Friday, 8 March 2013

Ipkknd 9th september 2011 ((episode 72)) written update

Payal is telling Khushi that la is crossing limit and in which Payal gets angry >>On roads Arnav is finding Khushi >>To cheer up Payal, Khushi act as like drunked >>Arnav reaches there and feel relief seeing Khusi face >>Khushi feels Arnav around >>Payal cheers up >>Devil aka Shayam flirts with Khushi and asks what happened in shanti van >>There is convo between Shayam aka langada thakur and Khushi >>Khushi tells that ASR left her in mid-way and langad thakur decides to take revenge from ASR for Khushi's every tear >>In the morning Khushi have a talk with happy and at RM she mixes something in ASR's car and due to which ASR car is not able to work >>Khushi runs away from there and is happy her one work is complete and now her another work is to tell La importance of marriage >> There is no car available at RM and ASR is worried about meeting >>Khushi tries to explain importance of marriage to La but she is irritated of her lecture >>Akash takes car to Happy's garage and there he keeps looking Payal >>ASR comes back to home and tells Anjali that he will have meeting in the house only and Khushi is happy >>Akash is standing at garage and Payal call out for him >>Khushi reaches Arnav's room and takes some Panga with his mobile and Arnav sees her there and she makes excuse of Lakshmi -------Detailed Update coming up soon------- Payal and Khushi interaction Episode begins with Payal and Khushi having interaction. Payal: see Khushi I didnt liked Kavanya she is crossing her limit. Khushi: What can I do jeeji this is my job Payal: But before job u also kep ur condition that u will not meet ASR Khushi: Jeeji I tried alot but I told u if u have to remain water u have to see crocodile Payal: It means u will not listen to me and why I am talking to you Payal leaves from there in anger. Khushi thinks nw how will she chear up Payal *She is truly sister of Khushi* Arnav looking for Khushi On roads Arnav is looking for Khushi and wonders where she went *Aww he was looking so cute while getting worried for Khushi* Khushi doing nautanki and Arnav reaches there while looking for her To cheer up Payal Khushi drags table and stand on it and she takes bottle with her and acts like she is drunked. Khushi-- Sucide sucide gaanwalo yeh jo humari jeeji hai na yeh humse roothi hui hai*Payal is standing on the cornew with her upset face and then Langada Thakur aka Shayam comes with his Dhanno aka bua*Lo thakur aur dhano bhi aa gaye. Hum jo upar chadde hai toh hum apni jeeji ke utaare hue chehre ko chadda kr hi chodenge. Jeeeji nahi muskrai toh sucide *Arnav comes there* Or iske zimedaar honge ASR. Vo lard governor ASR *Arnav open his cars window and is relieved to see Khushi there and Khushi do lots of Tareef (praise) of him.*Bas or nahi ab hum unki or buraai karing gaanwale bhi sucide kaaing ab seedha sazza sunaing ASR to jail mein jaaying and chakki pissing ti KKG ko tadpaying to chakki peesing tu humari jeeji ko rulaying tu aur chakki peesin tu aur bhi chakki peesing*Arnav changes his face expression to again angry young man* Jeeji socho ASR in suit boot chakki peesing *Khusi feels ASR around him and then she sees Payal laughing* Finally Payal smiles and to which Khushi says Hassi toh fassi jeeji bhi khush thakur bhi khush and Dha...(Bua makes her to shutup and she says chup agar tuhne oo naam liya toh hum tumka ghaas ki tarah kha jai)Then Khushi calls her by the name of laaltain wale raamu kaaka. Then Khushi comes down and Pyal aks her to go to sleep and Khushi tells her she will sleep after some time and she sees some glance moments of Arnav's car. Langada Thakur and Khushi's convo. Langada Thakur brings tea for her and asks her what happened at RM and she tries to escape but he compells her to tell. She tells that in childhood she used to think that she can buy everything from her piggy bank and he says that at that time there world was candy. Khushi tells her never to get and upset and walk away from here. Shayam thinks that he has rani sahiba for money but only thing lacking in his life is Khushi. Khushi tells langada thakur that ASR left her in midway and showed her status and she leaves from there. Shayam thinks that he will take revenge from ASR for every tear of Khushi and he breaks tea cup Next morning and Khushi interaction with happy Next morning Khushi is leaving for the RM and on the way she asks Happy about something which is not audible to us and she offer him some sweet after that and leaves from there happily Khushi playing prank At RM Khushi mixes Sweets in the petrol side of the car and she sees Arnav coming and she immediately hides away and says Us laard governor ko apka diya hua praasaad jo dena tha to her Devi maiyya. Arnav tries to start the car but he is not able to do so. He comes out of the car and have a talk with Akash about where are others car. He feels Khushi around but she escapes from there. Arnav gets tensed for the meeting and Akash says he will take this car to that place.

Khushi two tasks Khushi has decided to work on her 2 tasks
1. She will teach lesson to ASR
2. She will tell importance of Marriage to La.

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