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Ipkknd 23rd june 2011 written update ((episode 14))

The episode starts with Khushi getting a call. It's from Shyam. (grumble, grumble) He starts off by explaining to her how he takes his tea. Khushi gets confused, and then freaks out - how did he get her number? Shyam says it was on her biodata. Khushi smiles, and then tells Shyam about her day - and how her new job is still th

anks to him.
Shyam then hears her complaining about Bua's pension, and exclaims that she should have come to him - he's a lawyer. Khushi is super happy, and accepts his help, and then hangs up because she's got lots to do.

In a conference room of sorts, La-La (my special nickname for the airhead who is ASR's gf) exclaims that the company should be happy with what they're offering. Arnav looks at her in amusement.

Back in the office, Khushi is trying to get a hold of inventory, and reaches for a file, and cuts off Sim's (or is it Sam) phonecall. She complains that Khushi knows nothing, so why is she working. She tells Khushi to go.

Back in the conference room, Arnav says that the meeting is over, and the men shouldn't have any questions because they're the best. (American accent is back. *sigh*)

Meanwhile, Khushi spots Devi Maa, and hurriedly goes to her. Before realising that no one lit a diya for her. She quickly lights a diya, and prays. A screen shot is shown of the flame extending to the smoke alarm.

Arnav and La-La are escorting the men out. One asks if everything will be done on time. Arnav whips around and tells him that his company is all about perfection - he makes sure nothing goes wrong.

Which is when the alarm starts going off. And then the indoor sprinklers turn on. Everyone starts rushing out, and Arnav gets angrier (read: sexier) by the second. La-La shoots him a worried/sympathetic glance as she quickly escorts the men out. Arnav stands in the same spot as the sprinklers continue.

Khushi in the meantime, has walked outside to get some fresh air, and spots a chai-wallah.

Back inside, the sprinklers have stopped, and Arnav is smokin' angry (and hot). La-La comes back and nervously tells him that she's made the men understand, but she has no idea how any of it happened. Arnav wipes the water from his face, and the security guard tells him that someone lit a diya on the Devi Maiya idol.
Arnav asks who that idiot was.

Khushi accepts her tea excitedly, and drinks it. She then finishes, pays the guy Rs.2 and says that she'll be coming here everyday. She walks off.

Back at the house, Bua is doing some cleaning of sorts, and Shyam is peeping through the door. Bua notices, and angrily asks who he is. Shyam explains, and opens the door.. and Bua comes angrily at him, but slips and sprains her ankle. Shyam leads her to the sofa, and makes her rest her leg on the coffee table. He tells her she needn't worry, as he's there to take care of her. He massages her foot, and pops it back into place.
Bua is amazed, and then starts questioning Shyam. Shyam explains he's a lawyer, and that he's the one who saved Khushi, and got her the job. Bua and Shyam get along really well, and both start talking about Lucknow.

Back at work, Khushi is walking through the parking lot, happy about the tea she drank, but she's hungry, and she has no money. She realises she has the prasad in her bag. She takes it out and spreads it on a white 4WD.
By this time, Arnav is walking towards his 4WD, and Khushi sees him. She freaks out, and runs to the nearest pillar. But then she decides to ask him where he lives so she knows where to give him his money. Arnav walks to his car, sees Khushi's food, and angrily swipes it off the hood. Khushi sees it and angrily strides forward towards him.

Arnav is in shock at seeing her, and Khushi tells him off for doing that. Arnav tells her not to mess with him, he's not in the mood. He almost gets in the car, but Khushi tells him not to glare at her because she isn't afraid. He slams the door, and Khushi freaks out slightly. Arnav just continues glaring. He finally gets in the car, and Khushi continues telling him off, and asks him for his address.
Arnav makes a scathing comment, and Khushi blows a fuse. She tells him there's no point in talking to such a selfish man, but she wants his address so she can throw the money in his face. Arnav sneers, and wonders who she's trapped this time in order to get money. Khushi tells him off, and says she's got a job. Arnav calls her employer an idiot, and says that they'll all find out what a mistake it was to hire Khushi.
Khushi warns him not to insult her employer, but Arnav continues. Khushi's finally had enough, and turns to walk away. But she can't - her dupatta is caught to the mirror. She turns back sheepishly, and continues telling him off while trying to tug off the dupatta. After a few minutes of watching her struggle, Arnav gets really frustrated, and comes towards Khushi... rips her dupatta and gets back into his car. A quarter of Khushi's dupatta is still attached to the mirror.
Arnav reverses away, leaving Khushi complaining about how she'll cut off Rs. 300 when she pays him back.. which makes her realise she's late for work.

She gets back inside, only to see PamSam muttering, and someone mopping. She rushes towards them, almost slipping, and asks what happened. Sam/Sim explains that someone ended up lighting a diya in front of the Devi Maiya idol, and it caused the sprinklers to go off.
Khushi is severely worried, and Pam picks up on it. She asks Khushi why she's so worried. Khushi begins telling them, but Sam thinks she's hungry. She tells Khushi they'll eat pizza. Khushi agrees, but first makes a call to the suppliers, who tell her they'll have the list ready the next day. Khushi comes back to PS (PamSam), and says she needs to tell La-La madam. But Sam wants to eat first, and she calls someone with an evil grin on her face.

At the Raizada Mansion, Arnav is telling his sister what happened, and Anjali is happy that at least someone lit a diya for Devi Maiya. Arnav isn't happy about it, and wonders why he tells her anything. Anjali says that his first word was said to her when there was no one around, so he can feel free to tell her anything.
Arnav rolls his eyes, puts his jacket on, and tells Anjali that La-La didn't send him the roses, leaving Anjali very confused as to who did. But before she can continue, they both hear a bleat... they turn, and Nani & Lakshmi are standing there. Nani looks at them curiously, and then says that she heard about the sprinklers at work, and wanted to see how Arnav is.
Arnav explains that some idiot lit a diya, and Nani tells him to think of it as God's will. She then takes Lakshmi outside, leaving the siblings in relief that she heard nothing.

Outside, Nani berates Lakshmi for bleating, saying that because of her, she still doesn't know who sent the flowers. She needs to find out...

Back at Bua's, both Shyam and Bua are enjoying themselves immensely. Bua makes a comment about her nieces when Payal comes back. She hesitatingly walks towards them, and Bua makes the introductions, and Shyam wants the file regarding the pension. Bua tells Payal to grab it, and she does. Meanwhile, Bua asks where Shyam stays, to which he replies that he lives in a hotel, but Lucknow is his home. (Bucket, stat.)
Payal hands Bua the file, and leaves. Shyam tells Bua not to worry, he'll definitely work something out. He turns to go, but Bua stops him... and offers him a room in her house. The episode ends on Shyam, not knowing what to say.


Precap: Nani asks someone if she's the person who sent Arnav flowers. The girl is shown, and it's not La-La... she asks if Arnav will be there

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