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Ipkknd 6th july 2011 ((episode 23)) written update

(Khushi) sitting in a corner with her hair flying thinking about the Bigada nawab's (ASR) behaviour...(somebody stop this fan...Jhalli phullli is gonna be sick with so much fan shoving in her face and then the Bigada Nawab would have to play nurse) She is absolutely ruining the desinger saree by wiping her tears on the nose and pantooo (Aakash) comes and tries to console her by saying that bigada nawaab is like to him also ..jhallu phulli starts her tirade that why is he being nice to him when he belongs to this office and why does he not call her chamkeli (haye!! Chamkeli is sooo cute na) Pantoo says that anybody can call her anything but the truth remains that she is the only one who could raise her voice and make her point before the bigada Nawab (arre isliye to she is the heroine na...Warna toh Nandkishoree bhi Khushi ban sakte hai) he asks her whether she will drink water and our Jhalli phulli says that she will have Jalebis...Jalebi bai Her ringtone is sure phunny...Chal maiye ke ghar bhavan bhavan...aka Dabang tune Khushi gets a call and She takes it as the Pantoo leaves... Nandkissooreee (aka Bua) is on the other end ..I just love the mami and bua...both have excellent dialogues...Hay re Nandkissoorreee!!!! She dantofies Khushi for reneging on her commitment to celebrate Payal's birthday!!!! and bangs down the phone and is surprised to see Payal hearing all the details of her surprised party (arre aise chillake bolegi **********toh jadoo (woh Koi mil gaya wala Alien jadoo) ko bhi pata chal jayega ke Nandkisssorre ke waha surprise party ho rahi hai) Anjali staring at the door like it is suddenly going to turn into her prince charming...and the bell rings and she opens the door and stares at the person(aise dekh rahi hai jaise uske hubby ne plastic surgery karva ke Koena Mitra jaise naak karva di ho)...and I actually dont blame was a courier wala and he DID have a gross nose..she gets disappointed...(arre dont be disappointed re baby!open the courier na!! dEKH dekh courier khol ke dekhle shayad andar hi tera hubby na ho!) She gets a phone from her invisible husband who informs her that hewill not be able to come and she becomes sad and she tells Naani that she will sit in the pooja alone... Jhallu phulli is roaming around the office and the canteen woman asks her that everyone has gone, you did not go??(ha re! wo chali gayee!! ye usko bhooot ghum raha hai office mein!! Kya sawaal hai re!!) she gives Jhalliphulli a food packet and our Jhalli asks that she does not have jalebi(oye!! jitne bhi tujhe sympathy batate hai unse jalebi mangti hai besharam kahi ki sab ko halwai samajh ke rakha hai)...The canteen woman says no! today is bitter vegetable day (haye haye!! ASR ke office mein tum log days manate ho...then you must be having ...yellow vegetable day, sweet roti day, black daal day, burnt pizza day, macroniless pasta day) Pooja over at Anjali's house and Ratna.taunting Anjali as to why she is at her maayka...and Mami drops in on her like a bomb on hiroshima...and actually physically abuses her on the pretext of testing her earrings..I loved Mami today...bless her and her hello hi byebye English Naani scolding her as to why did she talk like this and Mami says she told her the truth and walks away The bigada Nawab in his chamber having Flashback of the lady in red and and he really looks like he is wearing real tight shorts... La comes blah blahing about chamkeli and her photo shoot and ASR still having probs with his shorts O my bad!! it was not his shorts but his tie which he actually manages to make it into look like a string hanging from his neck and so Blah I mean La tries to help him (Daba de ! daba de Gala! Shayad koi dhang ka expression nikal aaye) and ofcourse Khushi has to walk in at that time and both the expression less idiots start abusing our jhalli phulli...Blah ..errr I mean La, saying "Iski himmat dekho 2 din hue nahi jawab de rahi hai"..(toh jawab dene ke liye time schedule hai??? you can answer me back after so and so date of your joining the job) Khushi says she did knock the door ...and she had only come to ask if she can go home...The bigada nawab tells her that she cannot go!! He tells her to be in the parking lot and guide the guests and gives leave to all the security guards (hain?? and gunde aa gaye toh?? you will expect her to play kung fu also???) Anjali not eating her house...and mami starts hiccuping because of spicy food..and asks for sweet from Anjali...naani scolds Mami that why does she makes Anjali miss Damadji so much..mami tells Anjali when she comes back with the Halwa that the smell of your halwa is so good that your husband would come running from wherever he is and tells her to sit wit hher ( I jsut love this mami) nandkisssorre cursing Khushi and Payal saying that Jhalli phulli's is not getting connected on pphone... Jhalli phulli in the parking lot and it starts raining...and Payal gets worried about Jhalli phulli as she has not got an umbrella... Bua saying "Barso nand kishore barso"...(elo! nandkishore kaise barsenge??) Jhalli phulli's phone goes out due to rain and Payal wants to go and find Khushi...and Nandkissore is in a bandit queen mode...she has tied a kerchief around her head... Shyam coming and saying that he will go and find Khushi... The bigada nawab comes to the parking lot with people holding umbrella for him and sees Jhalli phulli all wet and soaked to the skin and goes on staring...(nikaama kahi ka) An oldie guests comes and tells Khushi that she is wet and scolds ASR for putting Khushi on duty in the rain and goes away (Hain..beti beti karta gaya aur chhata/umbrella bhi nahi diya bechari bheegi hui bachi ko) Pantoo also watches her and goes (sab ke sab ghonchu kahi ke) Jhalli stands there alone and suddenly a car comes straight into her and the bigada Nawab bana Superman (I told you he had some problem with his shorts... Superman wears his shorts outside and this one is wearin it inside..problem toh hogi hi na)..and he pulls Khushi out of the car ramming zone and she falls over him and then we have some *ahem* ahem* moments as they are into each others arms and staring at each other

Precap: Bigada nawab driving and still have Flashbacks of hte lady in red.

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