Friday, 8 March 2013

Ipkknd 8th september 2011 ((episode 71)) written update

The epi starts with everyone standing in living room, anji ask for forgiveness to bau and bau told her that she is not one to forgive, the one who live up there, can forgive. mami comes in saying that i live up there, who are u talking about? and everyone just make face and laugh. Uncle saw the time and say it is too late in night,nani and uncle change exchange and uncle told akash to drive them home. mami says that they can take auto na or how about driver drive them. Akash told her all the drivers are gone home. Akash takes them and nani told them to come back to meet soon. payal and bau leaves with akash. everyone goes to room for sleep, on the other side, while khushi, payal ,bau leaves, la comes and told khushi to stay because there is imp things she have not learn and bau told her no and it too late but khushi insisted that it is her work. while bau and payal in the car, bau was complaining about khushi staying in the home. Akashi ensure them khsuhi will be home safe. bau could not believe that Akash is ASR bro because he is so nice and while akash and payal having their moment. khushi is doing la work,( well la suppose to lean but she is paying attention to her phone more yaar) nani comes to the room and la said that khsuhi wanted to stay to teach me and she does not know anything . ( i love nani she knows who who's lying)nani replies with did i aks u anything and "khsuhi is not gonna stay late no matter what happens."Arnav comes to room asking what happened la? nani said that good that u are here, please take khushi to her house. ASR have his flashes how she is the one who plan to take him in the arti and he says YES.. Khushi get scared and told her noo.. i will take auto. nani insisted that ASR will take her home and la ask if she could go. nani was like noo , i want know what u have leaned. Good parts comes yaar ASR is driving fast and khushi is sitting beside him. he is having flashes of how she made the plan and khushi is all scared.He tries to open the chnori thing and khushi is like nooo , she loosen the chnri and told him he should not open it. ASR is like" why? what will u do? go to nani and anji to complain, what u think of yourself?come to my house and have shart that u don't want see me. who are u? how dare u? how can u make me come to arti?" ( it was like he wanted to that to be out and wants all the answers ) He stop the car and told her don't even think that u will go home without answering me and with your puppy face. you have to hear me out, understand it and reply until that time u can't leave. she tried to open the door and it was locked. she look at him and ask what u want ask? he ask what did u make me come to arti? She replies without looking at him that he disrespect the God( i am not sure how to spell). he i like tuh... she replies and how can u go like that after disrespecting.. he is like what did u do right . who are u? she is like who are u? i respect God and i can't see someone talking like in front of him. he is like turn your face away, she is like how about ap kabhi sar jahk liya karo , kam se kam bagwan ka samana(my Hindi is weak) she talks in light voice saying u are lodrgover but i thought after doing arti , u might get little good but noo , how can u live with girl. no marriage. He is like talk in front of me, when i am talking to u..look at me... when she is still don't look at him. he shouts .. main khuch karo hoon... she gets scared and turn t him and told him loudly that he is rokshas..u don't respect God not even human too. that's why u are insulting la , how can u live with her without getting married.. he stop the car and what carp are u talking? u are living with her without marriage and samaj main isko kio daraj naihi mailta .. main rah sakat hoon, this my life and i don't believe in marriage . khushi says did u ever ask la , how she want live? He is like who are u to talk from her. I am Girl.. i can say that if i have someone who's in my life and don't want get married ... that will be insult for me. u are scared and weak.. did u ever think that your parents got married to ... he stops her and told her Get out and go around the car and get her out the car... and leaves and because of his speed .. the khchar gets on her... She falls down in khichar and he comes out of the car and give her hand to get up and she does not take it and stands up. He told her to go sit in the car. She replies back to him saying that he should say sorry. He told her that he came back to help girl who's stupid and i am raizida and u think that i will say sorry .. go sit in the car . she told him that i am not coming to your car without u saying sorry.. he is like then stands in the way .. he left yaar ... i am gonna make it short now ... he goes home then he comes back to find her there where he left her... on the side bau is getting worried for khushi and shaym can't go home until khsuhi gets home to be safe na... khushi gets home and everyone is okay now 

precap is most interesting yaar ...khuhsi is tallu and syaing stuff about ASR and while ASR is looking at her from the out side.. haha.. it is super funny yaar

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