them seem to be near Arnav's age, and Khushi is still a teen.) Before Khushi can say anything, Manju calls Khushi to her.(SimPam comment on Manju's "puttar" ~ Puttar & Company) Manju takes out a tiffin, and Khushi says she's not hungry. Manju says it isn't lunch, it's life. (I honestly cannot be bothered copying the entire convo. Sorry peeps.) Manju explains that just like food, life has varying flavours. Right now, Khushi is going through a bitter one... but that will change eventually. Khushi just has to learn to deal with all flavours of life. But even if Khushi doesn't get any sweetness in her life, there's always jalebi to eat. Khushi gets super happy eating the jalebi.. and with a sudden surge of confidence, she walks to the w/b and rubs something off the caricature of Khushi. Suddenly, someone comes up to Khushi and says that ASR wants her in his cabin. Khushi starts getting worried again. SimPam say to get ready for Round Two.(Juvenile. Blah.) Back at Bua's house, Bua & Shyam are going over Bua's pension issue. (And before I continue, I'm so cutting this scene down. Bored me to hell. & then I saw Arnav in hell, with the trademark smirk, and I just had to drag him back to earth... /*swoons*/ huh? Sidetracked? Oh right.) Shyam needs a file of some sort, and Bua begins wondering where it is. Shyam offers to help, but Bua refuses. She goes looking, but can't find it. Shyam again offers to help, and Bua agrees, warily. Shyam walks into Khushi&Payal's room, and sees a document on the desk... but before he can go near it, Payal walks in. Shyam says he was looking for the document, and Payal says Bua found it, hence her coming in here to tell him. Shyam nods, and walks off. Payal eyes the document on the desk - it's Khushi's appointment letter. (*Blooper*. It says "Termination Letter". Why would Khushi sign that?) Back at the office, Khushi stumbles as she makes her way up to ASR's office. She makes it there, and knocks. Arnav tells her to come in, and then begins lecturing her on the fire alarm fiasco. As punishment... Arnav begins unbuttoning his jacket, takes it off slowly... /*eyes widen*/ and moves towards Khushi, who's already walking backwards. Arnav comes closer towards Khushi, and stops. It's a battle of wills... and Arnav finally tells Khushi she has to take dictation. Khushi finally looks up at Arnav, and steps backward, only to almost fall into a red chair. /*shakes head*/ Arnav automatically holds onto her. It's a staring competition this time.. both pairs of eyes are unreadable. Khushi is breathing deeply, and Arnav is staring in contemplation. Khushi finally settles down, and looks to see Arnav holding her hand... which Arnav automatically pulls away. (Very interesting.. is someone breaking already? Subconsciously of course.) Arnav begins his dictation, and Khushi begins writing furiously, trying to keep up with Arnav's diatribe. Arnav finally finishes (with the damned accent!) and tells Khushi to type it up. And if she can't type the dictation, she needs to type her resignation letter instead.

The episode ends. -||-

*Precap:* Khushi walks in with the letter. Arnav looks triumphant, Khushi typed her resignation letter. Did she include a check? Airhead smirks, until Arnav opens the letter.. his face becomes pale.

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