Friday, 21 December 2012

Ipkknd 22nd june 2011 written update ((episode 13))

Okie so we have that b for bandariya proposing job to our Jhalliphulli Khushi (and I wonder why do the offices' super bandariyas always have two idiotic sidekicks, with equally idiotic and oh-so-forgettable names around them all the time?? and if she already has them, why does she need Khushi the assisstant ??? Or am I being tooo logical...) And ofcourse the bandariya leaves and our dear Jhalliphulli is left with the two sidekicks are commenting on Khushi's clothes...One telling the other 'Look at her clothes' (E lo! atleast she is wearing clothese to look at...Look at you!! where are your clothes...) and the other one says that she is already fascinated by her shoes(ah! Shoe fetish hai??? goody good.!! and what exactly do you do in the office??? eh???) Ofcourse they degrade Khushi the jhalliphulli some more saying that she would need shades in the office ..and the other one asks Shades?? as in goggles?? (arre aur nahi toh kya...woh kya car ke window shades pehen ke aayegi, kud dimaag) And ofcourse Khushi wants to call her jiji and she is talking to her and the two sidekicks eavesdropping and making weird interpretations of her hindi.. I swear this is getting too much... manner less people eaves dropping and wondering why Khushi is using 'Hum' when she is all by herself??? and Karyalaya is a cuss word...I swear the bigada nawab needs to go for a mega staff reduction spree Arnab comes back and he and khushi miss each other ...I swear both are blind as bats ...somebody needs to give them some eye drops or something... and then the two super side kicks take Khushi on a tour to the office..and Khushi keeps staring at the rears of all the female employeeswhich makes me wonder what kind of love story are we going to see ahead more jokey jokey contd

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