Friday, 21 December 2012

Ipkknd 24th june 2011 written update ((episode 15))

the episode starts with Khushi is sirring in office and looking at others that how they are eating the food(Pizza). Our desi girl is confused that how to eat such type of food. Then the office staff finishes off the food and asks her to ear but she says that she is done with the food and now they need to go as she thinks that she goes to Lavanya mam. Then she says yes we will go but before that she needs to pay the bill and Khushi gets surprise to see the bill.
Then scene shifts to Anjali doing pooja at home and she says that its last week of her fast. Then Nani says her to do less fast as she needs to take care of her health. Then maami comes there with something in her hand and says that damaadji sent her something. Then she gets happy o seeing it and says that he wants to apoligise for getting late in coming and he wants to apologise by sending it. Then Anjali eyes gets teary out of emotions to see the ring and Nani says why is she crying to which our mai the great nautanki replies that she is cring becoz damaadji sent small diamond ring. After which Nani scolds herand compares her with my dear friendva Lakshmi(best comparision ever done) and says that this goat is better then her.(I agree). Then mami leaves from there while crying and while anjali is looking at ring and gets teary eyes(Khushi ke aansoon BDW yr seriously new entry I mean when we will get to see her husband)
In next part Khushi protests against paying the money as bill costs 1000/- and she says that she didn’t invited any of them over treat and she will not pay the bill. But they force her to do this. Then lavanya comes there and asks whats happening then her chamchiyaan tells het that Khushi is not paying the bill. Then she asks if she called inventory office or not and then lavanya tells her that in this office there is no overtime in lunch time. Then she gives her money to pay the bill.
Then scene shifts to nautanki where maami is crying in front of maamaji. Where she talks in her broken english and she is doing on crying and where maamaji consoles her. (This scene should be skipped at any cost)
In next scene Lavanya is putting her frustration in her cabin. She is angry on her chamkeeli aka Khushi. Then her chamchi says that not to get frustrted as she will get dark-circles(another self-obssessed people). Then her Chamchi gives her green-tea.
The next scene shifts to the Anjal talking to her hubby pic as she is missing him. Then Nani comes there and asks her if she is missing him and she says nothing. Then Nani says that dammadji needs to reduce his work and need to give time to her but she says that she is happy and he need not to do this and she is glad that he married to her even in this condition. To which Nani says that she is heera aka diamond and where does anyone gets a such caring wife like her and she need not say such stuff in the future. Then again Nani is back to her mission to find GF of chote. Then she says that I am fear that if cote don’t get modern bahu for this house. Then she tells her to tell all the truth. But again Anjali tries to make jalebi But nani says that at any cost she will come to know who is that.

Then a worker in canteen comes to Khushi and khushi finds a good frnd in her. Then she gives her muffin cakes( I ws starving at that tym). Then she gives her advice. She tells her that lets assume that it is house of ur hubby( I agree it is house of her future hubby only). Then she tells that chamchi are like her sister-in-law. And then she tells her that lavanya is her mother in law as she don’t want her to come forward coz kyuki saas bi kabhi bahu thi. ( well I felt like it is labhi sautan kabhi boss. And ASR is her hubby (How true). Then manju( Her new friend and canteen waali) tells that she needs to get her appointment letter signed by MD. Then she tells if she gets the Appointment letter signer then this sasuraal and hubby is all yours.
Then Arnav comes there and Khushi sees him from the back she tries to get signature but as usual our heri is VIP so he is busy and Khushi the girl always in trouble is not able to get signature done. Then Arnav gets a call and he move towards his office and Khushi follows him to his office.
Then scene shifts to maami nautanki and her son comes back and he says that he will solve the problem between her and dadi(Agn u can skip this scene.
In next scene Khushi is standing behind Arnav while he is busy on the phone and what he says on the phone and he is speaking about his company and whereas khushi is just doing apoosite to the attributes of the company. He says that we don’t do any mistake and then Khushi is drop photo frame of Anjali and while saving frame the appointment papers fell down on the floor and they flew away( As I always say miss trouble has to create trouble ). Then Arnav listens to some voices and he turns back where Khushi is picking up the papers which are just below the table. Arnav walk near the table and bents down to see who is there and toboth of then in shock(shock is small word both of them gets heart-attack to see each other). Then she gets up and noth of then gets Flashbacks of there previous meetings. Finally silence breaks down and he says TUM MERE CABIN MEIN KAY KR RAHI HO. Then she says that apka cabin with full josh and says yeh to ASR ka cabin hai and immediately her expressions changes and nervousness mean GHANTI baj gae wala expression is on her face( Fianally mam wakes up). And takes name of her future hubby.

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