Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Ipkknd 4th july 2011 ((episode 21 )) written update

Arnav gives Khushi her first task - to erase all the extra A's from his name. Khushi reckons it's an easy task, until Arnav gives her a massive stack to complete. Khushi doesn't finish until after 4pm. In b/w correcting the papers, Khushi gets a call from her mum. Garima says to spend lots of time with Payal, and not to work too hard. Khushi hangs up, and Arnav has heard her conversation. /(It's really funny when Arnav begins telling Khushi what to do. He asks her "What's my name?" and Khushi looks at him like umm, WTH?)/ At the RM, Anjali teaches the servant how to set a thali. Akash comes and Anjali teases him a bit when Mami comes and tries to make her son eat.. Nani comes, and there's a Nani-Mami clash. /(As always. I give up on them, seriously.)/ Back at the office, La-La & SimPam are talking about Khushi, when they see an entrance made by an international model, Liza. La-La isn't happy. She can't stand Liza, and Liza almost has a heart-attack when someone almost drops her fur coat. It's her baby, and she wants /Arnie/ to make sure it's looked after. Arnav has the perfect choice - Khushi. /(Arnie? Really? Like eww.)/ Back at RM, Anjali & Nani are doing some last minute checks to the pooja they're holding. Anjali cuts her finger cutting an apple, and Nani complains that Mami didn't do a thing. Mami-Nani clash, and then Anjali gets a call from her husband, who tells her he's coming home that evening. The ladies are super excited. /(I just love the Raizada ladies!)/ Back at the office, Arnav hands Khushi her next job - looking after the fur coat. That coat stays on her arm at all times, until the shoot is finished. That's five hours from then. Arnav also stipulates that Khushi cannot sit down until the shoot is finished. The shoot begins. /(Jerk. Can I wipe the smirk off his face? And Liza's while I'm at it?)/ At Bua's house, Shyam comes inside to hear Bua singing bhajans in honour of Payal's birthday. Shyam talks of having a surprise party for Payal, and Bua almost agrees until she hears it was Khushi's idea. She then rambles on about the younger generation. Shyam defends Khushi wistfully, and then lets Bua know he'll be leaving that night. Bua is upset. /(Yes, I know what people are thinking. Shyam is Anju's hubby. Which is he isn't. But still. Blah.)/ Back at the office, Khushi is complaining about the shoot, wondering why the photographer is taking so many photos of such a short outfit. SimPam take advantage of the situation, and Pam "bumps" into Khushi, pouring a glass of juice on the coat. Khushi sees it, and becomes frantic, trying to rub it off. It's no use, and she sadly walks to Liza. Payal calls, and tells Khushi that until she comes home from work, Payal won't celebrate her birthday. Khushi cuts her off, and tells Liza what happened. Liza chucks a tantrum and screams for /Arnie/. She cuts her coat, she's that upset. Arnav comes, sees the damage, and walks quietly towards Khushi./ (I'm surprised La-La & Liza aren't besties by now. Not! Eww. Double trouble much?)/ -||-

*Precap: *Arnav chucks a blue dress at Khushi, and tells her she'll finish the photoshoot wearing that

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